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Jon Stewart awakes at 8:30pm PST and realizes it was just a horrible nightmare
Really just a few notes for remembering my love-hate relationship with televised awards shows.

The 2006 Oscars had the perfect comic startup for aficiandos of the broadcast awards program. But, really, how many people have watched year after year (especially in recent years) to get the joke? Let's think about the nominated product and people. They are in the Industry, the absurdity confronts most of them all day, every day. If the fabulously well-heeled or those just lucky to be dating the right "IN" celeb, then you may count yourself in the right company on this night to get the jokes.

Director Robert Altman lets his own medical coverup out of the bag. Does this remind anyone of another medical bombshell a number of years after our actor/President Ronald Reagan left office?

Let's also consider cheese and friendship as subplot; after all, Nick Park's Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Wererabbit took the prize.

"Oscar" needs an Extreme Makeover when the Penguins are best dressed in the crowd.

The WETA Kiwis also stormed the stage. It would have been interesting to have them on stage at the same time the Best song was announced - that was also surreal

Too bad the PETA activists stopped the French from parading real penguins on the red carpet. Save the Ping-you-ins and all - but if Greenpeace brings their boat up alongside Joan Rivers some year, that's entertainment!

So much for Reality TV - the wait begins. The EMMYs aren't until the end of March.
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