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In 2002 Maurice Clarett was the diamond of college football. Maurice had helped Ohio State University win the national college football championship. The critics were saying he should go pro. He attempted to go pro, but was too young. Maurice went to court and lost a Supreme Court decision concerning going pro in the NFL. He then became a whistle blower about the unfair recruiting tactics at the Ohio State University. Two years later he was eligible to enter the NFL draft. He was drafted by the Denver Broncos, but was cut. Now, on January 3, 2006, Maurice Clarett is in jail on robbery charges. How can a kid go from winning the national championship to jail in three years? How the hell should I know? All I know is this: African American athletes should not be allowed to play sports in college unless they are enrolled in a course on life. The course should consist of: academic responsibilities, life after sports, relationships, and money management. I never had the opportunity to attend schools like the Ohio State University, University of Texas, University of Miami, Penn State, Virginia Tech and a host of other colleges/universities with superb athletic programs. I had to pay to attend Delgado Community College, Southern University at New Orleans, and the University of New Orleans. None of these schools ever offered me a scholarship, not even a fee-waiver. These black athletes are receiving free tuition, room & board, free meals, free clothes, and in some cases free cars. It is a shame that so many African American athletes leave these institutions with no degree, no job skills, and a big ego. I urge someone, or some agency, to research this ever too common scenario, and do something about it. African American athletes make these institutions rich, indirectly attract philanthropist and students to various academic programs within these respective schools. It is a shame 10 years, 5 years, and in Maurice Clarett case three years after playing college sports these brothers and sisters have nothing I mean nothing to show for it.
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