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My first try at making Haiku.

Haiku and other small poems: Created 3-06

1) at summer's end, fields
painted gold; swarms of black crows
cast brooding shadows

2) in the river deep
salmon navigate beer cans
with agility

3) dozens of deer tracks
connect snow covered grave stones
creating havoc

4) dusk

5) In this polished stone
I see bitter memories
old and tarnished

6) The loon's plaintive song
signals the closing of day
welcoming darkness

7) frog croaking his song
to reluctant listeners
booming metalic lyrics

8) sweet smelling lilacs
delicate blossoms reach up
to face the warm sun

Part 2 (first Haiku) Created 2-06

1) Moon, stars, fireflies play,
the weather-beaten old pier
rises, falls, and sways.

2) Dawn's milky showers
wrest brittle chattering leaves
from frail old branches

3) Finches gossiping
white breath exhaling tufts of
winter's icy morn

4) Long into the night
ripened russet apples drop
drumming fall's salvo

5) Perpetual dawn
warming my cold hands and feet,
never completely

6) Rabbits run, birds fly,
foxes scatter, snakes slither
humans in pursuit

7) Swells of rain falling
with cool determination
stealing my shadow

8) A windless morning
still the young apple blossoms
dutifully fall

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