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Rap verses with an R&B hook. Touches on some issues of society.
v1-It's so sad don't wanna end up with a toe tag.
It's so bad I need the bulletproof throwback.
Let's go back.. to the nineteen nineties,
When Pac and Biggie Smalls were in their prime and shinin'.
Why'd they have to do that to eachother?
When we gonna realize we all sisters and brothers?On this planet.
I just can't understand it.
You know everything that happens the good Lord has planned it.
It's called predestined fate,
We all can relate,
So what is this hate?
This mind state,
That leads to this crime rate,
We need to just find ways,
To change to benign ways,
And fix this world that we livin' in.
'Stead of just givin' in,
We need to start contributin',
To the good.
Whether you live in the burbs or the hood,
It don't matter.
Don't worry if your pockets get fatter,
Worry 'bout the brains that get splattered,
Across the seas and on our own land.
You know me I'm 'bout bein' a man,
Takin a stand,
For what I believe in.
'cause the devil, he steady decievin',
So I'ma stand strong as long as I'm breathin'
And try... to brighten up the world.

hook-(R&B) We're gonna brighten up the world
Listen all you boys and girls
All you men and women too
Let's make a better place for you(repeat)

v2-Cause I'm tired of stressin,
Tired of walkin round in a deep deppression.
And the police to busy to be addressin,
Every little thing, half of em tied to a string,
Gettin paid to say they ain't see a thing,
When they really did, and the little kids,
Caught in the crossfire of business.
Or somebody scared they'd have a witness,
What is this?
I'm so tired of this evil society,
I used to think they lied to me,
When they say if you do good you can change the world.
But now I know it,
I found the light of God and it's time to show it.
So it.... uh... it's time to brighten up the world.
(back to hook)
verse 3 not complete
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