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A little boy dreams of being a baseball star. I need help.
The baseball star.

Once there was a little boy called Edward, who dreamed of being a baseball star.
he dream that he was standing in a huge baseball stadium, where the crowd would shout his name. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. he dreamt that he was so good, that he would hit home runs all the time. All the other team players and the crowd would be so shocked how far he hit the ball, it would fly across the skies.
"This is the best dream that I've ever had. Edward said to himself. "I am the baseball star".
what can i do to make this dream come true?
Edward heard a voice.
"Practice, practice "And you will be the baseball star that you always wanted to be."

"what was that"? Edward looked around the baseball field.
where did that voice come from? he muttered.
Edward looked up and seen a man dressed in a baseball uniform. Hey! You wanna to be a star? you have to play like a star.
you need to learn to look, listen and be ready for anything. That is why i'm here, kid. I'm gunna to make you "THE STAR"..

Edward looked at the man with his big blue eyes. Your Teddy the baseball player from Oklahoma. You hit five home runs in one inning . WOW! I can't believe this. Teddy is in my dream. Awww right.

Teddy, are you going to make me a "baseball star". "eddie said with excitement in his voice".
Yeah! that is why i'm here Kid.
I'm going to make you the best. so, get plenty of sleep.
Awwww right!
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