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Rated: 13+ · Novella · Fantasy · #1074379
A story about a warrior, an evil mage, and magic.
It was a cold snowy afternoon in Chicago. Jake could feel the cold biting at his uncovered nose. It was always the same in winter, cold and icy. Not to mention the drivers that still drive like crazy people when the roads were icy. It had just snowed the night before and the plows hadn’t plowed all the roads yet. He stepped off the curb to cross the street and almost slipped on an ice patch. After he got his footing he started walking slowly, weary of ice. He looked down and saw a light merrily dancing on the snow. ’How peaceful.’ He thought. When he looked up he saw what the light was coming from. A speeding car blasted his eyes with white lights from its head lights. He heard the horn and jumped to one direction the car swerved to the other. The car hit an ice patch and swung around shining the light once again in Jake’s direction. When Jake had hit the ground his head had hit a snow drift, but it kept going through until it hit the curb he had stepped off no to long ago. Then all was black.
He woke up to the twittering of birds and a throbbing in his head. Everything was blurry; he could see colors and shapes but couldn’t make out any details. He saw a yellow ceiling above his head. ‘This isn’t my room. ‘Maybe I’m in a hospital.’ He thought. “Mama, the stranger, he is awake,” came the most beautiful voice Jake had ever heard. It was like angel’s playing a harp in an orchestra of angelic music. “Wha? Where am I?” Jake asked. He saw a head float over him for a moment, and then disappear again. He tried to sit up but the throbbing made him lie back down. “You are in the house of Nimeth,” came an older voice. “What day is it?” Jake asked terribly confused. “The fifth day of Nesh or the seventh day of Gie if you are Kathos,” said the old voice again. Jake felt something press against his lips, “Drink,” came the beautiful voice again. He parted his lips only enough to get a swallow of the liquid in the container. The instant he swallowed his vision returned and the throbbing in his head went away. He sat up feeling as though he could lift the sky. “Where am I again?” he asked now thinking clearer. “In the house of Nimeth on the fifth day of Nesh,” said the old woman coming toward him. “How did I get here?” he asked becoming confused. “Nie found you in a field,” said the old woman. ‘There are no fields in Chicago.’ Thought Jake. “Is this a joke?” asked Jake. “Is this Chicago?” he asked becoming angry. “Chicago?” questioned Nie. "Look out the window and you will find the answer you seek," the old woman said retreating to a corner. Jake got out of his bed and started to shuffle over to the window. When he got there he saw a sight that took his breath away from him. He was in a castle overlooking a village. 'I am so not in Chicago anymore.' He thought. He got dizzy and his vision swam. He felt the cup press against his lips and he took a mouthful of the liquid. He once again felt instantly rejuvenated. He stood back up and looked around the room in shock. "You are the once the prophecies told of," said the old woman from her corner. "Prophecies?" Jake questioned. "Come," said the old woman grabbing Jake’s wrist and pulling him down a flight of stairs with Nie trailing behind them.
She led them into a bottom floor and an open hall. The old woman looked around and said to Nie "Go distract your father,". She grabbed a key out of a fold in her dress and slid it into the key hole of an old wooden door. She turned the key and walked into the room. It was a very dismal and dimly lit room. The old woman walked over to an old dutsy shelf and pulled a roll of parchment out of a heap. "Read," she commanded Jake. Jake slwoly grabbed the parchment and read, "The one that will defeat Permuthius the dragon will come a starnge far away land. He will come in strange garments. Give him the power of the amulet and he will overcome all odds to slay the dragon,". "Uhh yeah, I can't be the one," Jake said looking bewildered at the old lady. "Yes you are, I would know," she responded with a twinkle in her eyes. "How?" Jake asked almost fearing the answer. "I am the one that made that prophecy," She said with a smile. "But this must be at least..." "200 years and a day," She cut him off. "I still don't think I'm the one, I still dont even know if I am really here," Jake said. "We need you whether you believe or not," The woman said pulling a blood red amulet out of her dress. She put it over Jake's head. "I don't feel any..." He trailed off. The amulet had started to glow. A white light bathed him and started to recede. The amulet was snow white. "Ok?" He asked."You are the one," the old woman said. A light came from above them and a whisper came, "Mama?" "Yes Nie we are here," the old woman said. "Papa wants to see you, and him,". "Come Jake we will go see the king," the woman said to him. "Wait, that means that your the queen and Nie is the princess," he said figuring it all out. "Precisley," the queen said as she walked back up the stairs. Jake followed warily, "Papa will like you, you are the one," said Nie as Jake walked by. They stepped into a room with white walls and three chairs. One bigger than all the rest had a man sitting on it. "Hello papa," said Nie kissing the king's cheek and sitting in the smallest chair. "Dear," said the queen kissing the king and sitting in the second biggest chair. "Who is this?" asked the king. "I am Jake, sir," Jake said bowing like they do in the movies. "Up boy," said the king. As Jake slowly leaned up the amulet slipped from beneath his shirt and bagan to swing back and forth on his neck. "He is not..." the king trailed out looking at his wife. "He is," she said simply with a small smirk on her face. The king looked toward Jake,"You are the one the prophecies speak of?" "I guess sir," Jake replied. "Bring the sword and armour!" the king yelled. A few uncomfortable minuets later servents brough blood red armour and sheild. A final servent brought in a blood red sword with a silver hilt. "Put it on him," the king said. The servents scrambled and hurridly put the armour on him. The final servent handed him the sword. When he grabbed the sword the servent ripped the amulet off his neck. "Ouch! that hurt!" he yelled. The servent seemed not to hear him as he put the amulet in a small hole in the armour. When he had slipped it in the armour exploded in a white light. When the light had faded the armour was a brilliant white. He grabbed the sword with both hands and the blade started to shine. A white fire burst from the hilt and travelled up the blade.
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