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by Logan
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Philosophy · #1050341
A rodent's take on a fairytale gone wrong.
The Emperor's New Cheese

Life is but a concrete maze
Like rats we scurry for the cheese
Racing through the labyrinth
Everything we want we seize
Seize and grasp with all our might
With desperation born of seeds
Seeds when watered spring desires
Desires out of synch with needs
So in riches, gold and glam we trust
Not noting what the soul desires
March round as gorgeous vacant husks
Housing cold, dead dormant fires
But somewhere deep down embers burn
Or else we could not feel this way
A key inside has got to turn
To burn the cobwebs, hold some sway

Inside us hides a little mouse
Screwed up, bolted down its hole
Scared shitless, panicked looking out
As the chaos of the maze unfolds
With cheese we’re after lining traps
Lining traps that hold us fast
Baiting snares like loaded craps
On sinking ships we’re climbing masts
Yet somewhere, some place, deep inside
We realise it’s all a game
That life intrudes, destroys the ride
Playgrounds, war zones. Sublime, insane
And still the mouse inside us roars
Defiant in it’s squeaky haze
At nonexistent fabric, torn
In the substance of the concrete maze
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