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by Gaby
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A little thank you note to my parents as well as others

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Just a little Thank You note to my parents and all the parents in the world who support their children in the best way they can.


         No, I'm not a parent, yet, but sometime in the next couple of years I'm hoping to have what my parents have. I'm not too young to have a family of my own and children, but I'm in no hurry either.

         The other day, I accompanied my parents to the nearest shopping mall. Usually, it isn't that much fun to buy things for the household and what not that is needed. Most of the time, as soon as we hit the mall, I'm in a bookstore or anywhere where there are pens and notebooks to find. It's never too hard to figure out where I'm at. This time I simply tagged along and picked out things with them. Somewhere in there I ended up watching the whole scene. The way they talk to each other, discussing every little thing on the list, was a bit too much but nonetheless very adorable. Trying to figure out if they really needed all those things they wrote down on the list was the funniest, because why bother writing it down when in the end you cross it of as not needed. What they do need and how they go about it is a totally different situation. Mostly, they think more about each other, and of course, me. Whenever we do this sort of thing, it never ceases to amaze me how thoughtful they are. It's never 'I need this or that', it's always 'don't forget to buy that for yourself' or 'you know, she needs to buy that'.

         In some way it's fascinating to see a couple who has been together for over twenty five years, with, still, a spark between them and the love they hold for each other glowing in their eyes.

         Yes, I'm a big romantic and believe in true love every time I see my parents kiss tenderly or hold hands. Couple of years ago I would have been grossed out by that; not anymore. With age you realize more things than you ever thought you would. Growing up has it's good points as well as bad ones.

         Now, I've been a pretty good kid. For the most part had good grades, was even an honor student, but I would never call myself a Saint. To learn your lessons of life you have to experience both: the fun part in life as well as the not so fun part.

         We've moved so many times, I stopped counting, but we lived in three different countries. It wasn't really because we wanted to, but the way of life just had different things in store for us, I guess.

         I want to thank my parents for that, because they gave me the opportunity to learn two more languages, see the world at it's best and worst, and the chance to see all of that through my own eyes.

         When you're young, you don't really know the reasons, don't understand them or simply won't understand why parents tell you things. At age sixteen, many teenagers think they know it all, meaning, there's nothing anyone could say, that they haven't heard before. I used to think the same way. My mom, though, never gave up on talking to me, guiding me through life, telling and teaching me through her own experiences, and letting me learn some on my own. However, she always let me be my own person and do things my own way. Support came from both of my parents whenever I decided to do something I like. Encouragement means a lot to everyone, especially to a child who's only trying to find his/her way and place in today's tough world.

         They were, are, and always will be my two best friends, apart from those I met and got to know. Friendship is one of the most important things in life. My two best friends always stood by me, to share my laughs, my tears and sorrows, to support my decisions, help me do the right things and giving me encouragement in anything I need it for. Considering, and this is my own opinion, my writing isn't perfect, far from it, but I like writing, enjoy it and simply don't care what anyone else thinks. All I can do is try to improve myself at what I do. To write good, and to have all those, what I used to call, long words in poems or stories takes forever in my case. I have to find the meaning to the word, translate it and then I can use it somewhere. Speaking three languages has its advantages as well as disadvantages. I speak 'em, read and write them but don't know any of them perfectly. I basically try to do my best. In this case my parents have been very encouraging and supportive of me. I love giving my poems to my mom, because most of them make her cry and speechless. Either way, they are what they say, the strong walls that support me and my future any way they can. For all that and more I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

         There are so many parents out there who do the same for their children. Helping them any way they can and doing what's best not only for the moment but for their future and the future of their child. Although not all of them get to hear a 'Thank You' from their children, that's why I'll do it for them. For everything they've done, what ever they are able to do for their children, I thank them as well, because we need parents like those to guide us in the right direction through life.
Thanks and God bless you all!

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