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Sequel to Love Actually as Damon faces a shocking secert from Haley.
(Damon shooting a basketball when Tyler and Byron walks up)
Tyler- hey man.
Damon- what's up guys?(looking at them)
Tyler- we haven't seen you around school except in classes.
Byron- yeah and even there you don't talk much.
Tyler- so what's up Damon?
Damon- championships are coming up right so I'm practicing.
Tyler- all the time?
Byron- come on Damon just tell us what's up.
Damon- I'm fine guys really.(Byron looks at his watch)(He takes out his phone as it beeps)
Byron- I got to head home homework. See you guys later.
Tyler- bye Byron.(Byron walks away) now tell me the truth is this about you and Kelly?
(Damon shoots the ball)
Damon- okay first of all there is no me and Kelly.
Tyler- so this is about a girl? (taking off his leather jacket)
Damon- no.(they head into Damon's house they go into the kitchen and they drink some orange juice)
(Haley on the computer)
Tyler- hey Haley.
(Haley waves to them as she focuses on her computer)
Damon- I got to get rid of Kelly somehow she's driving me crazy.
Haley- why? Because she's madly in love with you?(looking at Damon)
Damon- no because she's too in love with me.
(Haley looks at him)
Tyler- ever since the play you've been acting different. Like at first you were happy then you just seemed pissed. Is this about the new girl?
Damon- no. Anna has nothing to do with this.
Haley- so why is Kelly a problem? She never was before.
Damon- she just is.(looking at Haley then at Tyler)
(Haley looks at him with a serious look)
Haley- wanna know what I think? I think you like Anna and need Kelly out the way so you can date her freely.(Tyler looks at him)
(Damon looks at her)
(Anna in her room looking at one of the play pictures of her and Damon smiling)(Phone Rings Anna answers it)
Anna- hello?
Janine- hey.
Anna- hey (depressed)
Janine- how was the play?
Anna- a huge sucess. Everyone loved it.
Janine- did you enjoy it.
Anna- I had to make out with the cute guy I was telling you about Damon at the end of the play. (pacing back and forth on the phone)
Janine- so how was he? the kiss I mean?
Anna- the best and only one I've ever had.
Janine- sounds like you enjoyed it.
Anna- yeah except Kelly keeps getting in the way.
Janine- Anna come on you got to take what you want. If you want this guy then go for it.
Anna- maybe liking Damon isn't what I want.
Janine- Anna I know you like him alot.
Anna- and that's the problem I have feelings for him but he doesn't have feelings for me. I mean we even played a one on one basketball game that was fun.
Janine- see you have a lot of fun with him so just call him up and plan a little date.
Anna- no way. (making a face)
Janine- Anna come on. Give him a chance.
Anna- I got to go. (hanging up)(She walks to get the door she opens it and sees Damon standing there)
Damon- can I talk to you? (Anna lets him in and they walk into the living room)
Anna- how did you know where I live?
Damon- I got my ways. (facing her)(he looks at her)(Anna crosses her arms) Okay look there's nothing going on with me and Kelly.
Anna- okay so why are you telling me?
Damon- because what you think about me means a lot to me.
Anna- since when? (looking at him)
Damon- since that day in the drama classroom. Nobody ever made me realize that I actually had options (he pauses)that I can act and play basketball both.
Anna- you always have a choice.
Damon- yeah. I realized I've also got two choices to make here too. (Anna looks at him curiously) I want to get to know you. That's the first choice I've made.
Anna- what's the second? (looking at him)
Damon- taking you to dinner. (Anna smiles)
(That night Damon and Anna in a restaurant listening to music)
Anna- wow this place is great.
Damon- yeah it is. My parents eat here when they get some time alone.
Anna- hmm well your parents have good taste.
Damon- what about me?
Anna- I'm still learning.(Damon grins at her)(a waiter walks up with their menus)
Waiter- order when you are ready Mr. Carr.
Damon- thank you Scott.(the waiter leaves)
Anna- wow even the waiters know you.
Damon- me and Haley eat here with my parents sometimes.
Anna- Haley. your sister?(Damon nods)
Damon- yeah she's thirteen, fourteen in a week.
Anna- hmm.
Damon- any siblings in your family.
Anna- my older sister Danielle, she's is married and lives in Denver. We talk a lot.
Damon- where's your dad?
Anna- working. He's an overseas pilot.
Damon- he's never home?
Anna- every blue moon.
Damon- where's your mom?
Anna- working on movies and televisions shows. (she pauses looking a little hurt) I mean who would give all that up to raise their daughter?(Damon looks at her sadly) I haven't seen her in almost five months. She calls and sends me money but it's not the same.
Damon- I'm sorry.
Anna- don't be. (meeting his eyes for a second)
(Waiters brings them bread, butter and salad)
Damon- so anything on the menu interests you?(reading the menu)
Anna- not on the menu.(Anna says looking at her menu Damon looks at her smiling then he looks back at his menu)(After dinner Damon and Anna walking through the park)
Damon- so you miss Chicago?
Anna- no (looking at the sky)the only reason why I was there was to be near my mom but she was never home so I moved into my dad's home. Like that was any better he's never home neither.
(They sit on an empty bench)
Anna- yeah but being here isn't so completely bad.
I met you.(looking at Damon)(Damon looking straight ahead) I do miss my mom but I can live without her. (Damon looks at her as she looks down) she sends me money every month that's something right. And she call every week. I could never ask her to give it all up just to make me happy. (Damon holds her hand trying to comfort her)
Damon- I'd never leave you.
Anna- you better not. (looking at him their eyes meet) that play was really good.
Damon- yeah escipally the end. Where we were making out. You're a good kisser.
Anna- yeah so are you.(blushing) See like I told you sometimes it can be a good thing to be someone else.
Damon- yeah but part of me wasn't acting. (Anna looks at Damon surpised) Let me get you home. (they leave the park)(The next day Damon walks into the kitchen and sees Haley and his parents eating)
Damon- morning. (putting toast in the toaster)
Dad- morning.
Mom- you got in so late we didn't get a chance to talk about your date with?
Damon- Anna. Mom she's amazing I mean just really amazing.
Mom- she must be for you to be talking like this.
(Damon pours him some orange juice)
Dad- just don't let her get to your grades or that championship game.
Damon- I won't dad. (he drinks his juice as his dad kisses his mom)
Dad- I got to get to work. See you guys later. (he says as he grabs his briefcase he heads out the door)
Mom- and I got to get ready for work. Have a good day at school. (she kisses Damon forehead and then she kisses Haley's cheek before going upstairs)
Haley- Damon I need to talk to you about something important.
Damon- can't it wait if I don't head to school right now I'll be late.
Haley- Damon?
Damon- I promise after school whatever it is I'll be all ears.(he hugs her quickly before heading out the door)
Haley- but- (looking at the door she sighs)
(Anna comes downstairs and sees Danielle by the door)
Anna- hey Danielle what are you doing here?
Danielle- mom's check and can't I see my baby sis once in a while.(Anna takes the enevelope and gives Danielle a hug)
Anna- thanks for coming by.
Danielle- no problem. Brad's in town on business so we get a couple of days of hanging out.
Anna- so you and Brad are gonna stay here right?
Danielle- you don't mind do you?
Anna- no. of course not it beats being home alone.
Danielle- we'll hardly even be home. Tonight Brad gets off about eleven so then we're gonna catch a movie and pick up some dinner so we'll be home really late.
Anna- I'll probably be asleep anyway. I'm glad you're here.(hugs her again)
Danielle- I'll drop you off at school on my way to the bookstore.
Anna- thanks. I'll just grab my stuff and meet you by the car.
Danielle- okay. (heading outside)
(Anna opens the enevelope and sees a note and a check)(Check reads six hundred and the note says "I'll be in Seattle to see you Saturday we can shop and catch up I miss you love mom."
Anna- she's coming on Saturday.(happily)
(At school Damon at his locker when Tyler walks up)
Tyler- hey you okay?
Damon- yeah. why?
Tyler- haven't been yourself the past couple of days.
Damon- I'm fine really.
Tyler- okay you wanna grab a quick soda before class. (looking at him closing his locker)
Damon- can't I'm late for calculus. One more tardy and I'm prinicpal. Catch you later (he runs to class)
Anna walks into her literature class and sees Trinity she sits next to her)
Anna- hey? (smiling at her)
Trinity- you look like you're in a good mood. How are things between you and Damon?
Anna- the best. He took me out to dinner and we went walking through the park it was so romantic.
Trinity- it sounds like you two had a good time.
Anna- I'm falling for him Trinity. It's like when I'm with him I can't breathe I don't wanna sleep you know. Just knowing I'm gonna see him the next day I get excited. (smiling to herself)
Trinity- sounds like you're in love.
Anna- I think I am. It's just Kelly is the problem I'm so afraid that she may actually come between us it scares me.
Trinity- I don't think Kelly is the problem. You're afraid that Damon may not feel the same way that you feel about him.
Anna- yeah that too. I just don't want him to know. Not yet anyway.
Trinity- hey my lips are sealed your secert's safe with me.(Bell Rings Trinity looks at her notebook)(Anna smiles to herself)(Damon sitting in his calculus class looking at the book when Anna walks by and sees him in there she goes in)
Anna- hey missed you at drama and lunch.(walking in the room looking at his serious expression)
Damon- yeah I've been in here.(looking up at her)
Anna- tell me you weren't skipping class? (looking concerned)
Damon- I'm failing calculus. I need a "B" on the test tommorrow to bring my grade to a "D". If the coach finds out I'm out of the championship game.
Anna- they're not gonna find out.(sitting across from him)
Damon- how not? (looking at the desk) I'm dead.
Anna- no you're not. Because I'm gonna tutor you.
Damon- what?
Anna- we'd have to study all night but you can get that "B" tommorrow if you work super hard it's not impossible.
(Damon looks at her suspiously)
Anna- trust me.(giving a sly smile)(Damon smiles back at her as they start studying)(Later that night at Anna's house they in her room Anna at her computer Damon on the bed looking at the open calculus book)(he looks at the bulletin board of pictures he gets off the bed and looks at it)
Damon- these your parents?
Anna- yeah. (she pauses) Before all the working and all the acting came into their lives.
Damon- are they still together?
Anna- yeah. (typing on the computer)Don't get me wrong Damon they are so in love. Sometimes they even meet up to do you know. I love them I just wish I could spend more time with them. (printing something on the computer) my mom is actually coming to Seattle on saturday to see me. You want to meet her?
Damon- oh come on you barely get to have her all to yourself.
Anna- I don't mind sharing her with you. (looking at him with a serious smile she gives him the piece of paper) now if you do these equations and study them you'll have an guaranteed "A".
Damon- I hope so (looking at the sheet then at her) not that I'm doubt you.(Sitting down on the bed)(she looks at him)
Anna- just make sure you study.(giving him a positive smile)
Damon- so what can I do to show my appreciation?
Anna- I did it because I know how much basketball means to you. I just want you to be able to follow your dreams. (crossing her arms)
Damon- thanks to you I'll be able to at least follow one and that's going to the state championships.
Anna- well I'm glad to help.(she looks at him Damon looking at the paper she pushes her hair back out of her face) Damon I need to ask you something and I don't want you to take it the wrong way.(he looks at her waiting for her to finish) it's just Kelly I don't want her to mess up our friendship.
Damon- I would never let that happen.
Anna- I know it's just....
Damon- Kelly's into me I'm not into her.
Anna- it's just I would never want to let her erase our friendship even if you do like her.
(Damon looks at her with a shy smile)
Damon- I don't like Kelly. I'm honest to that.
She would never come between us I promise you that.
(Anna looks into his eyes where she find assurance she then sits on the bed)
Anna- good because she's kind of nice.
Damon- Kelly? (shocked)
Anna- under the layers of meaniness. I believe there's some nice.
Damon- well you're alone in that.
Anna- oh come on everyone has a little niceness to them.
Damon- everyone but Kelly and maybe you.(smiling)
(Anna smiles at him)
Anna- you don't think I'm nice.
Damon- a little too nice and easy (adding quickly)(Anna grins)
Anna- oh you're dead. (hitting him with a pillow)
Damon -ow! (laughing) that hurts.(he tickles her)
Anna- Damon?!(laughing hard) stop!(laughing)
(Later that night Damon walks in and puts his bookbag and coat by the door Haley in the living room reading she looks at him as he walks in)
Haley- where have you been?
Damon- studying for a test tommorrow.What are you still doing up? (looking at his watch) it's ten thirty.(looking at her)
Haley- mom and dad are sleep and I had to talk to you remember this morning? (looking at him)
Damon- oh man sorry Hales I forgot. Well just tell me now I'm all ears.
Haley- (losing her nerve) it can wait till morning.(getting up to run out the room but Damon blocks the way causing Haley to back up and face him)
Damon- okay no games (crossing his arms) what's going on Haley?
Haley- fine. (slowly)..... I'm dating someone you know.
Damon- oh (thinking) the paperboy? (drops his arms)
Haley- no. That boy is such a prevert. I hate him.
(Damon looks at her serious)
Damon- well then who?
Haley- he goes to your high school.
Damon- he's a freshman?
Haley- no.
Damon- okay enough games who?
Haley- he's a junior.
Damon- a junior?! What junior would be interested in a thirteen year old?!
Haley- I'm almost fourteen.
Damon- you're a minor!(looking at her madly) Does mom and dad know?! No here's the question of the year are you out of your mind?! (their parents come down)
Mom- what's with all the yelling? (looking at Damon)
(Damon looks at his mom then at Haley)
Damon- did you know your daughter's dating a junior in high school?
Dad- what?!(looking from Damon to Haley)
Mom- Haley is this true? (looking at Haley)
Haley- yes but..
Damon- told you. (Haley looks at him)
Haley- I didn't really deny it. (looking at Damon) Look I've been dating him for almost a year. (looking at her parents)
Mom- does he know you're thirteen?
Haley- yes but why should it matter at least he's interested in me? (looking hurt)
Dad- who is he?
Haley- dad I don't think that's a good idea.
Mom- Haley tell us his name.
Damon- yeah cause when you tell me I'm gonna kill him.(Haley looks a little upset and concerned)
Haley- I think I should tell you guys in private.
Mom- Haley now!
Haley- .....(looking at Damon who is now waiting to hear like her parents) Byron Johnson.
(Damon looks at her in shock)
Dad- Byron? but isn't that Damon's friend.
Damon- you're dating Byron?! (mad)
Haley- yeah now are you happy? (she heads upstairs with tear forming in her eyes)
Damon- How can my sister be dating one of my best friends.
Mom- just take in consideration how much she likes him.
Damon- they've been dating behind my back!
Dad- I can't just tell them not to date.
Damon- dad he's one of my best friends! She's thirteen! Doesn't that matter at all?!
Dad- what about the fact she's your sister. This is between you two. Not you and Byron. (Damon looks mad) Just be careful whatever you choose to do because Haley's not big on forgiveness.
Mom- goodnight.(they head back upstairs)
(Damon sits on the couch looking around)(The next day it's Friday Damon in the gym shooting Byron walks up)
Byron- Tyler said you wanted to see me?
Damon- you're dating my sister? (looking mad)
(Bryon looks down then up after a second then back at him)
Bryon- so are you gonna beat me into a bloody mess or not?
Damon- (ignoring his question) Byron? Haley is my sister she's three years younger than you. I don't know what you see in her. But whatever she sees in you must be good. But if you hurt her I'm gonna have to rip your heart out..... big brothers rule.
Byron- yeah.(smiling)
Damon- just....treat her right.
Byron- yes sir.(saluting to him before leaving)
(Kelly walks in as he leaves)
Kelly- just the guy I've been looking for.
Damon- hey Kelly. (walking over to his stuff) make it quick I got to get to class.
Kelly- are you seeing that new girl?
Damon- we're not dating if that's what you mean.
Kelly- some people saw you two together after school.
Damon- oh yeah she was tutoring me.
Kelly- you could've called me.
Damon- not in sex.
Kelly- why do you insist on hanging with her anyway she can't give you what I can? (kissing the back of his neck)
Damon- you're right Kelly she can't give me the headaches you give me.(Kelly looks at him as he grabs his bookbag)
Kelly- okay I get it you're playing hard to get.
Damon- I'm not playing Kelly. There's is no us. Not now not ever.(heading to the door)
Kelly- Damon okay. Just give me one second and I'll tell you what's really up.
(Damon looks at her with a serious face)
Kelly- Anna isn't who she says she is.
Damon- quit with the games Kelly.
Kelly- I'm not playing. Here (giving him a note)
I found it on the floor outside her locker. I felt it was right to warn you.(The note's folded up Damon looks at it and puts it in his pocket)
Damon- I got to go take a test I'll read it later.
(he leaves fast with a concerned face that Kelly can't see as she smiles at him with an evil smile in the background)(Damon finishes the test and puts it on the teacher's desk and returns to the desk where he thinks for a moment then he pulls the note out and looks at it for a second he looks at it for a few minutes he then decides to open it he reads it and finds himself hurt,mad,and confused)(Bell Rings Anna outside the door waiting for Damon to come out he comes out and walks by her)
Anna- Damon? (trying to catch up)(Damon looks at her he stops looking at her face to face)hey(smiling at him) I just wanted to see how you did.
(he gives her the note) what's this? (reading it)
Damon- it's yours Kelly found and showed it to me.
(Damon starts to walk again Anna walks to catch up with him)
Anna- wait! Damon I know what you're thinking ... (she pauses) I made this list before I met you. Before I even moved here.
Damon- (not looking at her walking faster as Anna struggles to catch up) find some nice guy, befriend him, lead him on, then sleep with him, then break his heart after he's fallen in love with you. Let me guess I'm the desperate fool that you get to fall in love with you.
Anna- it's not like that and you know that.
Damon- I can't believe you and I fall for all your little tricks.
Anna- Damon? I swear I made that list before I even knew you I was meaning to throw it away.
Damon- don't explain maybe it's best that way.
Anna- Damon don't you get it Kelly's playing with your head. (With this said he stops and looks at her)
Damon- the only one who's been playing with me is you. (he looks at her) just tell me the truth what else have you told that been a lie. (Anna face goes blank)
Damon- was it all a lie? Even how you felt about me during the play, on the court ,when we were alone?
Anna- no that wasn't a lie. None of it was. (looking sincerely)
Damon- so at the end of the day I still don't know the real you. (Damon walks away leaving her hurt)
(Damon sitting in the gym Trinity walks in)
Trinity- hiding?
Damon- hey.(looking at her)
Trinity- mind if I hide with you? (sitting next to him)
Damon- just as long as we're not in a closet.(smiling loosely)
Trinity- that was one of the sweetest things you've ever done for me. It's kind of one of those things you never forget.(smiling at him)
Damon- yeah.(returning a grin) I just wish this whole month I could just forget.
Trinity- is this about Anna? (sitting up straight)
Damon- yeah why? (giving her a "what do you know" look)
Trinity- she was upset in drama and at lunch she just wouldn't talk so she hid in the bathroom all lunch period. What's going on Damon?
Damon- it's not even worth talking about.
Trinity- the other day she was talking about how happy she was with you and then today she's hurting.
Damon- that's what happens when people keep secerts.(looking down at the floor)
Trinity- what are you talking about? (staring at him)
Damon- just know that tonight I'm gonna ask Kelly to be my girlfriend. (still looking at the ground)
Trinity- Kelly? Damon you can't do that. It would hurt Anna.(looking at him with a stunned face)
Damon- what difference does it make she can't be honest with me? Besides she hurt me.
Trinity- so getting back at her is the right thing to do? Why not talk it out?
Damon- talking isn't gonna work for us.(getting up) nothing can fix us.
Trinity- If you do this it'll break her heart.(looking up at him)
Damon- it's not one of those things I want to do.(in a mad and hurt voice)it's just she used me. You know how many times I've had those words running though my veins eating me up. I think you should talk to her it's a lot you don't know about her. I just hope she's being honest with you. (he leaves her sitting on the bleachers)
(On Saturday at ten o'clock Anna at home crying on her bed with Trinity next to her reading the note)
Trinity- oh man.(looking at Anna)
Anna- I didn't even know him when I wrote that. God let alone did I ever thought I would fall in love with him.(wrapping her eyes)
Trinity- you got to fix this.
Anna- how? (she pauses) why? he hates me.
Trinity- he doesn't hate you he's mad and hurt just go to him, apologize.
Anna- what difference would it make he's right I do got too many secerts.
Trinity- well then tell him. come on Anna this is your last chance.
(Anna looks at her)
Anna- how will I know he'll even talk to me.
Trinity- because deep down a part of him still cares about you.
Anna- even if I would talk to him I don't know where he lives or where he is.
Trinity- he's playing basketball at the courts on second street.
Anna- how do you know that?
Trinity- he spends hours there when state championships come up. This is your chance to talk to him tell him the truth and tell him your secerts.(Anna wraps her tears)(At the courts Anna sees Damon shooting she walks up to him but doesn't see her because his back is turned around)
(Damon turns and sees her standing there)
Damon- I figured you'd be with your mom about now.
Anna- no she had a late flight she'll be here in an hour.
Damon- oh.(shooting the ball Anna comes closer)
Anna- I know you're mad at me but I want a chance to tell you the secerts that I've been keeping from you.
Damon- what difference would it make? (still facing the hoop and shooting) Wouldn't change how I feel about you right now. (a tear rolls down her cheek)(she wraps it off and breathes looking at Damon's back)
Anna- last year my mom came home she kicked me out. I didn't have a choice but to move in with my dad. (she pauses) She had a boyfriend. That's why I made that list. Her boyfriend didn't want me around because I remind her of my dad too much. (Damon looks at her) They broke up before my dad even found out I didn't tell him because my mom knew it was a mistake to hook up with that guy anyway. I made that list when I was angry I was never gonna do what it said on it. Then I moved here and met you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Your friendship means a lot to me.(tears roll off her cheek)(Damon madly looks down) I understand your reasons for not trusting me I'm sorry for everything for the pain I caused you and just for hurting you. (Damon watches her leave he turns and looks hurt he then continues shooting)(At the airport Anna and Danielle standing waiting for their mom)
Danielle- I can't wait to see mom.
Anna- me neither.(in a hurt voice)(their mom runs up to them)
Mom- Anna! Danielle!(they all hug)
Danielle- hey mom.
Anna- missed you.
Mom- let me get a good look at you. My married girl and my junior high girl.
Danielle- we missed you mom.
Mom- don't worry it's gonna be the best weekend.
Anna- dad's not home.
Mom- I know I talked to him before leaving Florida this morning. Just us girls all the better. We can catch up. (Cut to them in a restaurant)
Mom- so what's up with you Dani?
Danielle- well Brad and I are doing great mom and since I got you and Anna together I thought I'd tell you two the great news. Me and Brad are expecting our first child.
Anna- wow. that's great sis (forcing a happy smile)
Mom- congraulations.(hugging Dani)oh my god I gonna be there for when it's born.
Danielle- I know you will be there mom.
(Anna watches them chat she tries to smile but her smile fades)(At home they walk into the living room just Anna and her mom)
Mom- Dani's pregant. I didn't think I'd be around for that news.(Anna looking depressed sits on the couch)(Her mom notices something's wrong and sits next to her)
Mom- Anna what's wrong?
Anna- nothing it's a guy problem.
Mom- he doesn't like you. Cause he'd be an idiot not to. (pushing Anna hair back)
Anna- I lied to him mom.(looking up at her mom)
Mom- oh Anna.
Anna- no that's not just it. (standing up looking at her mother's concerned face) I love him. I fell in love with him mom. And no matter what I say I can't fix this. (she runs upstairs Danielle walks in and hears Anna's door close)
Danielle- what's wrong? what's with Anna?
Mom- she's in love.
(Danielle looks up the stairs and then at her mom)
(Damon knocks on a door Kelly opens it and hugs him)
Kelly- hey boyfriend.(letting him go)
Damon- hey Kelly.
Kelly- if you're here for a booty call.
Damon- no....no I just wanted to see you.
Kelly- I'm so glad we're going out again.
Damon- me too actually. A lot of things in my life actually make sense now being with you is one of them.(Kelly smiles as Damon kisses her he wraps his arms around her waist and carries her into the house closing the door)

The End

Coming Next Love Actually Pt.3

I hoped you guys like this because Pt.3 is what's gonna make it rock hard. Here's a little sneak peek.

Trinity- You could have at least considered her feelings. (Damon gives her an uncaring look)
Damon- the last thing I care about is Anna's feelings. (Trinity slaps him hard and everyone in the hall looks at him)
Trinity- I can't believe you. This isn't the Damon I know.

Damon- you're fourteen and you're having sex with him! (looking at Haley)
Haley- because I love him! (looking at Damon madly) why can't you accept that? (She looking at Damon hurt) He has. (Damon looks at her mad)

*Also You Can Expect- The test results that reveal whether Damon plays in the championship game or not.

*Haley's birthday

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