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Newsletter for readers & writers of children's literature - publishing kid lit pt. 1
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Writing for kids: A journey – Part 1

Which came first - the kids or the desire to write for kids?

For me, it was the children and then it was a desire to entertain them. I’d like to share my children’s literature publication journey.

Once I decided the words I put to paper weren’t awful, I went on to learn things like cover letters, query letters and markets. Imagery comes fairly easy for me and I enjoy being silly (and I have four silly muses to help with that) but the fun runs and hides in the closet when I need to write a cover letter or research markets.

I threw myself into the whole thing anyway. I bought three books, four highlighters and set to work. A year later I had some really organized (and now outdated) market references and nothing sent out.

My next attempt, I bought one book - to make sure I didn’t send out a submission to an outdated editor and offend someone - no highlighters and sent out four poetry submissions and my best children’s story. I got back five rejections and then went into submission hibernation for the next three years.

Excuses? I had plenty. I went back to college to increase my confidence and credibility. Now I had no time and energy but was able to whip out a “You know with midterms”, “I’ve got this big Sociology project due soon”, and “With college and kids it’s hard to find time” when asked how it was going with submissions.

Eventually everyone wakes up, if the drive is strong enough, and apparently it is for me. I started over again. I didn’t buy a single book or highlighter, but I did get an online market search subscription. I set realistic goals that fit into a busy college-mom’s life. I also found a determination and confidence to continue to follow through with those goals – whether rejected or not.

Now if I could only coax fun out of the closet to help me find another market for that rejected story.


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Try mention "what's in it for them" when writing a cover or query letter.

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