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This is a poem encouraging to give back to the world more than you take.

Looking out my window
on one of those beautiful spring mornings,
where the refreshing mist comes to bring
renewed life, and floral blessings.

I caught a sight that's only given

as an occasional gift to a selected few.
It was a quick but delightful moment
that will forever be imprinted in my minds view

I saw the most artistic hummingbird;

dancing through the drops so eloquently.
Creating a harmonious portrait in my back yard.
It seemed as though he did it just for me.

As it drank the sweet nectar from many

blossoms of lavender, pinks and white.
It was giving back to nature more than it took
passing on what was needed for next years delight.

This brought questions about my own life.

Do I give back more than I take?
Do I pass on to others blessings that will last?
Is there a heart for others that I need to awake?

There are times that I can get too busy

with the things that I myself desire and need.
which can cause me to become sadly blinded
from the opportunities to plant this days seed.

The seed of kindness to every person I could pass.
Sometimes it may be as simple as a smile.
Other times it may take a little of my time.
One thing I know it's worth going the extra mile.

You see, the seeds we plant each and every day,

will certainly be sown in every tomorrow.
If everyone began planting seeds of Joy,
Our future would be filled with a lot less sorrow.

What seeds of kindness will you plant today?
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