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by Kings
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Golden memories of my five brother's I will treasure forever.

Old Memories Of My Brother's I'll Treasure Forever.
They are deep in my heart I will forget them never,
The good times we shared and sometimes sorrow.
Gave us a reason to seek a better life for tomorrow.

Crossing Over

Brothers do you remember when we were boys?
The games we played with our homemade toys?
Those nights I told stories made up in my head.
To all you brother's that slept in the big iron bed.

Crammed like sardines we stayed warm as toast.
Even on those cold nights we needed heat most.
So the pot belly stove burned out around midnight.
We'd see our hot breath by the kitchens dim light.

I was the big brother you all wanted to one day be.
You all trusted and admired all there was about me.
That was then when all our dreams turned out fine.
Now we face a challenge of a new and deadly kind.

The doctor gave brother Wayne six months to live.
Your cancer's spread you've no more fight to give.
My brother's time is growing short for you and me.
To be close again as the brother's we used to be.

God has blessed our family for all of these years.
Let us go to Him in prayer to calm all of our fears.
See everything that happens only God knows why.
Let us love and enjoy life before we say goodbye.

God awaits you brother Wayne in heaven on high.
Mom and dad are waiting up in heaven's blue sky.
Our two sister's who have already gone on home.
Live with God in heaven such beauty is unknown.

When God calls you to leave us and say goodbye.
Your life in heaven will be in His paradise up high.
Your faith is strong, God's waiting for you Wayne.
When you reach heaven God will call your name.

By: Kings

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