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Christmas writing exercises for some fun and inspiration.
Ten Fun Christmas Writing Exercises

By: Holly Abidi

         It is Christmas time again but it is never to late to work on writing exercises. Plus, what better time than Christmas to have some fun doing some creative freewriting. Go ahead have some fun, share with others, and be jolly this festive holiday.

1.          Make a list of thoughtful gifts and your thoughts on them or gifts in general.

2.          Remember back when you were a child or watch your own children and write a freewrite piece on the joys of Christmas.

3.          Has Christmas changed over the years? Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas? Have we lost the good old fashion cheer? Is Christmas all about money? Have children today become unappreciative and greedy? Now, you can always write what you think about these issues or write other ideas this may have sparked.

4.          Describe your favorite Christmas dinner. Don’t spare the senses. Instead, exasperate them all over the page.

5.          What do you not like about Christmas if anything? Write down your holiday rages and pet peeves and make sure and write it all, every last detail.

6.          Describe why in North America we give gifts and what giving gifts means to you. Should we donate to charities, give to the poor, or sponsor a child instead? Why or why not?

7.          Use these writing prompts for some fun short stories.

·          It was Christmas night and my parents told me to put something out for Santa…

·          Dawn had barely peaked through the curtains when my eyes sprung open. The first thing I thought was presents, and then Christmas. Then I bolted out of bed…

·          Snow began to fall, huge flakes of it…

·          Our family sat around the warmth of the fireplace talking. I would always encourage them to sing some Christmas carols…

·          Christmas day meant a feast. It meant a wonderful turkey dinner…

8.          What is your favorite Christmas carol and why?

9.          Is Christmas really religious or is it a festive holiday?

10.          What do children think of Santa? Do you think Santa is good or should Santa be different? If you had to create a new Santa figure what would he or she look like? Have some fun with the clause if you will.

         That completes all ten of my exercises. If you would like more you can always check out my articles posted below. Well, merry Christmas and lots of holiday cheer fellow writers.

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