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A story about a ghost who just want's some company
A young couple named Sara and Armand lewinski went looking to fix up an old abandoned house."Sara,this house needs alot of work,"explained,Armand."you're right Armand, it needs our finishing touches,to make it a beautiful domain."replied,Sara.As they got started working on their sculputure to mold,little did they know they had a frequent guest.While Sara was tiding up inside,Armand was hammering outside the domain.Sara felt a hand touch her clothing as she swept the floor."Armand,is that you?" shaking coldly."No! my dear, I'm outside working on the roof,"he replied.But she believed he was trying to play a practical joke on her but he was not.The spirited ghost brushed up against her again,and Sara jumped out of her skin with such panic!"Armand, get in here!" there is someone in this house with me!"frightened by her own words.He ran to her side,and replied, "I see no one here?"But she told him you can't see the spirit,only to feel his or her's transparent illusion.Sara did not like the idea of sharing her soon to be house with anyone besides her husband.Sara had felt invaded in her own domain and not knew why this present was haunting her.She would have to give up a place she just started to fix up beautifully and move on,and she didn't want that!The ghost was named Sylvia and she was frightened by their presence also.She didn't know these people and why they were invading her turf!They all had to make peace and try to live with each other or the young couple had to move on,but will sylvia be lonely and want to press on with them?
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