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Happy endings foster hope. People want to believe that good things can and do happen...

I am a romantic. I love a GREAT love story...you know... with all of the 'trimmings'!

One of my favorite movies is "While You Were Sleeping". The whole idea of the girl hoping for Prince Charming to come and rescue her away from her mundane, painfully ordinary life, to take her to a mountain-top of love where they will live happily ever after - that's classic romantic fantasy. Having the seemingly mundane, ordinary guy end up being the Prince Charming is closer to reality.

The 'waking up' part, though, is what makes the whole story so interesting! FIRST - will the guy Lucy thinks she loves ever wake up? When he finally wakes up...what will be his reaction to her? In the mean-time will Lucy wake up to the reality that is happening right in front of her and will that reality be better than her fantasies? Furthermore, will the other guy wake up and finally rescue her from the ridiculous situation she has created for herself by being so desperate to have what she's always dreamed about? Ahhhh....what a wonderfully entertaining love story!

I love happy endings and that's probably what is most attractive to me about that particular story/movie - it doesn't disappoint! Happy endings seem to foster hope. All the great fairy-tales have happy endings. People want to believe that good things can and do happen...they want the 'good guy' to win and the 'nice girl' to find her prince.

When watching the news on television...I want to see the lost child, found and reunited with his or her parents. I want to see the critically ill person get well...the critically injured person, survive. I want to see the airplane land safely...the bad guys get caught and the good guys win. I want to know that there are good people and that good things can happen in this crazy world.

Maybe that is why I hold onto my faith so tightly. Maybe I want to prove the naysayers wrong and be able to laugh in the face of evil when it declares itself victorious. Maybe I want to share the stories of my life with others because every time I remember the GOOD things that God has done for me and the paths that He has taken me down, it increases my ability to believe for happy endings. Impossibilities that have become possibilities. Dark times that were destroyed by His light. Lies that were revealed and pain that was healed. I have dreamed and seen dreams come true, all because I have found my Prince - the Prince of Peace.

Maybe I'm just not willing to let the story of my life end in any way other than 'happy'. I want my children to tell their children my story...because it ends well and encourages. I want my friends to be able to share my story among themselves because it gives hope and direction. I want my story - the story of my life - to reflect the story of all stories. I want my life to prove
that God is no fairy-tale and that there truly is a 'happy ever-after'. If I can live my life that way - then when the book of my life is closed, I know there will be 'sequels' in the works...because that's the reality of a really GREAT romance story, isn't it? It just keeps being re-written with a little different spin...different characters...different circumstances...but always with the same theme...someone needs rescued from the ordinary or the dangerous, the hero comes and triumphs over the situation, love is awakened and they live happily ever-after.

It is the Gospel in a nut-shell! I love it!

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