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This is a small portion of my book, The Redemption of a Lost Soul. This is from Chaptre 3.
But then how did Lord Vladimir get out of here? Who released him? And when was he released? I would not find the answers in here, but I did find out more about the sword I had found. It had belonged to Lord Vladimir, and was his symbolic weapon. It had enhanced my powers greatly when I took it from that strange room in the mausoleum. But if the sword was so powerful, why had he not taken it before he left. Then, I found that he did not know of its location, he thought that it had been destroyed, it was all depicted on the walls. He was stripped of the sword and imprisoned here. He was told that the sword would be melted down and used to make new coins. So he really didn’t know that it still existed. That was to be used to my advantage.

I turned to leave the crypt. Along the way, I stepped over a pool of blood. I didn’t think anything of it, but then again, why would I? Through the winding maze and misleading hallways I rushed. I now knew their purpose; they were to slow him down if he ever were to escape, and to slow anyone from finding the tomb in the first place.
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