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A basketball player gets more than what he bargined for when he signs up for a play.
(Damon on the basktball court shooting the ball when Tyler walks up and steals the ball from him from behind.)
Tyler- working on your granny shot (with a sly smile)
Damon- funny. Ty our game is in two days don't you think you should practice.
(Tyler shoots the ball and it goes in)
Tyler- why would I when I got skills?
Damon- no that's luck. That will eventually run out. (grabbing his bookbag off the floor)
Tyler- well we better get to class before the bell rings we know how much drama class means to you.
Damon- I hate that class. (Tyler and Damon head to class)
(They walk in as the bell rings)
(Damon sits in the back with Tyler and some more guys they laugh as the teacher walks in with another girl)
Teacher- good morning class.
Class- Morning Mrs. Newhall.
Mrs. Newhall- this is Anna Newfield a new student. She just came from Chicago. Let's make her feel at home shall we? You can sit next to Tyler in the back. Tyler rise your hand please.
(Tyler rises his hand)(Anna sits next to him)
Mrs. Newhall- as for the rest of you we have a play coming up in the works. Trinity will you tell everyone the details.
Trinity- yes Mrs. Newhall. (coming to the front of the room with a piece of paper) okay everyone our upcoming play "Lalia" will start rehearsals next Monday. This is a play about singing. Lots of parts are needed. I encourage everyone to tryout.(She heads to her seat)
Mrs. Newhall- thank you Trinity. Auditions for the character Lalia will be this friday. Other characters will be after-school Monday in the gym.
(Tyler rises his hand)
Mrs. Newhall- yes Tyler?
Tyler- do we have to try out?
Mrs. Newhall- this is a graded assignment do whatever you feel. Do you want to pass or fail this class?
(Damon chuckles as the bell rings everyone splits out the room except Anna who is looking at the drama pictures on the wall Damon walks up to Mrs. Newhall.)
Mrs. Newhall- a moment Mr. Carr.
(Damon looks at Mrs. Newhall)
Mrs. Newhall- I highly encourage you to precipate in this play.
Damon- Mrs. Newhall I can't.
Mrs. Newhall- Damon you're failing this class because you refuse to precipate in any play.
Damon- Mrs. Newhall come on if I fail then I'm benched on the team.
Mrs. Newhall- you should have thought of that when you refuse to be a part of what we are a part of and that's this class.
(Anna looks at them as she takes some books out)
Damon- what can I do? To bring up my grade to a passing grade.
Mrs. Newhall- I will give you a B+ if you tryout for the lead boy part.
Damon- that's it.
Mrs. Newhall- that's it.
Damon- cool.
Mrs. Newhall- a serious tryout no goofing off.
Damon- done. (smiling) Thanks Mrs. Newhall.
(Anna heading to the door Damon runs into her knocking her books and papers in her hands out her arms)
Damon- oh man sorry. (leaning to pick them up)
Anna- it's okay. (helping him)
Damon- you're the new girl huh?
Anna- yeah Anna Newfield.
Damon- Damon. Damon Carr. (standing up with her books in his arms)where's your locker?
Anna- oh around on the science hall.
Damon- okay um I'll help you take them.
Anna- thanks.
Damon- so does it totally suck to be a new kid at a new school?
Anna- totally. Espically in the middle of high school. (looking forward)
Damon- are you a junior too? (looking at her)
Anna- yeah. (looking at him)(she walks up to her locker)
Damon- cool. (Anna opens her locker Damon puts the books in)
(Tyler and Byron walk up)
Tyler- hey Damon want to catch some lunch?
Anna- is it lunchtime already?
Damon- yeah. um Anna these are my friends Tyler and Byron.
Tyler- oh yeah you're the new hottie that sits next to me in drama class.
Byron- I told you guys not to sign up for that class it's so boring.
Tyler- but it's the perfect way to meet hot talented girls.
Byron- whatever. (looking at Tyler)
(Anna closes her locker)
Damon- so you want to eat with us?
Anna- sure.
(they all walk to the cafeteria)
Anna- your friends sure are interesting characters.
Damon- yeah me and Tyler have been best friends since pre-k and Byron has been our friend since middle school.
Anna- hmm. so what's up with you and drama class?
Damon- my mom made me join. My dad's got me on a sports leash and my mom's got me on an acting leash.
Anna- must be tough. (looking at the food)
(they put things on their trays)
Damon- well basketball is my life. But I'm open to new things.
(They pay for lunch then Anna and Damon sit at an empty table)
(Trinity and Kelley sit at the table with them)
Trinity- hey Damon. (opening her pack of chips)
Kelly- who's she? (pointing to Anna)
Damon- oh this is Anna she's new.
Anna- hi. (shyly)
Kelly- hey (snobby like)
Damon- I'm get some mayo. You guys want anything.
Anna- no thanks.
Trinity- I'm cool.
Kelly- Damon baby could you get me a soda out the machine.
Damon- sure Kelly. (looking at her)
Kelly- he's the sweetest guy. I wish I could go out with him.
Anna- why can't you?
Trinity- because Damon isn't into her.
Kelly- please he's in denial.
Trinity- more like he's not into you.
Anna- he's really nice. (looking at her plate)
Kelly- you like him?
Anna- no I just..
Kelly- good because new girl any guy I like is hands off. So don't think about trying to get Damon because he's mine.
(Anna looks at her Trinity rolls at her Anna eats a potato fry)
(Later that day Damon walks in his house)
(A dog barks at him)
Damon- hey pal. (petting him)(dad walks up to him)
Dad- how was school?
Damon- long and boring as usually.
Dad- hmm to get ready for your basketball on Friday I thought we'd go outside to shoot some hoops.
Damon- bring it on. (Looking at his dad)(phone rings)
Dad- let me get that. (answering the phone)hello?
(Damon looks at the dog)
Dad- okay I'll be right there yes I understand (he hangs up)duties call. I'm sorry. Rain check.
Damon- always dad. (his dad grabs his jacket)
Dad- do your homework. (he heads out the door)
(Damon looks at his bookbag as he sits on the couch)(he looks at the basketball in the corner)
(on the court Damon and Tyler shooting the ball)
Tyler- I can't believe she'll give you a B+ if you just audition for the part. (shooting the ball)
Damon- I know being the star basketball player
does have it's advantages.
Tyler- still cocky Damon even after all these years.
Damon- yeah. I am. I'm still the best. (shooting the ball)
Tyler- so what's up with you and the new girl?
Damon- Anna? nothing. I was being friendly.
Tyler- she's kind of cute. You sure you're not into her just to get in her pants?
Damon- please Ty I'm not like that and you know it.
Tyler- Damon you could have almost any girl in that school all you have to do is say the word.
Damon- but I don't want any girl in that school. I love just being single.
Tyler- yeah right. All I know is you just need to ask Kelly out I mean you two were together last year I mean she's really into you.
Damon- but I'm not into her right now for that matter last year either. (shooting the ball)
Tyler- she's a cheerleader she's captain of the dance team and she's the prettiest not to mention the most popular girl in this school. You two are perfect for each other. Come on Damon I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.
Damon- how much did she pay you?
Tyler- oh come on. (Damon looks at him) okay $35. But I would've done it for free.
Damon- (Sighs) you really think I should ask her out?
Tyler- Have I ever led you astray.
(Damon looks at him)(Tyler looks at him with a serious look)
(Anna walks in her room and throws her bookbag down on her bed she grabs her phone she dials it and lays on her bed)
Girl- hello.
Anna- guess who? (playfully)
Girl- Anna? Hey girl I thought you wasn't ever gonna call me.
Anna- how could I not call my best friend. Hey Janine. God I miss you.
Janine- right back at ya. So how is Seattle?
Anna- loud, busy, missing you.
Janine- okay how was your first day at school?
Anna- surpisingly not so bad. This basketball guy showed me around he was really nice.
Janine- hmmm.
Anna- what? (innocently) it wasn't like that.
Janine- I didn't say anything it seems you gave yourself up.(Anna takes her books out)
Anna- I hate you. (looking down at her homework)
Janine- so is he cute and popular?
Anna- major cute and majorly popular. I can't like him Janine.
Janine- why not?
Anna- because people like me don't fit in his world.
Janine- Anna he must see something in you. He showed you around.
Anna- my books. (looking at her homework)
Janine- what?
Anna- he bumped into me and helped me pick up my books carry to my locker that's why he showed me around.
Janine- so he's gentlemen too? That's a plus.
Anna- yeah a plus for Kelly.
Janine- who's that?
Anna- this crazy girl who's got the hots for Damon and kind of finds me to be a threat.
Janine- Damon that's his name? It sounds sexy.
Anna- he is sexy but totally off-limits.I'm telling you this girl would totally kill anyone who would get in between her and Damon so I'm just gonna forget about him.
Janine- Anna come on you totally into this guy. I just don't wanna see you unhappy.
Anna- trust me I'm not. Look I got a lot of homework let me call you back.
Janine- alright. (hangs up)
(Anna looks at the homework)
Anna- this is gonna be a long night.
(Damon walks into his house)
Damon- dad you home? mom?! (he looks around he sees the message light is on.)(he clicks it to play)Message- You have three messages... message one beep- Mom's voice- hey guys I got to work late again I know I know. Order pizza on me. I love you. Message ended Message two beep- Dad's voice- hey guys sorry I'm not back it's taking a longer time then I thought anyway pizza on me see you soon.
Damon- great no parents for a while (looking at the dog)
Message ended message three- Kelly's voice- hey Damon um I was hoping if you weren't too busy we could grab some dinner together. Just call me if you're not too busy. You know the number. Beep message ended.
Damon- yeah I know the number I'm just not ready for that yet. (he runs upstairs)
(Next day at school Drama class Damon sits next to Anna)
Damon- hey? (looking at her)
Anna- hey. (looking at him shyly)(Damon looks at Tyler walking in)(she looks at Damon) I never did say thank you for the tour and for helping me pick up my books.
Damon- I knocked them down remember.(smiling at her) besides as captain of the basketball team it's my job to show the new people around.
(Anna smiles)(Tyler looks at Damon who was still smiling at Anna)
Tyler- so did you call Kelly yet?
(Damon looks at Tyler)
Damon- no but she called me. Eight times last night I thought she's never stop.
Tyler- hmm I think she's really feeling you.
Damon- yeah well she's running up my parents message's slots. (looking up at the front of the classroom as Mrs. Newhall walks in)
Mrs. Newhall- morning class?
Class- morning Mrs. Newhall.
Mrs. Newhall- today we are going to the stage and we're gonna be painting the stage this class period so tommorrow during our Lalia audition we'll have a nice blackdrop on the stage. Let's go bring your stuff with you. (Damon and Tyler grab their stuff and head out the door behind everyone else Trinity walks out with Anna.)
Trinity- I'm Trinity. (looking at Anna)
Anna- hi I'm Anna. You're Kelly's friend aren't you? (looking at her)
Trinity- yes I'm Kelly's complain to friend.
Anna- sorry. (shy smile looking down at the floor)
Trinity- don't be. She needs someone to complain to and it turns out I'm that person.
(Anna finds Damon in the front talking to Tyler)
Trinity- Damon Carr the most popular good looking guy in the junior class. He's just perfect isn't he. The perfect gentlemen which he is the most perfect kisser which he still is.
(Anna looks at Trinity in shock)
Anna- you kissed him? (in a low voice)
Trinity- don't seem so shocked. Yeah back in fifth grade it was my birthday party and he didn't have enough money to buy me a gift which was crap since both his parents is lawyers. But um anyway he led me to a closet after the party was over and we made out well till my parents caught us and kicked him out and grounded me.
Anna- wow.(looking at him in front)
Trinity- he's a nice guy but not my type. But Kelly wants him....bad. She can have him unless (looking at Anna) you want him. (they walk in the mini-auditorium)
Anna- no I.... I don't want him I mean who am I to stand in Kelly's way. (they put their stuff on the floor off to the side)
Trinity- yep I understand Kelly always gets what she wants because people are afraid of her. Don't
become one of those people Anna. The ones who are afraid of her.
(Anna looks at her as she goes over to another girl. Anna looks at Damon and Tyler laughing with some other guys.)
(In the gym after school basketball players doing lay-ups)(cheerleaders practicing off on one side of the gym)(Kelly sees Damon off to the side blowing a whistle)
Damon- alright guys practice is over hit the showers. (the guys get up and go to the shower room)(Damon gather the playbook as Kelly trots over to him)
Kelly- Damon got a sec?
Damon- yeah Kelly what's up? (looking at her)
Kelly- I was thinking about you last night. And um we should hook up sometime and do something.
Damon- the last time we hooked up well remember last year we hook up it led to sex and it led to you lying to me.
Kelly- Damon there was no other guy.
Damon- Kelly we've been giving it a shot for years but face it we're just not for each other.
Kelly- is this because of the new girl?
Damon- new girl? (looking a little lost) You mean Anna?
Kelly- she's got the hots for you. And you probably like her too.
Damon- like her? I don't even know her. I helped her with her books and showed her around the school that's all.
Kelly- please she likes you a lot. I heard she has shrines of you in her room.
Damon- Kelly it's not gonna work with us we tried game over.
Kelly- Damon I do have ways of persuade you.
Damon- yeah. (looking at her) how could I forget that's how you got me the last time.
(Kelly looks at her cheerleaders stretching)
Kelly- I got to go my girls need me.(she looks at him as she puts her fingers on his chest) I know what makes you weak Damon. (Kelly walks over to the other cheerleaders while Damon heads to the locker room)
(Damon grabs Tyler by the arm in the locker room and pulls him toward the way Damon's walking)
Tyler- hey man wha- (looking at Damon)
Damon- is Anna into me?
Tyler- wha- the new girl?
(Damon looks at Tyler)
Tyler- how should I know you're the one who has the private coversations with her. Why don't you ask Kelly out and just be through with it?
Damon- she left me three thousand messages last night. (letting go of Tyler's arm)
Tyler- maybe I don't know she likes you. Is that bad?
Damon- it's Kelly, Tyler.
(Tyler shrugs as he heads to his locker.)
(Damon rubs his head as he leans up against his locker)
(The next day Anna sitting by herself at lunch when Trinity sits next to her)
Trinity- trying to avoid us?
Anna- no. (Looking down) I just thought maybe I'd just back off a little.
Trinity- from who? Kelly?
Anna- yeah. (looking at Kelly and Damon laughing)
Trinity- Anna come on.(pulling her toward the table with everyone)(They sit with everyone)
Kelly- hey Trinity I wondered where you went.(Looking at Anna)
Trinity- just picking up strays (looking at Anna in a joking matter)(Damon looks at Anna then Kelly then at his plate)
Kelly- so Damon you ready for the game tonight?
Damon- I hope so. The team is ready hopefully we'll win.
Kelly- you better cause I got a special cheer just for you after the game. (touching his chest)
Trinity- please Kelly some of us is actually trying to eat.(Kelly shoots her a sorry look)
(Anna and Damon eyes meet)
Damon- so Anna how was your old school? Were they basketball fanatics?
Anna- no more like golf fanatics. (Anna and Damon share a smile)
Kelly- sounds boring.(looking at Damon)
Anna- private school is usually that way. (looking at them all)
Kelly- did you have a boyfriend there? (looping her arm though Damon's arm)
Anna- no. (feeling embrassed)
Kelly- that's too bad. (looking at her snobby like)
(Damon looks at Kelly)
Kelly- have you ever had a boyfriend? (Anna looks embrassed)
Trinity- damn Kelly nosy much? (looking at mad)
Kelly- oh I didn't realize it was a personal question.(looking at Anna)
Trinity- well it is.(Tyler looks at Anna then at Kelly)
Kelly- it's not my fault if she's never had a boyfriend before. (looking at Trinity everyone at the table looks at Anna)
(Anna looks embrassed and starts to blush she runs out the cafeteria)
Damon- you're really unbelievable. (looking at Kelly madly he removes his arm and leaves as the bell rings)
Kelly- Damon?!
(Damon sees Anna in the drama room looking at pictures on the wall)(Tear falls from Anna's eye)
Damon- don't listen to Kelly she's just.... (looking at the tears falling from Anna's eyes)
Anna- why not? she's right.(Damon looks at Anna crying sliently) look thanks for this but I want to just be alone.
Damon- yeah sure. (looking at the door then he looks at her) You like this class (he pauses) don't you?
Anna- acting was apart of my mother.
Damon- your mother? (looking at her coming closer to her)
Anna- Marie Hudson.(looking at him wrapping her tears)
Damon- she was your mother. I used to watch her all the time. She was on that show Just For Marie.
(Anna smiles at him)
Anna- yeah every Saturday morning she would come on to that show and just make kids smile. (she smiles)(Damon smiles and looks at her)
Damon- so are trying out for the play or are you going to be stage crew?
Anna- I want to get a part in the play.(Wiping her eyes some more)
Damon- don't let Kelly get to you. She's just feels threaten.(sitting on one of the desks)
Anna- about what? (looking at him confused) I haven't done anything to her except be nice.
Damon- yeah but she's just insincere.
(Anna smiles)
Anna- that I can believe.(looking down)
Damon- you have a really pretty smile. (looking at her)
Anna- thanks (giving a shy smile)(She looks at him)Do you hate this class?
Damon- no I just hate having to pretend to be someone else you know someone I'm not.
Anna- sometimes that can be a good thing. (looking at him)
Damon- I never thought of it like that.
Anna- trying out for the lead can be a good thing for you.
Damon- you think so?
Anna- yeah cause underneath all the basketball player attics I think there's a good actor in you.
(Damon looks down then up at her with a smile)
(Damon shooting on his court at home when Tyler and Byron walk up)
Tyler- hey missed you after school.
Damon- oh sorry I though I'd just come home and practice a little before the game.
Tyler- that's the Damon I know always putting one hundred and ten percent into the team. (wrapping his arm around Damon's shoulder)
Damon- yeah. That's what I'm gonna do with that acting tryout next week for the lead.
Tyler- what? (laughing) funny Damon.
Byron- yeah you got me with that one.(laughing)
(Damon looks at them as Tyler removes his arm and Damon shoots the ball)
Damon- I'm not kidding.
Tyler- Damon acting isn't for it isn't for any of us. Basketball.. sports is for us. Leave the acting to the nerds.
Damon- Tyler you got to tryout for part in the play too.
Tyler- I'm gonna be with the stage crew. Now all you got to do is bomb the lead part and join me and the rest of the guys.
Damon- fine Tyler. I'll just be the basketball star you want me to be and I'll date Kelly since that's what you want me to do. In fact why don't you just write down everything you want me to do and I'll do it.
Tyler- really?
Damon- you're unbelievable. (looking at him)
Tyler- Damon come on. (Damon goes in his house and closes the door)(Damon goes in the living room and sees his younger sister Haley watching t.v. on the floor he sits on the couch)
Damon- what are you watching?
Haley- just some disney. isn't your game tonight?
Damon- yeah.(low) (Haley looks at him)
Haley- what's with you?
Damon- you wouldn't get it.
Haley- how not we're related and you're not that much older than me.
Damon- you're thirteen. (looking at her)
Haley- you're seventeen. Please your life isn't that complicated. (getting off the floor and she sits next to him.) What's up?
Damon- it's just do you think I'd be good at acting?
Haley- yeah why wouldn't you be, you're good at everything else.
Damon- yeah good at sports that's it though.
Haley- I think you'd be good at anything if you put effort into it. I mean it.
Damon- thanks Hales.
Haley- hey isn't that what little sisters are for?
Look good luck on your game tonight. I hope you win.(heading to the door)
Damon- you're not coming?
(She looks back him)
Haley- maybe for a little while, but I got a date.(Damon looks at her)
hey I told you we're not all that different. (she leaves the room)(Damon shrugs as he grabs the remote)(Anna reading the lines for the play backstage Trinity walks up in front of her)
Trinity- I didn't know you were interested for the lead.
Anna- me neither.
Trinity- so you are gonna tryout for the lead?
Anna- I'm a little nervous to.
Trinity- okay then just read a little to me then and I'll see if you are stage worthy. (smiling at Anna who is looking at her smiling back)
Anna- okay (opening the script she looks at it as she begins to read) I'm scared to trust my heart to you. Because it's hard for me to trust men. Let alone myself.
(Trinity looks at her as she looks at Trinity)
Trinity- perfect reading (she pauses as she thinks for a second) and we have our Lalia for the play.
Anna- me?
Trinity- you. Miss Lalia. Here's your script we start production as soon as we can find you a suitable love interest.(giving Anna the script)
Anna- Trinity I appreciate you being nice and all I just don't think this is a good idea for me.
Trinity- you're the best one for this job.You're gonna do great. (looking at her Trinity leaves)
(Anna looks at her watch it says six o'clock)
Anna- oh man.(she grabs her bookbag and heads to the door when Damon opens the door bumping into her)
Damon- whoa cinderella.(grabbing her before she falls)
Anna- sorry (smiles nervously)thanks(standing up)
(Damon looks at her)
Damon-haven't we been here before? The whole bumping into each other?
Anna- yeah. I guess. What are you doing here?
Damon- basketball game in an hour.
Anna- I forgot you were a jock.(pulling bookbag back on her arm)
Damon- you're the first girl that's ever said that to me. (looking at her smiling)
Anna- hey I'm new.
(Damon looks at her with a sly grin)
Damon- so there's a victory party tonight.
Anna- victory you haven't even played.
Damon- do you have doubts that I might not win?
Anna- no but....
Damon- how about a little one on one at my place tonight? (grabbing his basketball off the ground)
Anna- you seducing me Damon? (taking the ball from him)
Damon- if it works.(looking at her)
Anna- no party. I don't do parties.
Damon- what come on you never been to a party?
Anna- no.
Damon- well you're coming to mine.
Anna- I can't. (she pauses) I'm sorry. Thanks though.(giving him his basketball)
(Damon watches her go out the door he looks at the gym then at her he hestaites then follows her)
Damon- okay I'll budge.(Anna turns and looks at him) why not?
Anna- I'm just not the party girl.
Damon- I don't buy that. (pushing his hair back)
Anna- look you got Kelly what difference does it make if I'm there or not.
Damon- Kelly?(looking at her) what does she have anything to do with this?
Anna- fine look ever since my mom left I'm just not the type you'd want to hang with or even be around. Good luck on your game tonight. I hope you win.(she walks to her car as Damon turn and goes back in)
(After the game Damon sitting on the bench dressed thinking)
(Tyler,Byron, and some other guys walk by laughing)
Tyler- hey we off to the victory party.
Damon- go ahead I'll catch up I got to take care of something first.
Tyler- good game tonight captain.
Damon-yeah. (looking at them leaving)(he heads out a second later to the gym he sees Trinity and Kelly talking alone in the gym he walks up to them)
Damon- hey um Trinity could I get a minute alone with Kelly?
Trinity- sure. I'll talk to you later girl. Bye Damon.(they say goodbye as she leaves the gym Kelly looks at Damon)
Damon- you heading to the victory party?
Kelly- no I was hoping maybe we could have our own little party.
(Damon sighs)
Kelly- we could do it right here in the gym or in your car.
Damon- Kelly could we have a normal conversation where it doesn't end up resulting in sex.
Kelly- fine what do you want to talk about?
Damon- did you threaten Anna?
Kelly- no. I don't even know her.(Damon looks at her) I know you're stressed. Let me destress you.
(She wraps her arms around his neck and she kisses him hard Damon wraps his arms around her waist pulling her into him)(Anna walks in the gym and sees them making out she looks hurt as she leaves)
(Damon and Kelly continue kissing as the picture fades.)(Monday in drama class Anna walks in and sees an empty seat behind Trinity in the back)(Tyler laughing and talking to some other dudes in the back of the room Anna sits behind Trinity. Trinity turns around to talk to her)
Trinity- how's our star?(looking at Anna)
Anna- whatever. (shrugging)
Trinity- what kick you in the ass this morning?
Anna- are Kelly and Damon together?(low so only Trinity can only hear her)
Trinity- not that I know of.(looking at her)
Anna- I saw them making out friday night after the game in the gym.
(Damon walks in the room and everyone cheers)
Tyler- what up all star?(giving him a high five as Damon sits in between Anna and Tyler)
(Damon looks at Anna as he sits)
Damon- hey.
Anna- don't you think you should be saving the "heys" and "whatsups" for Kelly? (not looking at him)(Damon looks at her confused)(Trinity turns around toward the front)
Damon- what are you talking about? (Anna looks at him and talks low so no one can hear her but him)
Anna- I saw you making out with her after the game in the gym. I was coming to take you up on your offer of one on one. But I guess we both know what that means. Poor spoiled little Damon gets everything he wants. So if you wants to get in the new girl's pants then just let him he'll wind up there anythere. (Damon looks at her)
Damon- that's what you think of me? A guy that's just trying to get in your pants?
(Anna looks at him as the bell rings)(Damon looks at her madly then as the teacher walks in Damon madly gets up and moves to another seat)(Anna looks at him hurtful and mad)(Tyler tries to get Damon's attention but Damon ignores him)
Mrs. Newhall- oh well we have good news class we have found our Lalia for the play. Miss. Anna Newfield will be playing Lalia. (everyone claps except Damon)Now there will be rehearsals after school today for the male lead and other parts.If you want to be stage crew sign your name on the sheet on my desk.(Tyler gets up) After class Mr. Wellington.(Damon raises his hand)
Mrs. Newhall- yes Mr.Carr.
Damon- I want to audition now for the male lead.
Mrs. Newhall- after school Damon.
Damon- some people in this room think that I'm just a talker and that I'm not good at anything else other than basketball I'd like to prove them wrong please.(Mrs Newhall looks at him)
Mrs. Newhall- come on up Mr. Carr. Miss. Trinity can I get the male lead script?(Trinity gives her the script and heads back to seat shooting Anna a confused look)
(Mrs. Newhall gives Damon the script)
Mrs. Newhall- read the first three lines.(she goes to her desk and sits down Damon opens the script he looks at it then at Tyler. His looks at Anna who is looking down at her desk he then looks at the script)
Damon- Lalia I trusted you not to fall in love with me. (Anna looks at him)We can't be together. We're two different people. Us being in love is a crime.(Mrs. Newhall looks at him)
Mrs. Newhall- (she pauses looking at him in shock)that was great Mr. Carr. As far as I'm concerned you have proved everyone in here wrong who thought such things of you. Because with a little practice I think you will evolve into your character that is why you are going to be our Cameron in the play.
Damon- I got the lead? (looking at her)
Mrs. Newhall- good job.(all the girls clap except Anna who gives a guility smile)(Tyler and all the guys look stunned and pissed)
(Bell Rings)
(Damon walks behind Tyler out the room)
Damon- I can't believe I got the lead.
Tyler- why would you want it? (looking at him)
Damon- to prove you wrong.
Tyler- no to make an idiot out of yourself.
Damon- you don't think I can do this?
(Tyler stops walking and looks at Damon)
Tyler- it's not that. I do think you can do it. But what about the team?
Damon- what about it?
Tyler- championships are coming up.
Damon- it's one play.
Tyler- that takes two weeks.
Damon- Tyler you're my best friend why aren't you happy for me?
Tyler- friends let other friends know when they're about to make a fool of themselves right?
Damon- yeah I guess.
Tyler- then don't pursue with this play.
Damon- you know what forget it. I'm tired of everyone thinking I should do this and do that. Basketball isn't the only thing I can do Ty.(he pauses) But maybe it's something I should stop.(walking away from Tyler. Tyler looks at him shaking his head)
(Damon walks past Anna who looks at him as he walks up to his locker)(Anna hesitates and closes her locker and walks over to him)
Anna- look I'm sorry.
Damon- don't worry about it.(he says quickly looking mad but not looking at her he grabs some books and folder)
Anna- look I was mad that I saw you with Kelly (she pauses) and I'm just....sorry.
(Damon looks at her madly)
Damon- please don't apologize it may just lead me to getting in your pants. (Anna looks away hurt)(closing his locker)(he looks at her) Oh by the way I quit basketball because of this whole acting thing.
(Anna looks at him as he leaves she leans up against the locker)(Anna and Trinity walk to the lunch table together)
Anna- I made him quit.(they sit down)
Trinity- no you didn't Tyler did. He doesn't believe in his best friend.
Anna- yeah but I pushed him over the edge he audition in front of the class because of me.
Trinity- what are you talking about? (Damon walks over to the table)
Damon- where's Tyler?(looking at Trinity)
Trinity- outside with the guys. He seemed pretty mad.
(Anna looks at Damon)(Damon sees Kelly with some more people at a different table)
Damon- I'm gonna go sit with Kelly.(leaving them and walking over to Kelly)
(Anna looks at him hurt Trinity pats her shoulder)
Trinity- he'll come around. I mean he has to with the love scenes in the play.
Anna- play? (snapping out the daydream)
Trinity- yeah he's Cameron....Lalia's love interest.
Anna- do they kiss? (looking at her seriously)
Trinity- did you read your script?
(Anna shakes her head no)
Trinity- well you have to sing three songs for him
flirt with him a little you know lead him on and there's the big make out scene at the end.
Anna- I have to kiss him? (shocked and scared)
Trinity- A few times. It is a make out scene.
Anna- Trinity I can't do that. He's mad at me.
Trinity- Anna it's the only way for you to win him back or at least talk to him. Do you want him mad at you forever?(Anna looks at Damon and Kelly laughing at the other table)
(The next day after school Anna and Damon practicing their lines Damon still mad towards Anna at break Anna finds Damon in the gym throwing free throws she walks up to him)
Anna- hey.(Damon turns and looks at her he just stands there Anna grabs a ball off the court and walks over to him) you promised me a one on one game. Can we play?
Damon- aren't you afraid it might lead to sex? (looking at her mad)
Anna- no. I trust you. (his frown leaves his face)
Damon- why? (looking serious)
Anna- who's the guy that showed me around? Who's the guy that helped me with my books? Who's the guy I'm not gonna let quit something he loves?
(Damon looks at her)
Anna- you're not quitting basketball. You love it too much. Like acting you wouldn't let me quit. Cause then there'd be no Lalia.
(Damon smiles)
Anna- now about that game?
Damon- too bad we got to run lines.(he takes the ball shoot it and makes it in)(she smiles as he grabs her hand and they run out of the gym)
(After school Damon run in the house Haley on the computer in the kitchen)
Haley- where have you been there's no practice today.
Damon- I know (he pauses) I got the lead part in the school's drama play.(Haley looks at him with a serious look). Haley I'm serious.
Haley- oh. told you could do it. (looking at the computer) your girlfriend called.
Damon- I don't have a girlfriend.
Haley- oh my bad the girl that worships you called. Kelly.
Damon- what'd she want?
Haley- to tell you that she's coming over at six to get you.
(Doorbell)(Damon looks at the clock and sees that it's four minutes after six.) Thanks Hales.(scarsically)
Haley- that's what I'm here for.(Damon heads to the front door he opens it and sees Kelly standing there)
Kelly- hey sexy.
Damon- hey. (Kelly kisses him on the lips Damon backs away) Kelly what are you doing here?
Kelly- I came to see you.
Damon- yeah that part's obvious.
Kelly- well I heard that you got casted in that "Lalia" play with that new girl.
Damon- Anna.
Kelly- whatever. Look if she so much as lay a finger on you I'll. (Damon kisses her off before she can finish the sentence)
Damon- Kelly she means nothing to me. But this play does I want people to know there's more to me than just sports.
Kelly- well I know what's underneath you.(grabbing his shirt)
Damon- Haley's here (backing up from her grip) come on.
Kelly- then we can go to my place.
Damon- I got to go talk to Tyler.
Kelly- well afterwards you can stop by for a little pick me up.
Damon- yeah (he looks down) thanks Kelly.
Kelly- whatever takes the pressure away (she kisses him before turning and leaving)
(At Tyler's Damon knocks on the door)
(Tyler opens it)
Tyler- hey I heard you're back on the team. Finally came to your senses huh?
Damon- I'm not quitting the play. I'm gonna do both.
Tyler- how? (crossing his arms)
Damon- look Tyler why are you making all this so complicating?
Tyler- because you got basketball why do you need acting too? (looking at him frustrated and mad)
Damon- to prove I can do it.(looking at him)
Tyler- it's a waste of time. (dropping his arms)
Damon- to you and that's your opinion. But I need you behind with this Ty. You're my best friend.
Tyler- why didn't you just stay off the team?
Damon- because I know how important it is to you that I'm there beside you every step of the way and I will be beside you but you got to give me a chance. Come on.
Tyler- yeah okay. (they give each other a high five)
Damon- now I need a favor (he pauses) I need you to help me with my lines.
(Tyler looks at him knowing he's joking they both start laughing)
(The next day game practice Damon and Tyler running drills with their teams.)(Later Damon and Anna laugh as they read their lines.)(The day of the play)(Anna sits at the table with Trinity.)
Anna- god I'm so nervous.
Trinity- don't be. (giving her a bottle)
Anna- Damon is popular so everyone at school is coming to the play.
Trinity- you'll do fine.(Damon walks up and sits next to Anna) You may want to talk to your co-star she's got a case of bad nerves.(to Damon who's looking at Anna)
Anna- I'm sorry (covering her face with her hands)
Damon- it's okay.(removing her hands off her face)I'm a little too. (Anna smiles) See there it is.
Anna- what?
Damon- that smile. The one that lets me know everything is going to be okay.
Anna- I hope it will be.
Damon- you're only rockin' with the best.(touching his chest)
(Anna smiles at him and starts to laugh softly as Tyler and some more guys join them)
(Later that night)
(Trinity fixing Anna makeup)
Anna- I'm so nervous. What if I miss one of the songs.
Trinity- they're famous songs. Real songs by real famous people.
Anna- yeah but what if I mess up the kiss.
Trinity- you won't you gonna do fine.
(The play begins as Trinity steps on to the stage)
Trinity- hi everyone. Thank you for coming to the priemere of our play Lalia starring Anna Newfield as "Lalia" and Damon Carr as "Cameron". Sit back and please enjoy. (they clap as she leaves the stage)(The scene opens as Lalia is on the stairwell looking at Cameron from behind on the lockers)(Pussycat's song "StickWitU" plays as Lalia sings)(Lalia begins to walk toward Cameron at his locker slowly)
Lalia- I don't want to go another day. So I'm telling you exactly what is on my mind. I want you to know that you're the only one for me yeah yeah nobody gonna luv me better I'ma stickwitu forever, nobody gonna take me higher I'ma stickwitu. And now-w-w ain't nothing else I can need and now-w-w I'm singing cause you're so so into me. I got you-u-u-u-u I'll be loving you endlessly. I'm wit you and baby you're with me so nobody gonna love me better I'ma stickwitu. (song ends)(she walks up to Cameron)
Lalia- hey
Cameron- hey. I missed you.
Lalia- walk me to English?
Cameron- sure (wrapping his arm around her they head to english)
(The curtain close everyone claps)(Few minutes later they open Lalia looks at Cameron in class flirting with another girl.Bell Rings Lalia races out and Cameron runs after her)
Cameron- Lalia? (Lalia pushes him off)
Lalia- I saw you flirting with that other girl.
Anything in a skirt huh Cameron? I love you. I get jealous when I see you flirting with other girls.
Cameron- Lalia I trusted you not to fall in love with me.(Lalia looks at him) We're two different people. Us being in love is a crime.
Lalia- Cameron?
Cameron- We can't be together.(he leaves)
(Lalia watches him go down the hallway Mariah Carey's song "Don't Forget About Us" starts playing Lalia sings on the stairwell)
Lalia- To just let it die with no goodbyes details don't matter we both paid the price
tears in my eyes you know sometimesit'd be like that baby now everytime I see you I pretend I'm fine when I wanna reach out to you but I turn and I walk and I let it ride baby I must confess
we were bigger than anything remember us at our best and don't forget about late nights, playin' in the dark and wakin' up inside my arms boy, you'll always be in my heart and I can see it in your eyes you still want it so don't forget about us and if she's got your head all messed up now
that's the trickery she'll wanna have like you know how this lovin' used to be I bet she can't do like me she'll never be me baby don't you, don't you forget about us-s-s-s wakin' up inside my arms boy, you'll always be in my heart oh baby
when it's for real, it's forever so don't forget about us. (song ends curtains close)(everyone claps)(Curtains open Cameron knocking on Lalia's door)
Cameron- hey can I come in?
Lalia- sure. (they go toward the couch)
Cameron- about earlier.
Lalia- our breakup?
Cameron- I'm sorry I didn't mean it just stress you know it gets to you.
Lalia- sit down.(Cameron sits Lalia messages his back) I just want to cater to you Cameron.(Destiny Child song "Cater 2 U" plays.)(Cameron looks at Lalia as she starts to sing she stands in front of him)
Lalia- hmm boy I've been waiting (unbuttoning her shirt)got my body shaking you're so deep, baby please, you're so deep hmmm look at your face and
you got my heart racing you're so deep, baby please.I want to give you my breath, my strength, my will to be here that's the least I can do,
let me cater to you cause you're beautiful I Love the way you are fulfill your every desire your wish is my command I want to cater to my man
(Lalia looking at him seducing him in her every move)
Lalia- just let me cater to you cause baby this is your day anything for you baby you blow me away. I just want to serve you baby-y-y-y yeah yeah yeah I don't care what my momma say my friends nobody no no no no. Cause you're good to me baby. I just wanna cater to you. (song ends)
(Lalia looking at Cameron)(Cameron pulls her on top of him and roll over so he's on top of her he looks at her)
Cameron- I get it you're really into me.
Lalia- and? (smiling up at him)
Cameron- and you want to cater to my every need.
Lalia-I love you Cameron.
Cameron- I love you too Lalia and nobody will ever change that. (Lalia wraps her arm around his neck)
Cameron- and I will take it easy.
(Lalia smiles as she pulls him down toward her kissing her on the couch they start to make out as everyone claps)(the curtains close everyone stands up clapping)(Basketball court Damon and Tyler scoring)(Announcer- Game point for the bulldogs as they faceoff for the state championships.)(Anna in the drama classrooom when Damon walks in)
Damon- hey I been looking for you.We didn't talk much after the play. You okay?
Anna- yeah never better. You were great.
Damon- no you Princess Lalia were great. (walking up to her)
Anna- well you sir Cameron give an oscar winning performance. (Damon smiles)
Damon- it sunks it ended.
Anna- yeah it does. So what did you make since you did the whole play?
Damon- Mrs. Newhall said I did such a good job she give me an "A" for the semester.
Anna- Damon that's great. (Anna gives him a pat on the shoulder) you should celebrate you definity earned it.
Damon- we've earned it.
Anna- you still owe me that game of one on one.
Damon- you never forget do you?
Anna- afraid I might kick your butt.
Damon- let's go then.(heading toward the gym)
Anna- right now?
Damon- oh yeah.(they run into the gym Damon gives Anna the ball she shoots the ball and makes it.)
Damon- beginner's luck.
Anna- skill. (smiling at him)
Damon- cocky just like Tyler.
(Anna get the ball and shoot on him)(Damon looks at her as it goes in)
Anna- am I still lucky? (Damon gives her the ball Anna goes to shoot it but Damon tickles her)
Anna- hey no fair. (laughing)(Kelly walks in and sees them)(Damon looks at Anna laughing)
(Kelly walks in)
Kelly- hey Damon?
(Damon smile disappears when he sees Kelly so does Anna)
Kelly- so we are gonna meet up at my place after school right?
Damon- Kelly we're in the middle of a game come on.(Kelly kisses Damon on the lips which kind of shocks Anna)
Kelly- see you tonight.(Anna watches her leave)
Damon- okay your out.(he throws Anna the ball but she lets it past her)
Anna- are you dating her?
Damon- no. (looking at her)
Anna- it sure looked like it. (a little disappointed)
Damon- with Kelly it's complicated I tell her no but it means yes to her.
Anna- oh why would that matter to me? I'm just a girl who just hangs out with you right?
Damon- that's not it at all. It's just it's not like we're dating you know. (looking down)
(Anna looks at Damon)
Anna- yeah I know. (looking hurt)
Damon- Anna? come on.
Anna- am I just another girl on your list. Why would I matter? (she looks at him as she leaves)
(Later on that night Anna looks at a picture of her mom)(Damon laying on his back on his bed in his room thinking)(The next day at school Damon sees Anna at her locker when he walks up to her she just looks at him then closes her locker she then walks off Damon looks at her)(Kelly then walks up and grabs his arm.)(Damon follows Kelly to class)

Look For The Conclusion To This Story In Love Actually Pt. 2. Here a sneak peek of what to expect.

Tyler- ever since the play you've been acting different. Like at first you were happy then you just seemed pissed. Is this about the new girl?
Damon- no. Anna has nothing to do with this.
Haley- so why is Kelly a problem? She never was before.
Damon- she just is.
(Haley looks at him with a serious look)
Haley- wanna know what I think? I think you like Anna and need Kelly out the way so you can date her freely.

Kelly- Anna isn't who she says she is.

The sequel to this story will hopefully be out before the end of the month it's just school work is starting to catch up with me. But Damon is gonna shake Kelly off and try his chances with Anna. And there's a surpise twist with Haley . Catch it in the sequel. Send me good feedback!!!!!!!!!

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