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Listing of all the characters in the serial. UPDATED: Part 170.
All efforts have been made to make this listing as spoiler free as possible. However, due to the nature of this story, some mild to moderate spoilers (nothing terribly major) are inevitable, and it's recommended that this list be used in conjunction with the story, rather than before. There may also be mild errors present.

(Updated for Part 170)

ANIMIKI (AKA "Thunderbirds," "Thunderers," "Thunders")
Giant, plane-sized birds who travel from the west in the summer, bringing thunder and lightning with them. They are the traditional enemies of the Mishupishus. Despite being allies of mankind, they are rather prideful, and look down on "lesser beings"; they can also be reckless and kill others without thinking, much like a person stepping on an anthill. Once in a while Thunderbirds are known to take humans as mates, transforming them into Thunderbirds themselves.

ASABIKESHII-QUAE [name tentative]
A female Weaver spider, who assists Charmian and the others in their search for the Four Winds. Her (informal) name means "Spider Woman."

Ogimah (chief) of the Wendigo GeeBees. When most of his medicine is stolen by Megissogwun, he finds himself reluctantly allied with Charmian and the others after she promises to get it back. He's still as conniving and untrustworthy as ever, but his weakened state--and the fact that his fate is now in Charmian's hands--has him feeling very uneasy, for more reasons than one.

A young voyageur whom Charmian and the others meet, along with his companions, in the Upper Peninsula. He claims to have visited Manitou Island many times, but it's obvious that his claims are highly exaggerated and have no basis in reality.

A British soldier and survivor of the massacre of Fort Michilimackinac. He escapes the slaughter in a canoe, and finds himself stranded on Manitou Island, a place that makes absolutely no sense to him. He struggles both with his confusion and his extreme distrust of the Islanders and is galled to learn that Charmian is the only one who can help him get back to where he belongs. He makes a dreadful mistake which pits him against Black Elk Horn as mortal enemies, and which casts his reputation in severe doubt with Charmian and the others.

Ogimah of the Red Leaf Tribe on the Island. Extremely distrustful and quick tempered, his already shaky relations with Charmian and other outsiders are strained even further when Barrington arrives, and he leaves the Island in pursuit of him, vowing his death.

Leader of a band of voyageurs whom Charmian and the others meet in the Upper Peninsula. Cheery and affable, he gets off on the wrong foot with Charmian when he states his skepticism regarding Manitou Island's existence...skepticism which she's quick to dispel. He and the other voyageurs offer assistance in reaching Gitchi-Gami, or Lake Superior.

The western equivalent of manitous, which Charmian and the others meet on their way to the plains. They're basically the same as manitous, except they appear as buffalo, not as mooselike creatures.

A group of displaced manitous which Charmian meets while seeking the Four Winds. Their caves have lately been taken over by a hostile creature, and the ill-tempered lead manitou offers advice in exchange for the ousting of their unwelcome guest.

Manabozho's deceased twin brother, and Charmian's former enemy, now a lost spirit who dwells beneath Croghan Water with the Shadow Wolves. He reappears in an unexpected role which proves useful to Charmian, although his bad temper still occasionally resurfaces, and she constantly doubts whether she should trust him.

Protagonist and defender of the Island. She returns on her summer vacation to pay the Island a peaceful visit, only to find that yet again its future has been endangered, this time by a mysterious and powerful manitou. She willingly steps forward to help, but feels somewhat hurt when it's suggested that her role should someday be taken over by another who is better able to defend the Island when necessary.

Younger brother of Niskigwun, and one of Geezhigo-Quae's fighting forces in the Fairy Realm. He appears to be somewhat more outgoing and cheerful than his elder brother, and true to his name can fly incredibly fast.

CHIBIABOS (AKA "Ghost Of Rabbit")
Deceased older brother of Manabozho, now a lost spirit living in Scott's Cave with the Weavers. He occupies a strange position halfway between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and can still communicate with the Ogimah-Quae, the former leader of the Shadow Wolves who gave her life to save his.

A stocky Ottawa who hangs out in town with One-Eyed Pierre, constantly drinking. He's known for his otterskin cap.

A pre-contact tribe that Charmian and the others meet in the north upon a glacier. Their customs and beliefs are similar to those of the Islanders. They are moderately friendly toward the newcomers, but rather superstitious, and don't take well to the fact that Wendigoes are traveling in their company.

A native Islander and wife of Francois LaCroix, and mother of their young son Remy. Short and stout and deceptively meek, she can have a vicious temper if crossed, and has incredibly unusual strength for her size and build.

An old Mide priest whom Charmian and the others meet north of Lake Superior, while seeking the Four Winds. He proves useful to them, yet his motives and even his surroundings--a burnt-out, abandoned camp--are mysterious and unsettling.

Twin offspring of Tal Natha and Red Bird, they are the Dreamrender and the Dreamwanderer, and possess the ability to manipulate dreams. They live near Fort Holmes with their parents.

Daughter of Justin Dupries and Little Dove, and little sister of Page. Her parents apparently didn't have quite as much difficulty naming her as they did her brother.

A French-Canadian Islander, and husband of Little Dove; they have two children together, Page and Fleur. He is also the son of Ocryx and Justine Dupries, and as such possesses several strange abilities, foremost among them the ability to shapeshift into an Ocryx, and the ability to heal others merely by touching them. He tries to suppress most of his demon powers, but is always willing to use his healing abilities to help others. His affection for Red Bird is unstated but well known. Charmian once had a crush on him, and there is a running argument between them regarding how often she needs to be healed.

Young son of Justin Dupries and Little Dove, and older brother of Fleur. Oddly precocious and well mannered for his age, he also appears to have inherited his father's healing powers. His parents couldn't agree over what to name him, and so he bears two different names.

A large grove of sentient pine trees in the Upper Peninsula, who end up assisting Charmian and the others in their fight against Megissogwun and Mishosha. They are hundreds of years old, and possess great wisdom.

GEEBEES (AKA "Wendigo GeeBees")
Cannibal giants of Manitou Island. They are what remains of the original Wendigoes, whose powers were greatly weakened by Gitchi Manitou when they threatened to overstep their bounds. They resemble the old Wendigoes, with pointed ears, large eyes, and long gangly limbs, yet are only about seven to eight feet tall, most possessing rather low intelligence and having rather chaotic temperaments. They primarily like to eat, and fly around crazily, cackling. They live in Devil's Kitchen on the west shore. Despite Augwak being their leader, they are fully willing to attack and eat him once he proves to be helpless against them.

GEEZHIGO-QUAE (AKA "Sky Woman," "Sky Mother")
A powerful sky manitou, who dwells in the Sky Tree in the Fairy Realm. She is the ancestor of the Michinimakinong and watches over the Island. When the original Manitou Island was destroyed in a flood, she re-created it upon the back of a turtle. She has a past connection to Megissogwun.

The lost spirits of buffalo that haven't made it to the Spirit Land. Charmian and the others encounter some of these in the west.

A powerful manitou of the northeast coast. He lives in a system of sea caves along with Marten, his near-constant companion, and is considered in that realm much as Manabozho is on the Island. Despite this, he is much older and wiser than Manabozho; despite this, he is also quite a jokester, and loves making quips. He also loves to flirt with Geezhigo-Quae, although it's all in good fun. He has a moderately decent understanding of the modern world, unlike most manitous.

Lost spirits that haven't made it to the Spirit Land. They meander aimlessly around Manitou Island, but tend to converge either near Arch Rock (the Passing-Over Place of spirits) or near places they knew in life. Halfling spirits, or lost souls, are so named because in the process of becoming lost, different spirits often merge with each other, creating odd combinations, for example, a spirit that is part manitou and part GeeBee. Although strange to look at, they're mostly harmless.

IROQUOIS (AKA "Haudenosaunee")
Several allied native tribes of the northeast/pre-New York area, who are considered enemies of the Island's people. Francois LaCroix's family and Walks-On-The-Shore had a bad past with them. However, despite their enemy status, they are much like the Islanders in culture and beliefs. In their search for the Winds Charmian and company encounter two Iroquois nations, the Onondaga and the Seneca.

Leader of a band of Animiki (Thunderbirds) whom Charmian and the others meet in the northwest, coming to seek vengeance for their fallen comrades. Young and handsome, he's just as arrogant and ill tempered as Nigankwam. His name means "Fire Cloud."

KABEBONIKKA (AKA "North Wind," "Wintermaker," "Keewadin-Nodin")
The Wind of the north. Living in a tall mountain in the northern wastes, he is possibly the creator of the old Wendigoes, and even resembles them in appearance. Very tall, icy, and forbidding, he possesses a wry sense of humor and finds enjoyment in human suffering, which he often causes by bringing the icy winds and snows of winter. Because of this, his true name, Keewadin-Nodin, is rarely used and he is more often known simply as Kabebonikka--the Wintermaker. Despite having helped defend Manitou Island in the past, and being one of the manitous of supposed good intent, he has a malicious personality, and decides to have fun putting Charmian and company through a series of torturous tasks before he will help them.

A vain, blustery Animiki (Thunderbird) whom Charmian and the others encounter while seeking the Winds. He comes across as remarkably braggy and petulant, constantly referring to his human companions as "tiny insignificant beings," but begs to accompany them on their journey so that he might find his way back to his tribe. He loves making note of the fact that he is grandson of the "mighty Nigankwam," and tends to yell too loudly. His name means "Eagle."

KHIIETA (AKA "Dewrunner")
Demon daughter of Ocryx and Shadow Water, and mate of X'aaru. The two now live in a cave near the East Bluff where they raise their young pup, Tiiku. She is almost exactly like X'aaru in temperament--naive, childlike, friendly, and eager to please. She and X'aaru tend to squabble often, but in an oddly polite way.

Two loons who act as messengers of Glooskap. They are for all intents and purposes identical, both in looks and in demeanor, and tend to speak in tandem, first one, then the other. They begin or punctuate almost all of their speeches with "O-ho!" and come across as goodnatured, but rather melodramatic and obnoxious. Their names mean simply "Loon" in two different languages.

A French-Canadian trapper/trader/voyageur who lives upon and can travel freely to and from the Island, as it has accepted him as its own. He lives in a cabin in the woods with Crooked Creek and their son Remy. Levelheaded and goodnatured, he is also very knowledgeable about the Island and the outside world, and often proves indispensable to Charmian and the others. His past history, in which he had a family, is shrouded in mystery and loss.

The young son of Francois LaCroix and Crooked Creek; he plans to become a voyageur like his father someday. Perpetually mischievous, he's always pulling pranks on Winter Born, such as pulling on her hair or shoving her in the mud.

Chief Mide of the Medicine Lodge of the Red Leaf Tribe. One of the tribal elders, he knows old stories about the Island, and Charmian occasionally seeks him out for advice. He comes across as forbidding and reserved, although he does realize Charmian's potential. His wife is also a senior Mide.

An Islander of British descent, whom Charmian has grown close to. He puts up with her near-constant poor temper and occasional physical violence with a good humor of his own, and often works to get her to keep a level head. He is half GeeBee, and so has various Wendigo powers, among them an immunity to cold and the ability to create and manipulate wind and ice.

Youngest of Stick-In-The-Dirt's three daughters; she moved away from the tribe to marry Justin Dupries, and the two are now raising their children as any other European couple. She's become nearly accustomed to her "new" life, but still frequently visits her people, and hasn't forgotten their ways. Unlike Justin, she encourages their children to develop their powers. Sweet natured and perpetually cheery, she can nonetheless be quite forthright and confrontational if needed.

An apparent medicine man in training whom Charmian and the others meet at Tahquamenon Falls. He offers Charmian a useful but mysterious gift to help them against the Mishupishus, but Moon Wolf distrusts him.

Little Wind's manitou companion appears as a small ball of fire, and is thus a fire elemental, or fire bat, as Charmian discovers.

A jessakid, or tent-shaking medicine man who works in town on the Island. Despite the awe and respect that the townspeople show for him, Stick-In-The-Dirt insists that he is a fraud, but can't disprove him.

MAKWAQUAE [name tentative]
Mishosha's wife, a Bearwalker and wabano almost as powerful as he is. Like her husband, she has an overwhelming greed for power, and exults in striking fear in others.

The Great Rabbit, a legendary half manitou and son of the West Wind and a human woman. He is the great trickster figure of the area, and lives up to his reputation by being at times wise, at other times utterly foolish. He possesses great powers, but is often too overcome by his emotions to use them properly; he also detests showing weakness and accepting help, even though it's often needed. As such, Charmian usually has to force help on him in order for him to accept it gracefully, and the two of them often argue. He still detests his father for abandoning his mother and him and never coming to visit him after his birth; but he loves the Island, and so accepts Megissogwun's challenge to protect it.

Formerly one of Ocryx's mitchi manitous, he is now a tribal manitou, and lives in Badin Grove with the other forest manitous. Since Charmian's first arrival on the Island he has fully matured, and now has a tribe and family of his own, including three young calves. He once shared his spirit with Charmian to save her life, and so the two of them are connected, and can feel each other's pain. He once had a crush on Charmian; although this seems to have faded, he still feels strongly for her, and often refuses to leave her side, even when she asks him to.

MANI'S CALVES (AKA "Flint One," "Winter Apple One," "Speckled One")
Mani's three children, young gangly manitou calves who are, respectively, slate gray, russet, and white-and-brown-spotted in color. Flint and Winter Apple are male; Speckled is a female.

Spirits, both minor and major, who dwell upon the Island and in the lands surrounding it; various beings, from the Great Spirit Gitchi Manitou down to the Four Winds down to the lesser mitchi and tribal manitous who dwell in nature, are all manitous, who vary greatly in power and influence. When used generically in the story, the term most often refers to "tribal manitous," or lesser manitous who inhabit various natural settings (e. g., pine, cave, lake, etc.) and exhibit elemental powers (e. g., water, wind, wood, etc.). In appearance, tribal manitous look much like a cross between an elk and a moose, with wide palmate antlers and glowing blue eyes; their fur color varies widely. Most tribal manitous are peaceful, and contribute their powers if asked correctly; they communicate by a combination of telepathy and whistling.

MARTEN (AKA "Abistanooch")
A Mikumwesu (a sort of little person) who vaguely resembles a cross between a marten and a small human in form; he acts and looks much like a tiny child, just over a foot tall, but in fact is over three hundred years old. He is Glooskap's near-constant companion and looks up to the old manitou, adamant that he can do no wrong. Cheery and goodnatured, he loves creating unusual shortcuts which often prove to be more problematic than they're worth. He wears a little red cap which enables him to shapeshift. Although helpful, he comes across as scatterbrained and hopelessly naive at times.

MEGISSOGWUN (AKA "The Pearl Feather")
A mysterious, powerful manitou, who threatens Manitou Island with destruction if Charmian and the others cannot locate Kabeyun, the West Wind, for him to renew an old battle. Large and imposing, he dresses in a multitude of shells, beads, feathers, and animal claws and teeth, and bears tattoos of his name upon his body; he always speaks in the same dull, deadpan voice. Despite his dull personality, he is fearfully strong, and sees nothing wrong in battering others to a pulp--or even killing them--to get what he wants. He despises "lesser" life forms, and considers it beneath his dignity to address women, children, and humans at length. The last time he sent the Underwater Lynxes to destroy the Island, Kabeyun defeated him in combat; the West Wind is the only manitou who was ever able to stand up to him. His past--and his motives for threatening Geezhigo-Quae--are unknown.

MICHINIMAKINONG (AKA "Turtle Fairies," "Turtle Spirits")
The first humanlike beings to occupy the second Manitou Island; they fled the Island to move into the Fairy Realm when their first contact with humans proved disastrous. Created by Geezhigo-Quae, they serve her loyally, many as her fighting forces. They are a primarily peaceful people, but due to strict taboos do not converse freely with humans. They look mainly like humans themselves, albeit slightly smaller and more slender in build, and with pointed ears and dragonfly-like wings which can usually regenerate when torn off. They gave their name (which was taken from that of the Great Turtle, Michinimakinak) to Mackinac Island, Manitou Island's "real world" counterpart.

The Great Bear, and guardian of bears and bear manitous. Each animal species possesses a "guardian" who is the most powerful manitou of that species, and Mishimakwa is one such. He's a ghost, and appears as a gigantic white bear.

MISHOSHA (AKA "Old Man Mishosha")
A powerful wabano and Bearwalker, who lives on an island in Lake Superior, similar to Manitou Island in its ability to disappear and reappear with the fog. Although he works for Megissogwun, he appears to also be engaging in some activities without the Pearl Feather's knowledge, and some of his motives are unknown. His nasty reputation is well known throughout the land. He's perpetually greedy for more power, and sees a great challenge in facing off against Moon Wolf. His name basically means "Bad Old Man," even though he's apparently not very old at all.

Not to be confused with the Mishupishus, although he is one--a smaller- and meeker-than-average Underwater Lynx whom the group encounters during their search for the Winds. Despite his frightening appearance, and the mere fact that he's an Underwater Lynx, he's mostly harmless, and decides to accompany the others on their quest.

MISHUPISHUS (AKA "Underwater Lynxes," "Great Horned Lynxes")
Water monsters who take the form of great, black serpentine creatures with catlike faces, tiny forelegs, and numerous spines running down their backs; they bear large copper horns upon their heads, which are the reason behind one of their names, Horned Lynxes. These hostile creatures inhabit large lakes and travel through underwater tunnels, sinking boats and drowning hapless travelers for sport; they have a chaotic, loner temperament but have gathered together to assist Megissogwun in his second attempt to destroy Manitou Island. It was their combined actions which resulted in the flooding of the first Island long ago. Their name literally means "Great Lynxes," though they are more typically just called Underwater Lynxes.

Manitous of evil temperament. They may take numerous forms--from the deerlike yet bipedal manitous of Devil's Lake, to tribal-like manitous, to powerful manitous such as Megissogwun, though the generic term in the story usually refers to the first two. Charmian and the others encounter a group of mitchi manitous who appear to be in league with Mishosha, including one particularly nasty one who has a past connection to the Island.

MIZAUWABEEKUM (AKA "Little Stone People")
Tiny beings who live underground, in tunnels, and in mountains or other areas filled with stone or rocks. They are close relatives and allies of the Pukwudjininees, and similar in appearance but for the fact that their bodies are made completely of stone. Although shy, they are of a generally friendly temperament, and like their forest cousins dislike mitchi manitous and other creatures with ill intent toward humans.

A wabano of Manitou Island, and Charmian's old teacher. He gained his powers from an ill-fated bargain struck with Ocryana, only to give them up when he realized just how great the price was that he had to pay; however, events in Return To Manitou Island and in the current story convince him to look into developing his powers further, in order to defeat Mishosha. He uses his fire powers often now, in defense of others, but is fully aware of the price to be paid, and detests others manipulating the manitous in such a way. For years he has stuck to the teaching of benign medicine in an attempt to make up for his past mistakes.

An old Cree medicine woman living north of Lake Superior. She seems to dislike and distrust Charmian from the start, but it appears she knows something the others don't know.

The Dreamer, a powerful force which resides in the Borderlands beneath Manitou Island. Although genderless and formless, Nathalit often appears as a female Ocryx or as a fine glowing mist. She is benign toward the Island, although her exact purpose and identity remain shrouded in mystery.

NEBANAUBAE (AKA "Sleepers," "Sleeping Ones")
The Great Lakes region's equivalent of merpeople, these are beings who are half human, half fish in appearance, and who dwell in all sorts of bodies of water, from streams to lakes, and travel widely between the waterways. They can only set foot on land during rainstorms, and are known for kidnapping humans to change them into Nebanaubae themselves. They appear to be neither good nor evil in alignment, merely doing their own thing; although they do often strike bargains, in exchange for odd payments. They communicate via a sort of combination of telepathy and subsonic vibrations passed through the water.

NIGANKWAM (AKA "First Thunder")
A great ogimah of the Animiki (Thunderbirds), and grandfather of Kenu. He is somewhat more sensible than Kenu is, although just as blustery and haughty toward "lesser beings." He is the one who first sought out Kabeyun to defeat Megissogwun long ago, and whose forces fought the Mishupishus then assailing the Island. Despite Charmian's misgivings, he insists that the newly forming Mishupishu attack is nothing to worry about.

NISKIGWUN (AKA "Ruffled Feathers")
A Michinimakinong and leader of Geezhigo-Quae's fighting forces. Although almost perpetually serious and straitlaced in appearance, his emotions run deep, and he cares greatly for the Island's safety and for his "grandmother," Geezhigo-Quae. He's grown especially fond of Charmian, though he would never dare say so to anyone. He and Manabozho are constantly bickering. Nowadays he guards the Fairy Arch, the gateway to Geezhigo-Quae's land.

A hermit Cree whom Charmian meets in the mountains north of Lake Superior (in Kabebonikka's alternate realm). Accused of being a Wendigo, he's spent the past few years living on his own in the wilderness, and despite a literally rocky start with Charmian, he quickly warms to his new guests and offers them invaluable help in finding the North Wind. He earned his name from his inability to speak, and he communicates via sign language.

The main wolf demon of Manitou Island, living in Devil's Lake. If he dies, then the Island dies, and vice-versa. Although somewhat evil in temperament, he mainly just wishes to be left alone, and usually stays below Devil's Lake with Shadow Water, his half-human mate. He often makes bargains with others in exchange for gems and jewels, which he covets.

The eastern/Iroquois equivalent of the manitous; when in each other's company, the two different kinds of spirit are virtually impossible to tell apart by sight. Despite their vast similarities, they can tell each other apart, and like their human counterparts have been at war for some time. They coexist peacefully, however, near Niagara Falls, a neutral zone.

An old manitou woman who dwells within Sugar Loaf Rock on the Island. Short, stooped, and wizened, she wears a pair of small horns and spends her time gathering medicines and grousing at the various visitors--X'aaru and family chief among them--who stop by her home unexpectedly.

A scrawny, wiry Pottawatomi who hangs out in town with Chief, also drinking constantly. He's known for the fact, obviously, that he has only one eye.

The unnamed chief of Singing Cedars's tribe, who presents a forbidding front to Charmian and Singing Cedars, but is not quite what they think.

A solitary GeeBee of Manitou Island, who broke away from the rest of the GeeBees years ago and now lives on his own. He used to be black in color, but as the old Wendigo medicine in his spirit faded away, his color shifted to ashen white, and his formerly yellow eyes are now pale blue. He does not eat human flesh, but will consume just about anything else, and is constantly begging for sweets. A GeeBee of very few words, he is rather blunt and often inconsiderate, but not out of spite; simply saying what's on his mind is how he is. He has a very bland personality, and it's very rare that he gets upset or riled up about anything.

PEEPAUKAWISS (AKA "Puka," "Grasshopper")
Older brother of Manabozho, and the only one remaining who will bother visiting with his younger brother. He adores Manabozho, but he adores playing pranks even more, and his antics have stirred up many an enraged reaction from his little brother. He's constantly getting hit and knocked over and otherwise attacked for his jokes and idiotic remarks, but simply loves what he does too much to ever give it up. Terribly prissy and melodramatic, he dresses like an overzealous powwow dancer--always--and loves adorning himself with all sorts of beautiful and colored objects.

Minor pine manitous which Charmian meets in the north. They advise her to seek out the Estivant Pines.

PUKWUDJININEES (AKA "Little People Of The Woods")
Tiny people who dwell in the woods, trees, and near the shores of lakes; they are under a foot tall, completely covered in hair, and resemble infant monkeys with large dark eyes. Their communication consists of chittering, squeaking, and popping noises, and on first appearance they seem terribly chaotic and primitive, when in fact they are highly intelligent and well organized. They carry tiny weapons and warn people away from lakes where Nebanaubae dwell, as the two races do not get along. They can vanish in an instant, and are often not seen even when they're present. Females and males seem to share similar roles, as a warrior Pukwudjininee whom Charmian meets is female. They are close relatives and allies of the Mizauwabeekum, and are friendly toward humans, but quick to defend their territory.

Half-human daughter of Ocryx and mate of Tal Natha, who lives with him and their children, Dakh and Sikt Natha, in a cave near Fort Holmes. She is the Light which keeps the Island from growing dark under the influence of her father. She spends most of her time looking after the cave and assisting Tal Natha with various things. She gets her name from the fact that she has red hair--a very unusual characteristic among Islanders.

THE RED SWAN (AKA "Miskowaabiizi-Quae") [name tentative]
A powerful but utterly mysterious manitou woman who is apparently in captivity to Mishosha, and is living within a cave. She has the power to spin dreams, and seems to share a connection with Geezhigo-Quae somehow, though Charmian isn't sure what. Charmian promises to free her, but Chakenapok reveals a disturbing secret she keeps, which makes Charmian wonder about her loyalty to their cause of defeating Megissogwun. No one, not even she, knows of her past, or her exact role in everything.

The elder manitous who gave up their original form for that of wolves, to better keep watch over the Island after the departure of the Michinimakinong. They dwell beneath Croghan Water, with Chakenapok, who once used them for his own ends. They appear as giant wolves the color of smoke, with glowing blue eyes. Despite their ominous appearance, and the fact that they once threatened the Island, they are benign beings who now tend to its welfare.

The Wind of the south. Perpetually lazy, shiftless, and unmotivated, this Wind is nevertheless well disposed toward humans, and is the easiest one to approach. Shawondassee lives in a small mountain in the south, and has an odd secret.

A powerful medicine woman, and wife of Black Elk Horn. Half-human daughter of Ocryx, she uses her demon powers in combination with what she's learned from the Midewiwin to help the others of her tribe. Her opinion is highly valued by everyone, and she appears to be the only person whom Black Elk Horn greatly respects.

An Onondaga who first visited the Island during an ill-fated attack by the rest of his tribe. Charmian "adopted" him in order to save him from Black Elk Horn, and so now he considers her his little sister. He grouses and complains often, but does his best to look after her. He appears to have a fear of the supernatural, so much so that he gave his vision to Charmian to use, and is constantly on edge in the presence of supernatural beings. Many of those in his tribe don't take him seriously, except for his grandmother, his only remaining relative.

Minor manitous of the snow who assist Charmian and the others in the north, by obscuring their tracks.

Grandmother of Singing Cedars. She took him in after his father died and his stepmother abandoned him, and is his only remaining family, and so the two of them are close. She's apparently well known, as her name sparks recognition among the neighboring Seneca whom Charmian meets. Her full name is actually Pine-Which-Gathers-The-First-Snows-Of-Winter.

A Cree whom Charmian meets north of Lake Superior. Although initially hostile and suspicious, he offers to accompany her on her search for the North Wind...with somewhat strange results.

A nanandawi, or medicine man who cures by sucking, of the Red Leaf Tribe. Meek and timid, he is courteous to others but not well respected. He is the first Islander whom Charmian met on her first trip to the Island, and still advises her often. During the altercation between the Iroquois and the Islanders, when Black Elk Horn was ready to kill Onondaga spy Singing Cedars, Charmian claimed the prisoner's life; when Black Elk Horn refused her offer, saying she was not a member of the tribe and had no right to claim him, Stick-In-The-Dirt stepped forward to informally adopt her into his family, and so now he tends to think of her somewhat as a daughter. As such, he's often asking when she and Thomas will have children. He has an Iroquois wife, Morning Star, and three daughters, White Deer, Lily Flower, and Little Dove; his first wife was accidentally killed when Ocryx first rampaged across the Island. Long ago, Stick-In-The-Dirt lied about having a vision, so he could end his fast; to this day he feels that his wife's death was his fault for claiming a manitou patron he did not possess. Despite his cowardice he's capable of occasional acts of bravery, for those he cares about.

A pompous, rather longwinded sentient canoe whom Charmian and the others encounter at Lake Superior. Although made of stone, it floats and can travel quickly. It tends to think in geological terms (considering that it was carved out of a hunk of rock left behind by glaciers), and ferries people to and from Mishosha's island. Despite serving the wabano, it claims no loyalty to him, as it's merely under his command. The Red Swan sometimes travels in a spirit version of this canoe.

One of only three fullblooded Ocryxes, he is the son of Ocryx and Ocryana, the Dreamspinner, and the Guardian of the Island. He lives in a cave near Fort Holmes with his mate, Red Bird, and their two offspring, Dakh and Sikt Natha. He is the one who brings dreams to everyone upon the Island.

The young pup of X'aaru and Khiieta. He is cheery and outgoing, but also highly protective of his parents' cave, and tends to gnaw on the legs of anyone who peeves him.

Gruff Seneca war chief whom Charmian meets while seeking the Four Winds. Despite his peevish attitude and lousy temper, he insists on providing an escort for her and her companions so that they don't end up killed. Also despite his tough exterior, he tends to whine loudly and frequently when injured. Charmian apparently strikes a soft spot with him, even as he threatens to cut her hair off and strangle her with it if she doesn't obey him.

Young daughter of Manabozho. She was abandoned at birth by her mother, a Michinimakinong, and to this day Manabozho detests the Michinimakinong in general because of this fact. However, he's not the most attentive father himself, and seems to dislike having to deal with her, often dropping her and leaving her behind when he finds her inconvenient. Turtle is far too cheery to let this get her down, though, and places all her faith in him. She never seems to stop talking. Megissogwun decides to hold her as collateral until the others find the West Wind to resume their old battle.

A group of voyageurs whom Charmian and the others meet in the Upper Peninsula. Scruffy and mismatched in appearance, they're quite genial, and given to telling tall tales about their travels. They assist the group in reaching Lake Superior.

WABUN (AKA "East Wind")
The Wind of the east. Along with Shawondassee, he is the more approachable of the Four Winds, although rather brusque and aloof in temperament. He keeps the peace in the neutral zone between the manitous and okis while he studies various medicines and keeps watch over the Morning Star (Wabun-Anung). He appears clothed in glowing robes, and has a particular affinity for fire, stemming from his association with the wabanos (fire-jugglers).

A Huron (Wyandotte) who lives on the Island and seems to possess a rather unbalanced mental state. He's given to spouting out random meaningless quotes, and engaging in odd, nonsensical behaviors such as walking on his hands or turning cartwheels. He has a knowledge of things in the east, however, which makes him indispensible when Charmian has to head that way. An unexplained scar between his shoulderblades hints at a dark past at the hands of the Iroquois, the Hurons' enemy.

A plump native woman whom Charmian and the others cross while seeking the Winds. She insists that she's engaged to wed Manabozho, due to a favor that he performed for her people in the past; however, Manabozho can't for the life of him remember what that favor was. She appears quite enthusiastic to go through with the marriage and views Charmian as a rival for her fiance's attentions. Her name means "Muskrat Woman."

Ogimah of Wazhashkooquae's tribe, who enthusiastically greets "Elder Brother" Manabozho when he returns. He's more than happy to offer his daughter as the prize when Manabozho protects his tribe, but seems rather oblivious to Manabozho's discomfort with the bargain.

Giant spiders who spin webs which possess a medicine that enables travel between different worlds and locations. Despite their terrifying appearance--arachnids the size of buffalo--they are generally peaceful, living underground and communicating via a system of clicking and popping noises.

WENDIGOES (AKA "Whittikos")
Giant ice cannibals who live in the far north, preying upon villages of humans. There's rumor that they were created for the amusement of Kabebonikka, the North Wind. The Wendigo GeeBees were once Wendigoes, until Gitchi Manitou took away most of their medicine, leaving them much smaller and weaker. "Whittiko" is the name the Cree give them in the story.

Wind spirits whom Kabebonikka enlists to deter Charmian and the others from heading west. It's their duty to test Winter Born's powers.

Member of Manitou Island's Red Leaf Tribe, and close friend of Black Elk Horn. Although initially hostile toward Charmian and the other outsiders, he's actually more openminded than Black Elk Horn, and ends up mediating between the two. A tragic incident involving him, however, sets Black Elk Horn on their trail, with revenge in mind.

Eldest of Stick-In-The-Dirt's three daughters, and apparently the only one still living at home with him (middle daughter Lily Flower seems to be missing in action). Having failed at everything else, she's now attempting to study medicine, even though, like her father, she doesn't really have an aptitude for it. She treats Charmian much like a little sister and likes chatting with her. Unlike her father, she has a stubborn streak.

Young daughter of Black Elk Horn and Silver Eagle Feather. Her snow-white hair is the only outward sign of her relation to Ocryx, though she seems to possess strange powers that also hint at her demon lineage. Precocious for her age, she's being taught various skills by both parents, although Black Elk Horn discourages her using her demon powers, and Silver Eagle Feather encourages it. Charmian is enlisted, rather reluctantly, to teach her, as she is not the only one who senses that Winter Born's powers are more than they seem. Although Winter Born enjoys hanging out with Charmian and looks up to her, Charmian feels rather jealous of her new charge's potential job of someday protecting the Island.

The Cree culture hero, virtually Manabozho's equal in every respect (except that he doesn't appear to have brothers). He lives in an enchanted lodge in the north, which looks like a deadfall, and is much like Manabozho both in appearance and in temperament. Also like Manabozho, he's made it his life's duty to fight the West Wind and destroy Megissogwun, much to Manabozho's surprise. His nickname is "Whiskey Jack."

A pack of wild wolves that Manabozho has grown close to, as they hunted for him and sheltered him during a particularly difficult winter.

X'AARU (AKA "Rainbowbringer")
Demon son of Ocryx and Silver Eagle Feather, and mate of Khiieta; he and she live in a cave on the East Bluff, where they're raising their young pup, Tiiku. Although big and menacing in appearance, he acts much like a friendly (if oversized) dog, and loves helping out whenever he can, even though he often doubts his own abilities. He tends to get frightened easily, and prefers fleeing to fighting, though he can stand up for himself (and his family) if need be. Naive and childlike, he and Khiieta squabble often but are obviously close to each other. His actual name is unpronounceable to humans; the meaning of it, "Rainbowbringer," alludes to his ability to create rainbows which serve as gateways into other worlds.

ZEEGWUN (AKA "Spring")
The manitou of spring, who in the form of a young man comes each year bringing flowers and new life. He and Kabebonikka, the North Wind or Wintermaker, are traditional rivals who fight for supremacy over the weather.

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