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A Bed-time story series
The Three Chirpy Birds

Far away, among the beautiful flowers and trees lived three chirpy birds. The one named Vega perched on the tree top and cooed sweetly to the neighborhood. When Vega sang everyone stopped whatever they were doing and listened to her. Birds from nearby trees waited for Vega to sing before they went to bed. When the birds heard her song they had pleasant dreams. Vega had a sister called Bhavya. Bhavya was good at drawing. She would draw those beautiful flowers before going to bed and in the morning they would become real flowers. In the night if she drew a tree, the morning after there would be a real tree where she left the drawing. Vega and Bhavya had a lovely brother called Denal. Denal was lovingly called Denalie. He loved to build. He built great nests from leaves and tree trunks. When it rained all birds would rush into the nests he built and play there happily until the rain stopped.

After school the three chirpy birds met on the same tree everyday. They sat together and watched cartoons. Their favorite cartoon is Nemo. The three chirpy birds liked him very much. They wanted to play with him. So one night before going to bed Bhavya drew Nemo. But when she woke in the morning she did not find Nemo. Bhavya ran to Vega and Denal and told them about the drawing. And that Nemo was not there when she woke up. Three birds began to think about it.

Vega: “Guys! But Nemo lives in the water!”

Denal: “Yeah! You need to draw Nemo and the water Bhavya!”

Bhavya: “You are right Denalie! I will draw Nemo and water then”

Denal: “Guys Wait! Let me build a fish tank for Nemo first”

Denal built a nice fish tank. And Bhavya drew Nemo and water. That night Bhavya and Denal could not sleep. They waited and waited for the morning so that they can play with Nemo. So Vega sang a song and they slipped into sleep. Next morning when all three got up they found Nemo swimming in the newly built fish tank. The three chirpy birds jumped with joy.

Daily the chirpy birds would come back from school to talk to Nemo and play with him. Nemo loved taking to them all. Few days went by and one day there were dark clouds in the sky. Thunder and lightening everywhere. It began to rain. All the birds rushed to their nests. Poor Nemo was alone, outside, in the rain, in his fish tank. The three chirpy birds were sad. They can’t go to Nemo as it was raining outside. So they prayed to God to stop the rain. Suddenly the rain became light. Chirpy birds ran out to join Nemo.

Bhavya: “But what if it starts raining again Vega? We can’t play with Nemo”

Vega: “We should build a house for Nemo’s Fish tank”

Bhavya: “Correct! Then we can play inside the house even when it is raining”

Vega: “Can you build a house Denalie?”

Denal: “Yeah! I will build one right away”

Denal built a house for Nemo and three together moved the fish tank into the house. They played for a long time with Nemo. Finally it was time to leave. Nemo was sad. Bhavya asked Nemo why he was sad. Nemo told them that he was missing Marlin. So all three Played with Nemo for some more time to make him happy. Vega Sang to put Nemo to sleep. Before going to bed Bhavya drew Marlin. And next morning Marlin was with Nemo. Nemo thanked the chirpy birds and all played happily together.
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