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This is an incredibly random and bizarre short story.
okay, our teachers gave us fifteen minutes to write a short story on a picture they gave us. This particular picture that we got was one of four children running in a field with a dog that looked like a bear running behind them. I totally freaked , being a person who usually takes relatively long amounts of time to think of and write a story, and rushed through it. It's very ... interesting... I'd just like to know your thoughts on it. :)


Bob, Fred, Joe and Susie were very strange characters, They decided that they were going to see if it was better to run cross country with regular sneakers, running shoes, sandals or barefoot. Bob wore running sneakers, Susie wore regular sneakers, Fred wore sandles and Joe- Yeah, erm, he's a bit slow- went barefoot. So, anyway, they went running through a really strange place with bushes, hills, and grass (which appeared out of nowhere when they decided they were going to conduct the shoe experiment.)

They quickly decided that Joe's idea- running barefoot- was not so intelligent. (he was lagging several feet behind). Even though Fred was wearing sandals, he somehow miraculously was only a few feet behind Bob, who was wearing the running sneakers. Susie was only a little bit behind Bob and when she looked behind her to see if Joe was still there, she saw a huge bear following them! Actually, the bear was small, but it sounds much more interesting to say it was big. Anyway, she saw the bear and told everybody that there was a bear behind them; They all freaked out and started running faster (except Joe, who's as we all know a tad bit dense and was grinning stupidly).

Finally, they stopped running and the bear caught up to them. That was when they found out that the bear was not a bear at all but a dog! Not just a dog though, a magical dog! The magical dog's name was Sparky. Sparky went up to Joe and said, (yes, Sparky can talk, and no, none of the characters are schizophrenics escaped from Bellvieu, though that would be amusing if I had more than thirty seconds left to write this stupi- counter-intuitive story.) Anywho, Sparky said, "Geez, I've been trying to catch up with you for ages. Joe forgot his shoes!" And sparky the magic bear-dog handed (yes, handed) Joe a pair of magical shoes.

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