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In the reverie you encounter your spiritual voice...
Blackened Mist

I see the offspring of the one inside
Yet I manage to stray
In ashes I find reincarnation.
Tempestuous in light; subtle in dark
The opposites that wage wars
The opposites that allign;
Raise my keen perceptions
In hourglass of my existence
I feel that I need descriptions
For all actions in the moments
Yet I plainly stare
In drowned heart
Yet, my body is awake.
No lips hush melodies of mine
I perceive extracts washed and cleanse,
I perceive the dirts so twisted in the corners
In Mind's eye I the flawed creature
Crave the perfections whose limitations are clear
But I bother not the thought of it
For I find completion in the discussion
Me and the angles of the Logic present;
For in the plains of depth in which I bury
The subtleness of it appreciated.
Soothe it did my constant curious urges
The offspring is mine Blackened Mist
Eternal Pabulum for the revieries rushing...
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