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Acrostic poem: A man telling his wife how much he loves her.
Acrostic poem
I Still Love You
I long for the gentle touch of your hands, embraced within mine.
Soft is the calling of your voice, which always affirms our love.
To the end of time, we will be one life, blending together where no beginning is known and no ending exists.
In my lifetime, I have known only one miracle and that was found the day we met.
Love is all that you ask for, may I give you much more than that.
Let the world know how I feel. I can’t live without you.
Life would be meaningless if I had to face it without the strength you’ve given me.
Our love is much stronger than the bond between us; it has created a realm larger than any boundary can ever capture.
Vain it would be to consider that I could realize my happiness in your absence.
Eternal it will always be that my love for you will shine bright as heaven.
You must always know that my love for you is never ending and cannot die.
Only you, forever you, may I die the day your love is taken from me.
Ultimately the truth has made its way to the most settled part of my heart and all that rests there is knowing that I still love you.
Kactus Berry
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