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This is a very short narrative story/poem about a vision/dream that I've had.
These words below are in Sioux Language the meaning of them are below

Wambli = Eagle
Sunkmanitu Tanka = Wolf
Mat'o = Bear


I laid there asleep
Waiting for the right time.
The forest and my surroundings
are my only companions.

For a lifetime I wonder how it would be.
To live in a distant world.
A world of love and gentleness.
I was finally able to close my eyes and dream.

I was whisked away to a world of enchantment.
A beautiful waterfall of colors from below.
Fresh water to drink.

Above I heard Wambli sing it's song of flight.

Deeper into sleep, I felt strange.
Someone was near, someone was watching.
I opened my eyes to see my ancestors standing there before me.

Eight of them, strong broad and tall.
Looking at me, wanting me to follow.
The leader knelt down beside me and said
"Follow us, for we will not harm you. We want to show you a world beyond the world you live in".

I got up and followed them.
I followed them deep into the forest.
To a clearing that was just up ahead.
You could see the land in all it's splendor.

I looked out over the horizon.
And saw Wambli as I had before.
calling to me, singing its beautiful song.

Below I heard Sunkmanitu Tanka's cries.
Nearby, I could hear Mat'o, rummaging for food.
He was hungry.
I saw a bush near with fresh berries.
Gently I picked some and took them to him to eat.
Mat'o was not afraid nor was I.
He greeted me with a long look.

A look of peace and harmony.
Soon it would be over.
The freedom we all felt.
Our humble home.

He ate from my hand.
I gently petted him on the head and thanked him for being my heart.
Wambli saw from above what happened.
He swooped down and sat on a nearby rock.
He sang to me to come forth.
I walked ever so slowly as to not scare him.

We looked at each other.
I gently touched his wing and thanked him for being my mind and allowing me to be free.
I felt something starring out at me from a distance.
I saw that Sunkmanitu Tanka had journeyed his way up to me.
We stared at each other for awhile.

I finally got up the courage to walk up to him.
I knelt down and he tenderly nuzzled my face.
I thanked him for being my strength.

I looked back towards the east.
To see my ancestors stand there before me.
With smiles on their faces and pride in their eyes.
I thanked them for being my family and my soul.
For showing me a way to a native heart.
They walked me back to where I lay sleeping.

When I awoke, I felt a sense of pride, a honor bestowed upon me.
For they are my ancestors.
Forever they will be in my heart.
Now I know what I'm supposed to do with my life
To be happy, to be free, to be me.
Until the day I can't be any longer.
I will carry on the ways, that my people had done for so many years before.

I left my dwelling and went outside.
I looked around me and saw people, automobiles, material things and Mother Earth.
Closing my eyes and smelling the sweet air fill my nostrils.
I saw myself upon that cliff again.
In the clearing beyond the forest.
That's where I long to be.
That's where I'm supposed to be.
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