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by MrH
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This is my perspective on new ways of doing things in the garden and in the garage.
"Diversify At Home"
By Rudy Hiebert

You may not have any roots in the land or agriculture but diversity is how the family farm survived. That comparison to a home business in the present time fits remarkably well. To help those who are foreign to the family farm life style, may I briefly give a quick overview, only to prepare the ground for the seed later. The size of the farm was important but not directly related to its success. The size of the family and the number of participants was getting closer to a successful formula for healthy bottom line. The facilities, soil, products produced, training and credentials played an integral part in how the operation moved through one season after another. If the price of grain was down, and the returns on cattle looked optimistic, then that meant that the feed lot would be full of feeders by the week-end. The wife and kids could raise geese, exotic chickens to lay colored eggs and on and on it goes. Never a dull moment.

Now that you have that home-business office, you are in a position to go exclusive with your one product or service, or spread yourself and your resources over the whole "farm" . In some ways it makes more sense to concentrate on only one source of income. The kids may also not be welcomed in your office, but I'll bet their friends ask them what you do "for a living". (You say, "If that's a living...?) The desk with an on-line computer has cleared another quarter section, as it where, so that you can plow and seed more crops. In some ways it makes more sense to concentrate on only one source of income. The products or services you choose to be involved with are in themselves not barriers. You haven't put up any fences yet so there aren't any.

Direct and "Factory To You" marketing has been around a long time, but the companies that have used old ways are now finding that the home office and its computer are tools for prosperity. Perhaps for themselves more than the business owner but that's another topic. The Milk Board, Beef Board, or the Chicken Committee will always collect their share. If you are like I am, marketing products for them, then you are closer to being like the "Wheat Board" that sets prices and you collect significant commissions. If you are fortunate enough to present a product or service to a clearing house or auction site, then you're just like a 4H-er selling the prize steer at the fair auction.

Once the crops are growing in the fields, so is the home business. Fences have been strung and the cattle are knee high in the Vescue. The machinery is being worked on in preparation for the bumper crop to be harvested. Seeding crops during the Spring stage of the home business means that harvest time could be all year long. One venture per season means that every season will be harvest time. New bins will need to be installed because the old ones will not be able to contain the entire crop. The banker will be happy to see me when I bring him the milk cheque.

Connection to superior products that are available on secure and convenient shopping web sites are part of that "family farm" that was the main stay of the early development of the home business. Farms have always been seen the origins of improving on inventions. Everything can be improved upon. Doing business from home eliminates costs of all types, making the end product price more competative.

The farm gate fruit stand at the road can bring in enough for the kid's schools bills. The other partners of the home business can be involved in marketing products that they love to sell. This could vary from jewelry to shoes. Just wearing them to school could be a small role the kids can play. If the wife wears her fashion jewels to her social functions, this will also promote the products. Everyone applies his or her skill and tools to achieve a positive bottom line.

This analogy shows how unlimited a home business can be. I have not exhausted the potential comparisons. The "grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." could be a good thing.

By: Rudy Hiebert
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Dec. 28, 2005
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