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In Pt. 4 As Damon and Anna get closer, Damon's friendship with Byron falls apart.
(Damon looks the basketball team and cheerleaders sitting in the bleaches)
Damon- I called this emergency meeting for basketball players and cheerleaders because we have been chosen to attend the 2006 Round House Classic in California.
(Everyone gets excited and starts cheering)
(Tyler and the team hug Damon)
(The coach walks in his another young man he calls Damon over to him away from all the noise)
Coach- I see you've given the good news.
Damon- yes coach.
Coach- good because I have more. this is my son Ryan.
(Damon shakes his hand)
Coach- he's gonna be joining us at the classic.
Damon- oh. well welcome to the team Ryan.
Ryan- thanks.
Coach- I'm leaving you in good hands looking from Ryan to Damon.(He pats Damon's shoulder and returns back to his office)
(Kelly walks over and kisses Damon)
Kelly- hey boyfriend who's your hot friend?
Damon- this is Ryan, he's the coach's son and the new addition to the basketball team. This is Kelly.(Ryan looks at him then her)
Kelly- cheerleading captain and Damon's girl hi.
Ryan- hi.
(Tyler and Byron walk over as everyone begins to exit the building)
Damon- oh good Ty? Byron? this is Ryan, coach's son. He's gonna be joining us at the classic and he's also gonna be joining the team next year.
Tyler- oh what's up man I'm Tyler. (Shaking Ryan's hand)
Byron- I'm Byron.
Ryan- hi guys.(shaking Byron's hand)
Kelly- well we're gonna go celebrate wanna join?
Ryan- no thanks go on without me.
Damon- well welcome to the school and the team.
Ryan- thanks Damon.
(they all head out leaving Ryan alone)
(At Anna's)(Anna puts a bowl of carrots on the table in front of Trinity who's closing up her cell phone)
Trinity- that was Kelly. The basketball team is going to the classic in California.
Anna- wow.
Trinity- yeah. And there's a new hottie Ryan she says he's major cute and new to the team he's coach's son he's coming to the classic too. But anyway how cool is this? We're going to Caily. No parents for a whole weekend.
Anna- well be sure to have a lot of fun for me.
Trinity- oh hush you know you're going.(eating another carrot Anna looks at her frustrated)
Anna- no I'm not.
Trinity- look Kelly isn't a problem she'll let you go.
Anna- it's not Kelly it's me I don't want to go.
(eating a carrot)
Trinity- do you still have the uniform.
Anna- yeah it's in my bag.
Trinity- good because you're going. Besides you're like a good luck charm. (Anna shoots her a confused look) For Damon. It seems like when you're around he plays great and he's happy.(Anna smiles) you're going end of discussion.(Anna eats another carrot smiling)
(Damon walks in his house greeted by Haley)
Haley- hey.
Damon- hey.
Haley- I talked to Bryon about the whole classic thing congradulations. (hugs him)
Damon- thanks. I'm kind of nervous.
Haley- why you're the best basketball player on the team?
Damon- yeah that's why that's so much pressure riding on me. Everyone expects me to be the best and step up. (he walks over to the couch and sits down)
Haley- oh Damon it'll be fine. (kisses his cheek)
Damon- I hope so.
Haley- can I get your big brotherly advice on something?
Damon- sure. (Haley sits next to him)
Haley- Byron's been pressuring me to meet his parents.
Damon- okay. So then just meet them?
Haley- I can't I'm too nervous.
Damon- about what?
Haley- I am three years younger than Byron. I mean what are they gonna think of me.
Damon- whatever you want them to think. Didn't the other day you told me you didn't care what about your age difference to Byron.
Haley- that was before. Besides to me and Byron it doesn't matter.
(Damon laughs)
(Haley pushes him playfully he stops laughing)
Haley- I love Byron. I just... I can't face his parents. (she looks down)
Damon- yes you can. I mean you had sex what else could be so hard in a relationship?
Haley- you're acting like I wasn't nervous to do it. (looking at him) just touching him, lying there, being in the same room, made me nervous. But just that sign of love knowing he'll be there right there with me. I knew everything was okay.
I love him and I can live with the fact that we might not be together in the end and be okay with that as long as we're together now.
(Damon looks at her as she gets up to leave)
Damon- Haley?
(Haley turns and looks at him)
Damon- being in love comes both ways. (Haley looks at him with a confused look) Meet his parents. (Haley gives him a face as she heads upstairs)
(The doorbell rings Damon opens the door and sees Anna)
Anna- hey.
Damon- hey.(Anna walks in)
Anna- I got your message. Congradulations on the classic.
Damon- thanks and thanks for coming over.
Anna- in a new development it looks like I'll be joining you at classic.
Damon- well this weekend just got interesting.
Anna- yeah Trinity claims I'm kind of like your good luck charm. (looking at him)
Damon- hmm. Thanks Trinity.
Anna- down boy. (they both smile)
(Anna looks at Damon)
Anna- so what's up? What do you need?
Damon- I need you to be my tutor.
(Anna looks at him like he isn't serious)
Anna- are you serious?
Damon- ever since the championship game my grades have been rolling downhill. It'd help me a lot if you tutor me. I mean I don't really need to hear my dad's voice about my grades right now.
Anna- okay I'll tutor you.
Damon- okay how much?
Anna- we'll work something out. (giving a mystery smile that puts a worried look on Damon's face he smiles it off)
(The next day at breakfast Damon walks in)
Mom- hey aren't you supposed to be heading down to the school?
Dad- yeah don't the bus leave in an hour?
Damon- yeah. (grabbing some toast) Friday morning no classes but I'm so tired.
Dad- what were you doing last night.
Damon- studying.
Dad- for what? I mean you don't have class till Monday.
Damon- all the more reason to study ahead right?
Mom- right.
(Damon kisses his mom's cheek)
Mom- have a good time honey.
Dad- you got money right?
Damon- yeah I found the money you left me on my dresser. Thanks.
(Haley runs in)
Haley- I thought you were already gone.
Damon- no I'm about to leave right now.
Haley- well be safe. (hugs him then pecks his cheek lightly)
Damon- thanks Hales. (he hears a car horn) that must be Tyler. see you guys later.
Dad- be safe.
Mom- have fun. (Damon goes outside and gets in the car he slaps Tyler's hand)
Damon- let's have some fun!
(On the bus Kelly sitting in the back with Trinity while Anna sitting with Damon looking at their history book)
Damon- can we give it a rest I think I have it all in my head.
Anna- It couldn't hurt to make sure.
(Anna looks at the book Damon takes it from her and hides it under the seat)
Anna- fine it's your grade.
Damon- just for an hour. please.
Anna- okay. (looking out the window)
Damon- thanks for this you know helping me out and being my tutor. (Anna looks at him and their eyes meet)
Anna- sure. What are friends for?
(Damon looks at Tyler in the front with Byron)
(Ryan is sitting near them in the front)
Anna- is that the new guy?
Damon- yeah Ryan.
Anna- hmm. He looks lonely.
Damon- as oppose to? (looking at her)
Anna- he could use a friend.
Damon- trust me he's got one.
Anna- who?
Damon- Kelly. You should have saw her flirting with him when we went out to celebrate.
Anna- are you jealous?
Damon- no. I just realize that that's one of the things that makes me unattracted to her.
Anna- Damon who are you fooling? you were never attracted to her in the first place.
Damon- yeah that is true. I was just doing it to get back at you.
Anna- what? (looking at him can't believing what he just said)
Damon- I mean at first I just wanted to hurt you like you hurted me.
(Anna looks at him feeling mad but Damon doesn't notice her face)
(Kelly gets up and walks by Damon up to the front to sit next to Ryan she starts laughing with him and they start flirting)
Damon- look at her just a regular flirt machine.
(looking at Kelly and Ryan in the front)
Anna- yeah I know what you mean. (Damon looks at Kelly) Cause at least as long as she talking to him you can't use her to piss me off.(Damon quickly looks at Anna)
Damon- what?
Anna- and to think I thought we were cool.
Damon- we are.
Anna- so why are you just harboring off with Kelly still? Even after we're still friends?
(Damon looks confused)
(Anna grabs her carrying bag and heads to the back she sits next to Trinity)(Anna ducks lower in the seat to escape Damon's glance)
Trinity- what's wrong? (looking at her)
Anna- Damon was just with Kelly to piss me off. (crossing her arms)
Trinity- I know.
(Anna looks at her shocked)
Anna- how did you know?
Trinity- I talked to Damon a few days ago about how he really felt about you.
Anna- and? (looking at her)
Trinity- I promised him I wouldn't tell you.
Anna- at least tell me how he feels about Kelly.
Trinity- Kelly was his first love. You can understand that him and Kelly do share something special. Well used to. (looking at a magazine)
Anna- I don't understand after all this he put me through you're not gonna tell me.
Trinity- I can't break my promise Anna.
Anna- fine. (she gets up and head back to Damon sitting in the seat next to him) I wanna know what you told Trinity about me.
Damon- why?
Anna- because I wanna know how you really feel about me.
Damon- You're my friend I care about you what else is there to say? I don't get why you're mad.
Anna- I'm mad because you used Kelly to piss me off.
Damon- I was mad at you then. What difference did it make?
Anna- because I thought we were- (searching Damon's blank face) nothing. (she gets up and returns to her seat next to Trinity)(Damon sighs)
(Later the bus stops)
Bus Driver- Restroom break!
(some people get off Trinity stands up looking at Anna)
Trinity- I'm gonna get some water. You want anything?
Anna- no thanks. (Trinity gets off the bus Damon looks at Anna he can tell she's unhappy he walks to the back and sits with her)
Damon- I'm sorry. I should've done that. I was mad at you and I wasn't thinking.
Anna- join the club. (she looks at Damon) I can't lie to you when we were together in the play, studying. I felt more than friendship with us. The day I came to this new school you were the first one to talk to me and just let me in. You're the most patient person I know. (smiling at him) But I'm mad that you feel you have to hide your true feelings about me.
Damon- Anna... I? (students start to get back on)
Kelly- Damon?!(looking at them Anna and Damon look at her then each other)
Anna- go be with your girlfriend.
(Damon looks at her hurt face then heads up to the front to Kelly)(Damon sits in his seat next to Kelly)
Kelly- you and the new girl looked really cozy back there.
Damon- so did you and Ryan. (looking at her)
Kelly- Damon you know me and Ryan do make more sense as a couple.
Damon- what are saying?
Kelly- I'll respect all the times we've had together.
Damon- you're breaking up with me? For Ryan?
Kelly- (she kisses his cheek) thanks for understanding. (she runs back up to the front of the bus to sit with Ryan they start laughing)
Damon- what the hell just happened? (looking confused)
(At the hotel Anna walks in and puts her stuff on the bed Trinity looks around the room)
Anna- wow this is nice. (looking at the view from the window)
Trinity- isn't it though.
(Trinity's cell phone rings Anna grabs her bag and pulls out some chapstick as she looks at Trinity on the phone)
Trinity- okay we're on the way.(closing her cellphone) Kelly wants to have all cheerleaders in the lounge for practice in ten minutes.
Anna- okay. (Trinity looks at her)
Trinity- Kelly broke up with Damon on the bus.
(Anna looks at her in surpise as she takes things out her bag)
Anna- why?
Trinity- to pursue the new guy Ryan.
Anna- oh. (putting things in a drawer)
Trinity- but see now Damon's free. Now you can ask him out.
Anna- me and Damon aren't even on the same page anymore. I think I'm gonna move on.
Trinity- Anna come on.
Anna- I'm serious Trinity. (looking at her in a serious face) it's for the best. For Damon and for me. Now let's have some fun. That's why we're here right?
Trinity- hell yeah!
(they walk into the hall and head to the lobby)
(Damon and Tyler in the gym looking around)
Tyler- so Kelly just up and broke up with you?
Damon- it's not that I care about that it's just that she broke up with me to be with Ryan.
Tyler- coach's son? (looking like he can't believe him) that sucks man. But hey it's her loss. We're at the classics.
Damon- just think Sunday we'll playing on this court. (looking at the court)
Tyler- our junior year who knew we'd be playing at the classics?
Damon- not me.
Tyler- can't wait.
(Damon looks at Byron and Ryan walking in)
Damon- hey guys.
Byron- what's up captain?
Ryan- no hard feelings about Kelly right?
Damon- no you actually did me a favor.
(Ryan grins a little)
Byron- the classics huh. I mean who thought we'd make it here our junior year.
Ryan- my last school we made it to the classics our freshman and sopomore year.
Tyler- why weren't you at this school if your dad works here?
Ryan- because my mom lives and works in California
my parents divorced last year so I decided to live with my mom. Then her boyfriend comes around and let's just say my mom's pregantcy made me leave.
Tyler- man tough.
(Ryan picks up a basketball and shoots it from behind the three point line and it goes in)
Byron- damn! good shot.
(Byron runs to retrive the ball)
Ryan- we better get to our rooms lights are out in less than a hour.
Tyler- well some of us are planning on breaking curfew after lights out. YOu guys in or out?
Damon- totally in.
Byron- count me in. (Ryan looks at Tyler then Damon)
Damon- what about you Ryan?
Ryan- my dad will kill me.
(Tyler smiles)
Tyler- well if you're too chicken?
Ryan- I'm in. (quickly without hesitaion surpising Tyler and Damon)
Tyler- good because there is not punks on our team. See ya'll at eleven. (him and Damon head back to their room)(Byron and Ryan walks out of there too)(In the lobby cheerleaders practicing)
(Anna getting all the moves)
Kelly- good. good. stick it Anna. Keep up Carla.
(Trinity does her backflip perfectly into a spilt)
Kelly- thank god for you Trinity that was perfect.
(Anna and Carla helps Trinity up)
Kelly- okay we are performing at halftime. So you need to stick those spilts and practice the spilts and the routine in your rooms. Get some sleep girls tommorrow is our eight hour run through the routine but in the morning at wight o'clock is gonna be a nice firm two mile run. So if any of you is planning on sneaking out with the basketball players,you may want to think twice. Because anyone who can't keep up in tommorrow's run will be sitting out. I don't care who you are. I will have your butts off the squad in the crowd come game day. So get a good night. (Ryan, Byron, Tyler, and Damon walk in)
Trinity- hmm basketball hotties. (Kelly walks up to Ryan they start walking and talking)(Damon smiles at Trinity)(she starts talking to Tyler and Byron)(Cheerleaders start to leave the room)(Anna grabs her pom-poms and walks up to Damon)
Anna- I heard you and Kelly broke up.
Damon- yeah. apparently she's into new guys.
(they start to head upstairs up to the rooms)
Damon- so you sneaking out later? (walking into Anna's room he close the door behind him)
Anna- with the lease Kelly has us on? (Damon sits on her bed) We have to get up at eight to run a two mile run anyone who can't run it is benched.
Damon- hmmm, I didn't think Kelly could be so stricted. (Anna puts her pom-poms on the table)
So don't you want to do a cheer for me? You know cheer me up? (Anna smiles at him)
Anna- did you study that history lesson I gave you?
Damon- surpisingly yeah.
Anna- good. Then you'll be should be ready for that test on Monday.
Damon- I hope so.
(Anna looks at him with her arms crossed)
Damon- come on you can sneak out for maybe an hour or two.
Anna- thanks but no thanks. I'm pretty exhausted as it is. (falling on the bed next to him he looks at her)
Damon- I know this is gonna sound a jealous-like but I don't trust the new guy.
Anna- why because he stole Kelly from you?
Damon- kind of. I mean I wasn't happy to be dating Kelly but it's just I'm the captain of the team.
Anna- and you're used to getting what you want.
Damon- yeah. What can I say I'm spoiled. (looking at her)
(Anna props herself on her elbows looking up at Damon who's looking at the bed thinking)
Anna- I think you’re really brave Damon.
Damon- why? (looking at her)
Anna- because you're not threatened by any of those other guys on the team. And you stand up for them and you guide them. I mean without you there would be no classic.
Damon- basketball has been my life since I was six years old. Without it I might actually have a life.
Anna- hmm. (smiling) I used to say that when my mom started acting. Maybe if she was around more I probably would've had a better life.
(Damon smiles then his eyes meet with Anna's)
Anna- you're making it really hard for me not to like you.
Damon- I have that affect on people.
(Damon gets closer to Anna's face)
Damon- do you still think I'm brave?(in a soft voice Anna nods as Damon meets her lips with his they start kissing)(Damon puts his hand on Anna's stomach gently as they continue to make out on the bed. Trinity quietly enters thinking Anna's gone to bed but she's sees Anna and Damon making out on the bed she smiles and exits the room before they see her)(Anna wraps her arms around Damon's neck as they continue to make out on the bed)(The next morning the alarm clock goes off in Anna and Trinity's room Anna moans as Trinity gets up)
Trinity- oh man. (looking at the clock it says seven forty five) Anna wake up it's almost eight.
(Anna stirs she then sits up)
Anna- I don't think I can run I'm too tired.
Trinity- I know I'd be too after a make out secession. (grabbing her jogging suit and putting it on)(Anna's face quickly wakes up)
Anna- you saw us?
Trinity- yeah.
Anna- it was really late and we were both-
Trinity- please Anna you don't have to make up excuses to me. But you're the one who has to face Kelly if you don't get up. (throwing Anna's jogging suit at her)now let's go. (she goes into the bathroom as Anna gets out of bed)
(Outside Anna and Trinity running with the other cheerleaders)
Anna- one minute we were talking.
Trinity- and the next minute you're on your back.
(Anna looks at her in a puzzled look)
Trinity- Damon has that affect on girls.
Anna- did you ever had sex with him?
Trinity- hell no. We were too close for that. Damon and me grew up together and we vowed that when we got older and we lost our minds. We would never sleep together or date.
(Anna looking forward in deep thought as she runs)
Trinity- he likes you Anna take my word for it. Damon's not the type of guy who just hooks up with a girl to take advantage of her. And from the looks of last night it seemed like feelings were mutual.
Anna- I still can't believe you saw that. (feeling a little embrassed Trinity laughs slightly)
Kelly- come on girls.
(Back in the gym on the court Damon shooting balls and they go in as Ryan walks in)
Ryan- practicing?
Damon- yeah. (he shoots the three and it goes in)
Ryan- hmm good shot. Now I see why you're the captain of the team.
Damon- hmm. (looking at him)
Ryan- I know you don't like me much because of my stealing Kelly away from you.
Damon- no that's not it. You can have Kelly.
Ryan- oh I see you're not one of those people who just gets upset over a girl. Good for you.
(Damon looks at him)
Ryan- how about a little one on one game? You know just for fun.
Damon- sure.
(Ryan walking properly onto the court. They pause as they get ready. Ryan waits before jumping and trying to shoot the ball. Damon jumps and grabs it from him before it leaves his hand.)
(Damon shoots and scores. Ryan throws the ball back at him and tries to stop him but it doesn’t work. Damon feints and gets another basket. Ryan takes the ball again and gives it back to Damon. Damon shows off for a few moments – dribbling the ball between his legs – before shooting and scoring again. Ryan gives the ball back and Damon gets another basket. Ryan then actually steals the ball from Damon and he shoots it and makes it.
(There is a succession of shots as Ryan keeps scoring whilst Damon tries to block him. Damon finally steals the ball and gets the last basket and wins.)
Damon- (Turns to Ryan) Game.
Ryan- you're pretty good. (looking at the basket then Damon)
Damon- that's why I'm captain. (throws the ball to Ryan as he leaves)
Ryan- not for long.(under his breath as he watch Damon leave)
(Anna comes out of her shower with a short skirt on and a long sleeve shirt on as she hears a knock on the door she opens it and sees Kelly standing there)
Kelly- good jog you keep up fairly nice new girl.
Anna- uh thanks. (looking at Kelly who walks in and looks around the room then she finally looks at Anna)
Kelly- okay I want you to know if you want to date Damon it's cool with me. I'm into Ryan now so no prob.
Anna- thanks Kelly.
Kelly- and I want you to consider next year trying out for cheerleading. Beside Trinity and me you're actually pretty good. You learn the moves fast and you can keep up. All good signs in my book. (Anna smiles) No but really I think you and Damon would be a good thing. I mean hopefully it would take his mind off me. (Anna gives a little smile)
Kelly- see you at practice tonight. (Kelly head to the door)
Anna- Kelly?(Kelly looks at Anna) thanks for letting me come and for you know being on the team.
Kelly- you're really good thank yourself.
(Kelly gives a little smile before leaving Anna shesmiles to herself)
(Damon walking through the lobby when Byron runs up)
Byron- hey got a second?
Damon- yeah man what's up? (looking at him)
Byron- well ever since I've been dating Haley you kind of been shutting me out.
Damon- well sorry I'm still kind of mad that you had sex with her.
Byron- and if she were my sister I'd be freaking out too. But I don't pressure her to do anything she doesn't want to do.
Damon- I believe that part. It's just Haley's vulnerable at her age and she's only fourteen. Sex is a big deal.
Byron- if you're saying I'm gonna get her pregant-
Damon- that's not what I'm saying you want her to meet your parents right?
Byron- yeah.
Damon- look how fast you two are moving? Meeting each other's parents, having sex , see where I'm going with this?
Byron- (Damon looks at him) Her age and my age doesn't matter to me. All I care about is how I feel and how she feels about me. And come on you're my best friend you should be happy for us.
Damon- I'm really trying Byron.
Byron- try harder. What you feel about us means a lot to Haley. I don't like to see her hurt. Either you accept us or you just don't. Seeing we've been friends almost eight years I thought you'd trust me better than this. But you're treating me like I'm a stranger. (growing mad and hurt)
Damon- Byron?
Byron- you know what just forget it. Why would you care? (before Damon can say anything else Byron walks away)
Coach- Damon. (walking up to him) gather all the players together we're gonna have an emergency practice at the gym.
Damon- yes coach. (coach turns the other way as Damon heads upstairs into the hall) all players let's go. Practice in the gym now! Let's go!
(Damon watches as all the players run right past him)
Damon- let's go. (they all trying to put their shoes on)(Damon sees Byron walking by him mad)(Anna walks up with Trinity and sees all the guys going downstairs)
Trinity- Damon what's going on? (they stand next to Damon)
Damon- emergency practice. (looking at the guys past)look I'll talk to you guys later got to go. (he runs past them)
Trinity- okay.
(Anna and Trinity walk into their room and closes the door)
Trinity- I told you Kelly's nice once she gets to know you.
Anna- yeah. Well since me and Damon kiss can't you tell me what he told you?
Trinity- no.
Anna- come on Trinity. (whining)
Trinity- when he wants you to know he'll tell you.
(Anna lays on her bed with a smile on her face as she closes her eyes)
Trinity- can't stop thinking about him huh?
Anna- don't want to.(with her eyes closed and a smile on her face Trinity heads into the bathroom)
(Downstairs everyone sitting in the bleachers)
Coach- tommorrow is the classic game are we ready to go out there and tear up the Bear Creek Warriors!
Team- yeah!
Coach- what? (holding his ear)
Team- yeah!! (louder)
Coach- then let's do it! (the team erupts in cheering)(The next day at the game cheerleaders on the court for halftime)(Anna and Trinity doing some cartwheels perfectly)(Kelly smiles and does a diagonal before the music starts to play)(Song plays Jamiroquai's "Feels Just Like It Should" Cheerleaders start to dance to the beat)
I'm coming down to see ya,(Trinity does a backfip)
I'm looking for fast and cheap,
I'm looking for the back of the streets,
(Anna and two more cheerleaders get in front and does some back flips too)
I'm gonna get experience, (They all start to dance to the beat)
I came to see the candy man,
To turn it up and drown,
She said hmm.
Feels just like it should,
She said it would feel that good,
and it does. (Trinity does a cartwheel into a flip and she lands in the front middle of the cheerleaders as the song ends)(Everyone starts cheering hard)(Trinity looks at Anna with a smile which Anna returns)(It's the fourth quarter)
[The Game]
Announcer: Fifteen seconds to go, the Bulldogs are down by one and could be on the brink of their first loss and chance at the classic.
Coach: Tyler, you’re in bound to Damon up top. We’re going spread offense. Damon you find your open shot. If you can’t we’ll go with Byron. At least he’s not hung over.(shooting a look at Byron)
Damon: Let’s go fellas, come on. Bulldogs on three. 1...2...3...Bulldogs!(they all stick their hands in)(Ryan looks at them from the bench)
Announcer: Get out the Tupperware folks. If the bulldogs don’t score we’ll have to save the undefeated win cake for another night.
Anna: Go Damon! (watching him on the court)
Annoucer: Fifteen seconds left and the Bulldogs need a basket to win it. The inbound to Damon Carr and he is immediately double teamed. He’s gonna have to give it up. He does. Finds Tyler Wellington. Tyler with the ball. The time is running down. Back to Damon. Eight seconds now. Now seven. Damon dribbles and tries to drive but he can’t get through the double team.
Anna: Come on. Come on.
Annoucer: He’s gonna have to do something. Three seconds. Now two. Damon spins up top and puts up the fade-away. It’s Good! (The buzzer sounds and everyone cheers) Unbelievable! In a season of impossible finishes, Damon Carr nailed the fade-away jumper. The Bulldogs reign undefeated.
Trinity: Hey. Were you rooting for Damon? (looking at Anna)
Anna: I was rooting for the team and Damon.(Trinity looks at her and smiles)
Trinity: Whatever you say Mrs. Carr. (Anna playfully pushes her)(Everyone hugs the coach)(After the game the gym is empty except for some cheerleaders sitting in the bleachers talking and basketball players on the court talking Anna talking with the cheerleaders but she sees Damon walking out the locker room she walks over to him)
Anna- hey you were great!(shegives him a friendly hug)
Damon- I heard you were too.
Anna- I was okay.(smiling at Damon)(Ryan walks up to them)
Ryan- Damon good game you kind of scared me in the last quarter though I didn't think you were gonna make it. (looking at Damon)
Damon- I kind of leave people with that expression. (Anna looks from Damon to Ryan) this is Anna. Anna? Ryan.
Anna- hi. nice meeting you.(smiling at him)
Ryan- likewise. see you later Damon. (walking off)
Anna- he seems nice.
Damon- he's a good guy.
Anna- so you heading to bed long drive back tommorrow?
Damon- no I'm still too wired from the game. Besides, I’m sure we could find a lot better things to do with our time right?
Anna- You think? (they start kissing then after Damon pulls away softly)
Damon- I'll walk you back to your room.(In Anna's room Damon looks to see if Trinity's there)
Damon- where's Trinity?
Anna- oh she went out with people to celebrate.(putting her bag on Trinity's bed)(Damon sits on Anna's bed)
Damon- wow what a day (looking up at Anna) what a month. I mean meeting you and watching you go from the new shy girl to cheerleader. (Anna smiles)
Anna-it’s all part of the new me.
Damon- what’s wrong with the old you?
Anna- Nothing, I just thought I’d branch out into some new things.(sitting next to him)
Damon- Like what? cheerleading and fooling around with me.
Anna-(Playfully slaps him) I think the best thing about this year was meeting you.(Damon smiles at her)(Anna gets up and puts some music "Elsewhere" by Sarah McLachlan plays low and softly)
Damon- are you trying to seduce me? (Anna walks up to him)
Anna- is it working?
Damon- in that cheerleading uniform yeah. (Anna sits on his lap and starts kissing him and Damon lays her on the bed softly)(Damon rests on his elbow and just watches her looking up at him)
Anna- I love living in the moment with you.
Damon- I like it too. (he starts to kiss her again)(The next day Damon wakes up at home his mom walks in)
Mom- you've been sleeping since you got home from school.(handing him some orange juice)
Damon- thanks mom.
Mom- I know you're exhausted from the classic.
Damon- it was totally great. I still can't believe we won.
(Mom kisses his forehead)
Mom- now that basketball season is over you can focus on your grades.
Damon- I am. I even got a tutor.
Mom- well it's five-thirty. I got to head to the courthouse so I'll be a little late.
Damon- okay.
Mom- I love you.
Damon- love you too. (watching her leave he gets out of bed and checks his emails he looks and sees one from Anna)(he smiles and starts to read it)(Anna's message- "I miss you and I can't stop thinking about last night." I know you were tired in school today I mean you kept falling asleep in class and at lunch. You should've gotten that sleep on the bus. I hope you did good on your history test."(Damon groans)"talk to you later"
(Damon cuts off his computer)(Damon turns and sees Haley walk by he sees her putting towels in the linen closet her shirt rides up and he sees something on her back.(Damon gets up mad and lifts her shirt up and exposes the tattoe and it startles her and she turns quickly making him let go of her shirt now she's facing Damon)
Damon- What’s on your back?
Haley- Nothing. (making sure her shirt is done)
Damon- Haley, is that a tattoo?
Haley- No. It’s nothing.
Damon- Haley? (she knew he was growing frustrated in his voice)(He turns her around and there is a small 8 tattooed on her lower back) His jersey number! Tell me that's not real.(she faces him)
Haley- Damon? (frowing)
Damon- tell me it's not real. Or at least tell me he didn't get you branded with his jersey number right above your ass?
Haley- He doesn’t even know about it. I just did it. (making Damon's face go into a puzzled mode)
Damon- why would you do that?
Haley- Because I’m in love with him. (looking at him) I get that you want to hold me to a higher standard than everybody else cause I'm your sister and you want to protect me but I'm not a baby anymore. I got to grow and make my own mistakes. (looking at Damon who's listen to her every word)
Damon- And Byron had nothing to do with it?
Haley- No, I told you, he doesn’t know.(She puts her hands on her head) I hate being away from him, Damon. I think about him constantly. And I’m used to being self-confident, and sensible but now I'm just.
Damon- in love. (Haley smiles at him a little)(he grabs her hand)
Haley- where are we going?
Damon- you're going to talk to your boyfriend.
(At the court Byron shooting alone he sees Haley and Damon walking up)
Damon- hey?
Byron- hey.
Damon- I'll let you two talk. She wants to talk to you. We'll talk later. (looking at Byron who nods)(Damon leaves)(Haley tries to kiss him but he blocks her off)
Byron- You hungry?
Haley- Oh, I’m hungry for you.
Byron- No I’m serious. We can heat something up at my house, or go out and eat if you want to.
Haley- What’s wrong?
Byron- Nothing, I’m just hungry.
Haley- I don’t buy that. Talk to me.
Byron- Why don't you tell me what's Damon talking about he said you wanted to talk about something?
Haley- that's not important right now. (avoiding his face)
Byron- what is it that you don't want to talk about?
Haley- you know what? I'm hungry too. Let's get some food.(avoiding his question)
Byron- Haley? (Haley looks at him)(she turns and lifts up her shirt)(Byron looks at it then he gets close and runs his finger down on it she looks at him as he backs up)
Byron- that's a real tattoe?
Haley- yeah.( not smiling Byron sits on the bench)
Byron- Haley? why would you do that?
Haley- Byr- (sitting next to him)
Byron- you're making me look like the bad guy to Damon.
(looking at her with a serious face)
Byron- Look I just don’t want to push you.
Haley- You’re not.
Byron- Haley, you got a tattoo. It just freaks me out a little bit, because obviously this whole thing with us means a lot to you. I just don’t want to do anything to pressure you.
Haley- this was my decision to get a tattoe.
Byron- but why?
Haley- because I love you.
(Byron smiles and holds her hand)
Byron- I love you too you know that. You don't have to get tattoes to prove how much you love me. I already know.
Haley- I don't want you and Damon to not be friends because of our relationship.
Byron- yes ma'am.
Haley- now about that food?
Byron- but I'm hungry for you. (looking at Haley smiling Haley smiles back)
Haley- you better be. (she kisses him)
Byron- did I mention that tattoes turn me on?
Haley- hmm. (Kisses him they laugh as they kiss)
(Damon knocks on Anna's door)(Anna walks up behind him)
Anna- looking for me? (he turns and looks at her)
Damon- hey. I got your email.
Anna- I emailed you by phone I got bored.
Damon- please you wanted to see me. You missed me.
Anna- yeah I missed you. (Damon kisses her then Anna opens the door they go in her house)
Damon- where's your sister?
Anna- they went home last week.
Damon- so we're alone?
(Anna leads him to the couch by his collar she throws him on the couch lightly)
Anna- yep.
(Anna lays on top of him and they start kissing)
(Damon flips her on her back he starts to unbutton her shirt)
Anna- Damon? (as he starts to kiss her neck)
Damon- yeah? (She looks up at him) What's wrong?
Anna- you want sex don't you?
Damon- no I- I'm just trying to make you comfortable.
Anna- how am I supposed to be comfortable when you start to unbutton my shirt? (getting up leaving Damon sitting on the couch)
Damon- Anna? (Anna buttons her shirt back up) It's not about sex with me.
Anna- so what is this about then?
Damon- it's not a one night stand if that's what you're thinking. (looking at her with a lost face)
Anna- I'm thinking I don't want to screw this up with the guy that I really care about.
(Damon looks at the ground searching for something to say)
Anna- what am I to you Damon? Are friends or are we dating? Because I can't be your friend with benefits.
Damon- I never asked you to be. I never want you to be (looking at her) Whatever happened to just hooking up and just hanging out?
Anna- sex happens. (crossing her arms looking at him)
Damon- Anna I'm not with you to get in your pants.
Anna- are you virgin Damon? (Damon is thrown by the question she tells by his face expression he's a little thrown) I am. (Damon looks at Anna)
I need more than just making out on a bed or couch to just give it up. I have strong feelings for you Damon.
Damon- do you even want to be with me?
Anna- yeah I do but if it's about sex then it's not just for me. I need more.
(Damon stands up and walks up to her)
Damon- I never want to pressure you.
Anna- you don't.
Damon- yeah I do. With Kelly all it was was just sex. It was all I knew. That and just parties but this thing with us is new and different. And I like it. I like knowing someone like you sees something in someone like me.
Anna- like what?
Damon- life, hope, love.(Anna looks at him) I love you Anna. (Anna looks at him surpised) It scares me but there it is. (Anna looks at him not saying anything Damon looking at her hoping she says something but they just stand there in silence)

The End

Love Actually Pt. 5 will be the end of this story. Here's a sneak peek and things to look for in Pt. 5.

(Anna and Trinity walking in the hall)
Trinity- he told you he loved you. What'd you say?(Anna looks at her)

Cut To:
(Damon punches Ryan in the gym)
Coach- what the hell is going on?

Cut To:
(Haley and Byron looking at each other in the living room)
Byron- something's happened Haley. (looking down)
(Haley looks at him)

Next Love Actually

*One of the main characters dies
*There's an explosion
*We find out the outcome of Damon and Anna's relationship.
*Byron faces some issues with his relationship to Haley. Damon being one of them.

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