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Fun Christmas spirit for writers.
Ten Christmas Freewriting Ideas

By: Holly Abidi

         Relax and have some fun. There has never been a better way for a writer to overcome some of that writers block other than by writing and doing fun little freewrites and exercises. So, this is your chance to use these next ten freewrite ideas to your advantage and go ahead see what comes of it, you might be surprised.

1. Write about Rudolph and all the other reindeer.

2. Write about Mrs. Clause and her Christmas story.

3. Tell about the elves and their toys.

4. Write about cooking or that is not cooking a turkey dinner.

5. Freewrite about family- this is a great place to think of humorous stories.

6. Write about the best Christmas gift or the worst.

7. Describe your friends and tell what you think they are getting you for Christmas.

8. Write about the presents. What is hidden under the wrapping paper?

9. What do you think is a good gift verses a bad one? I think a bad gift is one you didn’t want, but that’s just me.

10. Write about shopping in both a fun manner and a downbeat manner. What is the worst thing that could happen to you while Christmas shopping? Write all of this kind of stuff and have some fun with it. Plus, no one has to see what you wrote so you can tell your deep dark secretes.
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