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This is a freeze frame of a band right before it plays. It is creative non fiction
The stage is set, four rows of neatly placed chairs and music stands. A platform for the conductor is front and center. Cymbals, drums, and marimbas line the back of the band. The band members sit upright, their insturments placed on their lips; the conductor with his arms raised signals that the concert is about to begin. The lights beat down on the players, glaring off the freashly polished brass. A flute player leans closer to her music,trying to get a head start. A trumpet player loosens his fingers and vavles, preparing for a difficult run. The tuba player has a slight smirk on his face, knowing he gets to blast the first note. The audience sits still, anticipating. The silence is beautiful, almost as moving as the music itself. The band breates, one collective breath, and plays.
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