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Young love denied, finds death as the solution..

I had to choose at least five words from the list of prompt words: sky, fall, death, punish, stars, field, cow, gloss, flutter, fight, tall, blond, quiet, stare, tasty, buttons, ocean, digging

They clung together hands held tight,
standing near the ledge.
Exhausted from their tearful fight,
inching closer to the edge.

Their parents just didn't understand
what true love's all about.
Thinking only, of what they had planned,
for her future...they shout.

"You can't see him, you're just a child,
your life still lies ahead.
He's no good and way too wild."
Is what her parents said.

"I love him, and he loves me,
why can't you accept that fact?"
To punish her, she'll not be free,
so she performed a vanishing act.

Then to the cliffs the lovers ran
escaping their parent's bonds.
Across the field and shifting sand
and lay down among the fronds.

He held her tight 'neath the midnight sky,
as her buttons were torn away.
In blissful surrender she did cry
and in his arms...she lay.

In quiet repose, their passion now spent,
he caresses her silky blond hair.
Breathing in her passionate scent,
mingling with the ocean air.

On their backs the youngsters lay,
staringlongingly at a lover's moon.
Watching two stars that fall away,
both lights ending way too soon.

He kisses the tear drops from her eyes,
takes her by the hand.
Off the cliff's edge each body flies
up to the promised land.

Now in the Heavens, two stars shine bright,
twinkling for all to see.
Their earthly beings, found at first light,
is what's left of two hearts set free.

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