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by Rosie
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A description of those who complain about the Christian Church.
It always bugs me to hear a Christian giving credence to a non-Christian's judgment on the Church, not to mention certain Christians. What bothers me is that a non-Christian doesn't have the insight of the Holy Spirit to judge anything correctly. If he did, he would not be so swift to pass judgments on the Church. Or Christians. Or any of a number of activities not even related to the Church, like porn, drinking alcohol as a hobby, or even lesser things that we, as Christians, understand the judgment of the non-Christian to be errant on. I ask you, if a person cannot pass an accurate judgment of the things of the world that are sinful, then how on earth is he to pass a good, practical judgment on the subject of the Christian Church? He can't!!!! He has no knowledge of either what is sinful or what is not, only what is comfortable to him. If he passes judgment on the Christian, calling him a hypocrite, that can only mean that this particular Christian, or group of Christians, or Christians in general, make him extremely uncomfortable, and he doesn't want to be around them. What does the godless person know about hypocrisy?

Well, this has bothered me for a long time, especially when the Christians I worshipped with would site the words of ungodly folks to explain why the Church wasn't growing, or why so many didn't want us to "witness" to them. It bothered me that these same Christians, who loved God with all their hearts, would even listen to any ungodly person at all. The words of an ungodly person are not reliable. He is ungodly, therefore, how can he know the things of God that would cause him to become a reliable witness of anything? Espescially, a reliable witness of the Christian Church.

A person who will cite this excuse to stay away from a relationship with Jesus Christ will use any excuse to escape the relationship. He (the ungodly person) will always enjoy making the Christian feel guilty rather than to examine his own heart. What puzzles me, is that any Christian WOULD allow himself to accept the guilt the ungodly person is handing him!!! I have pressed this sort of ungodly person before to get an honest answer from him, and the usual answer is that he would not be able to sin any more, and sin is fun, and it's one thing he (the ungodly person) refuses to give up for anyone. Not his wife, not his best friend, not his kids. So why give it up to accept the forgiveness available through the Blood of Jesus Christ? This ungodly person is selfish and self-centered, and this very selfishness he is protecting is also throwing his good judgment out the window. A person that selfish is calling God's Church a collection of hypocrites who want to think well of themselves. Why does any rational, godly person believe his report?

I have been taught over the years that to judge anything properly, one must use the Bible as a measuring stick. If the ungodly person's criticism lines up with the Bible, if God Himself says that the Church that He instituted is full of hypocrites, then believe the ungodly sinner, who is too tho'tless and selfish to honor any relationship he is in. Believe him, because God has said it first, and this ungodly sinner is agreeing with the God of the Universe, and this makes his report an accurate one.

If God does not state this in His Word, then the report spouted by the ungodly man is unquestionably wrong, and worth no further notice.
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