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A pointer on the road to destination - job market
A rookie’s manual to the world of YUPPIES

Teenagers transcend the tumultuous teen years, to find themselves on the intellectual threshold of a career. Avenues maybe abundant, but are there signboards pointing the way? Most often, the answer is an affirmative “NO”.

What does it take to mature into a career person and to choose a profession of one’s liking? Most of us have already chosen a stream of professional study and even bagged a graduation in the same. Our intellectual prowess thus proved how do we choose an area of expertise to carve our own niche?

It is always easy to start by assessing oneself and doing some self-introspection. Compartmentalizing this exercise in plugging loopholes may be a fit solution.

The inner man (Emotional pluses vs. minuses):

Unless one is in tandem and harmony with the inner man this may turn into a very important area of negativity in a person’s working career. While we are aggressively working on our plus points, we should look at controlling and if possible eliminating our minus points such as negative attitudes, behavior and influences, which change our persona.

Ambitions and achievements:

An average child has always been asked this question, “What do want to be when you grow up?” Have we achieved our dreams, aspirations and goals on a turnkey basis? Have we taken constant efforts and transformed those efforts into achievements? If we have slipped in reaching the destination or have failed totally, have we analyzed our failures? Most often the answer rallies only on one point – Losing focus.

Sometimes extraneous factors beyond one’s control maybe the reason for missing self-imposed targets. Most times the reasons are within. Lack of concentration, perseverance, improper time management and an aimless meandering maybe the reasons for missing deadlines and quality in tomorrow’s job. We should learn to analyze slips and recognize ways of improving the quality of our work. We should also approach problems or requirements with more than single solutions wherever possible.

Additional credits and technical qualifications:

In a highly competitive job market, which exists today, it is a good idea to pick up additional and technical qualifications in a related field of interest. This could range from short-term certification courses to diplomas or an additional degree. This enhances the impressiveness of one’s Resume as it portrays keen interest in widening one’s horizons; ability to handle pressure and also reflects effective time management.

Having undergone a self-preparatory exercise one must move on to the real thing – seeking employment in the job market. This is the other place in life, which is as eventful as the stock market. Trends and opportunities should be keenly observed especially in the final year of graduation.

With a fair idea of the opportunities we need to address the requisites for the same.

Putting together an effective Resume:

A resume is your passport to a prospective employer. It is your voice speaking and highlighting your aptness for the job. There is no single methodology to tailor one’s resume to suit all prospective pastures. The essential details however could be in the following framework.

·The first section could consist of your personal details such as Name, Age and Address etc.

·Educational and additional qualifications could follow this. Pen down precise information furnishing percentage scored or grades received.

·Extra curricular activities can follow along side one’s interests. Highlighting achievements in this area helps establish the multi faceted nature of the individual.

·Since this is a PR exercise in presenting yourself to people who don’t know you from Adam, an insight into the individual that you are, is invaluable. This is definitely an area where one can exhibit confidence.

If this is the first time you are putting together a resume it is a good idea to get it reviewed by someone who is in the Human Resources field or by someone who has established themselves in a similar job.

· Am I ready for an interview?

Let’s start by getting dressed for the occasion. Relax, breathe easy and look your best. Remember to bury all those denims and dress formally. No sneakers or woodlanders please. Ladies, kindly refrain from uncomfortable and noisy footwear. The interview could at times take all day and you don’t want to sound disinterested because of tired feet. Oh! Also remind yourself that this occasion demands looking well groomed and confident but this is not a beauty pageant.

Well groomed and feeling your best, have you done the following before tackling the interview? This check list definitely ensures that you have the cutting edge if followed:

1. Keep your health in good order. This is primary as the rest of the activities can only be achieved in a sound mind and body.
2. Dig and delve and gather sufficient information about the organization.
3. Have a fair idea of the job requirements and the compensation package vis-à-vis what is offered in the market.
4. Collect all proof for the stated prerequisites of prospective candidates.
5. Brush up your general knowledge.
6. Practice a few mock interview sessions in front of the mirror. This will help you change any negative body language and give you an insight into what to expect.
7. Most importantly banish all fear of the interviewer. Remember that the interviewer has trod the same road before and is not some ogre sitting on the other side. Difficult people and situations can always be dealt with quick thinking and of course a smile.

Now that you are all set to climb the ladder the only thing you need to remember is success maybe heady but remember the downs in life should be taken as well as the ups! Good luck and here’s a toast to a brand new YUPPY!!!

Anita Bharanidharan

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