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So many souls are lost..My life...the finding of the Lord
Twice In my short life Ive drank coffee..Only once did i see my reflection inside the cup..Protective surgery is equivelent to heart failure...And what appears to be down...becomes up
Oh how subtle the turns and curves move..left and Right...dark to bright...
You then realize You can't pin shadows down in a box..
My shelter beneath dusk..Behold! My mouth shall become Infected with rust....Mistakes cannot be made...diseases inside and out...spilt upon a Canvas A picture of us portedging through cloud-cover..My rebirth awaits..Betwixt the fabric of Time from whence I came..But such remainders do not exist
the shame was a clever twist I must admit...But i can't promise things would have been different,
However I could see the life that sunlight brings..
Ive seen so many things fade, overtaken be the vengeful shade..
To become absent in the presence of symmetry..To blow a final kiss farewell to barriers..The pale attack from suspension Reveals the meaningless Attempt to translate A message throttled in daggers of punctuation..Enlightenment follows through filters of hesitation...AS THE DEATH OF EMPTY HEARTS DISPLEASES ME GREATLY!!..Like fiery words to a watery grave..
Souls Hiding from the hand of Grace?!!
Bleeding their Eyes Concealing their face?!
Stapled to the shape of nothingness..Tell me how can you covet this!? These type of deathblows do not miss Just as a forked tongue breathes in front of a poisonous hiss...
Oh The snakes! how many breaths must they take? Oh the snakes! how many days must they break??
Time forces me to forget the days when my hands held the torch that Brightened the afternoon...The teeth that scraped upon the silver spoon..WIth no room left to Inhale The last bright flame dwindles..
But by the spark of Redemption Marionette strings burn and hope kindles..
On that note The Ghostmarch begins...Spinal games that surface In which direction will you bend? and for whom?
Ignite..decide.. Stand guard in front of what you hide behind..Sent from the citadel of Deployence, Inherit the Gifts..inherit the Blessings that await..loosen the hinges where from outwards you peer,
Tighten your brooch of faith..And listen very closely to what your about to hear..
To the Lord our GOD your spirit draws us near..Clad in Chainmail we feel the ending of our fear..Your hands outstretched for all to love Embraced in the warmth of your mercy..The downfall of all things to the ground..To love you with loyalty and within your liquid wings we stand proud..Your kingdom will emerge Oh God!! Your will be done! Let this praise of light reach the Ears of GOD and The eyes of Jesus..his precious son..And to heaven! We shall RUN!

.....And so now you can see that death is but the journey of a lifetime..A path to the crystal sky reopens and feet hasten to the clouds..
Courage and strength and the Golden trumpets sound
..Your first life fades
And in your last seconds You come to Realize...
That a scroll and the small light of a candle Can save the world...................This is the last call for our Sky blue hearts to venture home---
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