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You have come to a crossroads that can change your life. What do you do?
Debra Kramer just spent the last eighteen hours working in the Emergency OR. She has been working as a surgeon for the past four years at Grace General Hospital. The horror she would face in the next thirty minutes would be worse than anything she has seen in the OR. It was a cold, blustery night. Her BMW was parked away from any other vehicles in the parking lot of the hospital. The hospital employees have complained many times, that the parking lot was dimly lit. The past 6 months alone that have had two people attacked. Debra was so tired she forgot to tell security, so they could walk her to her car. She jumped in her car to get out of the cold. When she started the ignition, Debra forgot she had left the radio up high and her Mary J. Blige CD screamed out of her speakers. She quickly turned it down and turned the heat up. The drive home was quick since it was three in the morning. She pulled up to her house that sits on 10 acres of land. From her house you could only see one neighbor and that was the top of a white silo. The hospital staff has tried to get Debra to move closer to the city, but she loves her privacy. She pulled into the garage and saw that the door leading to the house was slightly open. She didn't think anything of it, thinking that she probably didn't close it when she left. In fact she left in such a big hurry she was lucky to close the garage door at all. The hand went around Debra throat and mouth so quick, she didn't have time to react. She could smell an odor from the rag that was clutched to her face. The last thing she heard was a voice saying "Sleep."

Debra opened her eyes and was blinded by the bright light that shined in her eyes. She tried to put her hand up to cover the light, but she couldn't move. She didn't know where she was, but could hear a lot of people talking, not making out what they were saying. She tried to move a little and couldn't. She then heard a soft woman's voice talking to her.
"Debbie, can you hear me?" The voice said.

"Debbie, this is Connie James, I'm a nurse in your hospital. Can you understand anything at all?"

Debra managed to push out a soft yes from her voice.
"Doctor Underwood, Debbie is trying to wake up."
Connie said.

Debra was still very much out of it, but she knew both of those names from somewhere. It hit her right before Dr. Underwood spoke to her.
"Hey Debbie, this is Jake Underwood, can you open your eyes for me?"

Debra struggled to open her eyes. She seemed to blink a thousand times before she could open them all the way.
"There you go, you are in Grace General Hospital. The was an a accident. Nod if you understand me so far." Dr. Underwood said.
Debra gave a half nod, understanding what Jake was saying, then realizing that Grace General was her hospital.

"Ok, good. We are going to get you more awake here and I can explain further what happened. You gave us all quite a scare." Dr. Underwood said.

Debra was slowly waking up, but still not being able to move her body. She didn't feel any restraints holding her down and still she couldn't move. She moved her head around and saw a couple of nurses checking the machines she was hooked to. Dr. Underwood was no where to be seen, but she did notice Connie standing in her room. The other nurse there she didn't recognize.
"Connie, what is going on?" Debra managed to say.
Connie walked over next to Debra taking her hand.

"I'm so glad you are awake. Everyone was shocked when they brought you in. You have been asleep for about seven days now." Connie said.

"How did I get here? I can't seem to remember anything." Debra said.

"I better let the doctor tell you everything." Connie said.

Debra was getting more confused by the minute. She looked around the room and saw Dr. Underwood walk in. We he walked in the room he told everyone inside to leave. He pulled up a chair next to Debra.
"First I'll let you know that you are doing great. You scared us when you arrived, you have been in a coma from head trauma. You've been out for seven days. You also have some temporary paralisys. You will regain movement shortly."

Debra interruped him. "What happened to me? The last thing I remember was sitting in my car and being grabbed from behind."

"Well that explains how you got your injuries. You were found in your house, you had been raped and beaten. Your maid called the police when she found you in the morning. I don't think you were left alone long, maybe four to five hours." Dr. Underwood explained.

"I didn't see anybody, I was given something that put me to sleep immediately." Debra said.

"Well the police are going to talk to you but not until tomorrow. I need you to rest now. You know what to do if you need anything." With that Dr. Underwood kissed Debra on the forehead and left the room. Debra lied there not knowing what to think. She closed her eyes and fell alsleep.

One year later........

It was a quiet night in the Emergency OR. Debra had been back to work for two months. Her life was slowly coming back into shape. Just when she thought she might be able to get out a little early, there was a call to the ER that they were rushing in a gunshot victim. Debra was told this and she got the OR ready. They rushed in the victim about 5 minutes after the call came in. Two police officers escorted the paramedics to the ER. The man was shot three times, two in the upper chest area around the shoulder and once in his left leg. Debra was headed to the ER when she was called to the nurses station. She rushed over to see a nurse point in her direction. A police officer that was standing there walked toward Debra.
"Are you Dr. Debra Kramer?" The officer asked.


"I need to talk to you in private, please."

"Can I ask why, I have a patient that I need to rush to the OR, I'm the only surgeon on duty tonight."

"We really need to talk now." The officer said.

"Ok, this way, we can talk in the lounge."
The two of them headed towards the doctors lounge.

"Please sit down doctor." The officer said.

Debra had no idea what was going on. She sat with a confused and concerned look on her face.

"What I have to tell you, you are not going to take it well. It is about the man that was rushed in tonight." The officer said.

Debra tried to interrupt but was stopped.

"Please wait until I'm finished. I'm working on your case, the one that happened about a year ago. We received a tip about a week ago. Tonight we followed up on that tip and found the man that raped you. He is responsible for many rapes over the past five years. What you didn't know was that he always took something from his victims. We found everything in a hidden room in his house." The officer was saying.

Debra was sitting in total shock. Why would they tell me this now? It didn't make sense.

"I see you are looking like a deer in headlights but here is the tough part. The man that came in tonight, is the man who raped you."

Debra felt her heart stop for a moment. Then it really hit her a few seconds later. She was about to save the life of the man that raped her. Her hands were shaking and sweat began to form all over her body.

Debra sat there with every emotion rushing through her body. She knew just from seeing the man that he wouldn't last long enough for another surgeon to respond. Then another thought hit her, she could walk way and let him die. She could quit, give up her physicans license and leave the past behind. She has saved many lives before, many criminals. She never thought twice about saving them, but this time it was personal.
The decision she would have to make in the next two minutes would change her life forever.
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