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This is more than a mystery - this is murderous agony for the family...
She left Birmingham on a little vacation
To an island governed by the Dutch nation,
In the Carribean.

She had fun with her friends all around,
But that last night something tragic went down,
Now she can't be found.

What happened to Natalee?
What occurred that the friends didn't see?
Where in Aruba could she be?

What is it that has not been told?
When did teenage boys become so bold?
How long before the case goes 'cold'?

Please, find Natalee!
This is more than just a mystery,
This is murderous agony.

Where have 'concerned folk' been?
Can't imagine if she'd been their kin
That they would just give-in.

Mama Detective...now isn't that sad?
All the boys want to paint her girl bad,
So she boldly questions Justice Dad.

Seems Dad has friends in high places.
Helpful,when you need to leave no traces
and name, no other names or places.

Please, find Natalee!
Don't let the guilty ones go free.
Support the truth, whatever it be.

Bring her back to her family.
Be respectful of their constant plea
And keep searching, diligently.

It has now been way too long
to keep ignoring all that is wrong.
The family, forced to wait and remain strong.

Joran, and his buddy-boy-crowd,
Never should have been allowed
To refuse to 'sing' out loud.

Please, find Natalee!
It's required of humanity
To do what's best and restore sanity.

Make someone talk...force someone's hand!
Solve the myst'ry of what happened in the sand.
Bring the silence to an end.

Please, find Natalee!
Find the girl who went missing by the sea.
Find the daughter of the everyday family.

This could happen to anybody,
If it happened to you or me...
We'd cry - “Please, find Natalee!”


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