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This a Valentine's Day Greeting To EVERYONE.
                   *Heart*HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY
         *Heart*I just needed to say it to EVERYONE who hasn't heard it today or even before today. I think it is very important to at least say it once a year. This is the time of year that you show how much you love your significant other.

         *Heart*I think I am very lucky to have someone who loves me and whom I love very much. I have Valentine's Day just about everyday of the year. It is very difficult not to show love and affection when it is all you feel everyday of your life.

         *Heart*I really feel for those who have no one to be with on this special day. I think that if you have no one you should still celebrate the holiday. Only to make sure you feel love for yourself if nothing else.

         *Heart*When I see someone that is all alone and it is a holiday, I can't go by without telling that person, "HAPPY WHATEVER DAY" it may be. It always feels great after saying it, because you see the reaction in that person's face. It is something that you can't go wrong with.

         *Heart*You don't always have to give a gift to show that you love someone. With a simple "I LOVE YOU" or "HAPPY WHATEVER DAY" you can make a difference in someone else's life.

         *Heart*So my gift to all who didn't get a Valentine this year is this:

                   *Heart*HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY *Heart*
         *Heart*With lots of love MAGGIE

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