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by Yumi
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First chapter of young Tatiana's pokemon journey.
Twelve-year-old Tatiana Wood woke up to the loud buzz of an alarm clock. She quickly turned it off and got out her capris. Pulling them on, she hopped over and snatched her socks. She finished getting dressed and hurried downstairs to see her mother waiting for her.

"Hey mom," she said, stuffing a granola bar into her mouth.

"Hey," her mother replied casually. "Don't eat so fast, honey, you'll choke."

Nodding, Tatiana ate the last of her granola bar and grabbed her backpack.

"Take care, Tatiana," Her mother said. "Be careful not to get hit by a pokemon attack."

Tatiana could tell she was joking, so she quickly said her goodbye and fumbled out the door.

She headed down the path quickly. She spotted the town ahead, so started to run. She ran all the way to the town. A man there looked at her and said, "Little girl, are you going to the pokemon lab?"

"Yes." Tatiana said akwardly.

"Well, you should know that the professor won't be here for another thirty minutes, so you might be waiting a while."

"Oh, thank you," Tatiana said.

Now that the professor was gone, what should she do to make time go by faster? Suddenly, Tatiana had an idea. She headed towards the library.
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