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by obwan
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Works which, in my opinion, demonstrate an exceptional expression of perspective.
Exceptional Perspective Award

The way we look at reality is is the defining factor of all of our lives, and we see so little that we usually get it wrong. To be able to see from a perspective different than that of most is the most important skill one can have. I'll present this award periodically when I find a work which really shows me a way to look at something - regardless of whether I agree or disagree with that viewpoint.

We are all bound by the chains of our percetion - and we are all wrong...

If any of you have suggestions for works that you think I should consider for this award, please feel free to point them out.

January 17, 2006

Many people whine about society and taxes and government, but few actually have any suggestions for improving the situation. The first "Exceptional Perspective" award goes to a piece where the author defines the problems and actually offers a solution;

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#1047838 by Not Available.

February 20, 2006

At times, we all think that what we know is the only way to look at something, but sometimes somone is able to illuminate a different perspective in a way which makes us all understand. This author has taken a long look at Americans from the perspective a resident of India, the largest democracy in the world, and shows us some things which we probably missed...

WAR POETRY--award winner  (13+)
Poems about war in general and US war on terrorism in particular.
#950703 by Dr M C Gupta

March 14, 2006

The most important way I have found to understand my own perspective is to study the perspective of another and get to know the differences between the two. I do not agree with many of the precepts and constructs of the following piece, but it is one of the best introductions to the teachings of Islam that I have ever seen. It has also shown me that there is a lot of it with which I do agree, and it has destroyed at least a couple of misconceptions that I had about their belief.

Islam Is... Islam and Its Principles  (E)
The purpose of this work is to present the authentic teachings of Islam.
#1072398 by Sakeena Marie

April 15, 2006

Prejudice is a very real part of our society and is not bound to any particular race or religion. Even people who think that they are not prejudice can often be found guilty without realizing the pain they cause. Are you one of them? Here is a relatively short work that the author says is fiction, but I'm sure that many of you will find some truth burried in her words.

Color Blind  (13+)
A woman's thoughts on interracial relationships - a love against all odds.
#1066513 by iKïyå§ama

May 15, 2006

Religion is a large part of the life of most of the population of this planet, but many people don't believe in a diety or higher power at all. How can that be? How can someone who does not believe in a God have any kind of moral values? The author of the following work has done an excellent job of explaining this, and has even gone as far as to include some comments from others with which she does not agree. Be sure to read the two linked pieces at the end of her essay as they are intended to be a part of this award as well.

Who Invented God?  (E)
This is a brief and punchy explanation of my atheism.
#861733 by Mavis Moog

June 16, 2006

This is a dark one. I reviewed this piece and told the author that I think that she should have added something about the tears of the Mother over the lost possibilities from the human race, but at the same time I can see and feel the anger that the universe must feel over the direction of humanity, and the opinion other species might have of the current state and actions of the human race. I share that anger, and I think that this piece steps into a perspective that many humans would do well to understand. I'm not saying that you should agree with this, only that we should all be aware that the perspective exists.

I Have a Dream  (13+)
The anti-thesis of what society feels safe with. Earth reborn, my way.
#1113406 by LadyAxe

July 15, 2006

People tend to talk about how things are getting worse in the world all of the time, but I've always held the world up against the light of history and seen a gradual improvement in the human condition over the centuries - in spite of many setbacks and repetitions of our forefather's mistakes. Here's a piece by a new author to this site who sees things in a similar way, and who holds that the term "United Nations" is an oxymoron - and I agree wholeheartedly...

Planet Patriot  (E)
In a global society patriotism is obsolete. Love is the rule of law.
#1126251 by Ger Agrey-Thatcher

September 17, 2006

It's been a while since I last gave this award, but I just read something which echoes my thoughts in an incredible way. In addition, this is the second time this lady has recieved this award. She writes about perception - how we see each other and how we look at different points of view, and she does it without even mentioning her own perspective. With this work she has taken a bite out of the human mind, and the juice is running down her chin...

Perceptual Awareness  (E)
The importance of perceiving others accurately.
#1157640 by Sakeena Marie

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