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I have written to be cautious of the Gulf,that may destroy human race.
O Syria! For everyone you are a sacred land
with hilly mounds, narrow gorges and wild sand

living there are of every faith and prophet obeyers
each one who to the Lord of skies, offers prayers

to stir up Palestine, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan
for the mass of the region will be an act of pardon

whether anyone be Christian, Muslim or Jew
live there in full freedom, with cry and hue

let every folk share the government authority
let law be one, without preference and priority

the Syrian Quarrel often changes its shape
is not a new one, has a thousand year gape

with power or sacrifice, killing will not cease
a misery for learned, who always want an ease

let us open the peace gates for the grace of earth
with a Sacred Syrian State on the face of earth.

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