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The difference between temptation and the real thing.
winter landscape
too quickly viewed from a speeding train
lingering impossible
hills covered in light frost
trees lost in freezing mist
constantly changing beauty to occupy my thoughts
interior landscape
sixty of eighty-five seats empty,
muffled sounds from inside and out
subtle relaxing colors for travelers’ comfort
visual temptation
too close to avoid awakening imagination
handsome voyager sleeping
nonetheless discreet observation, admiring
classy white shirt with pearl buttons
high-tech jeans and a close-fitting black blazer
too early in the morning, bristly shadows on his chin
what dreams flow through your mind
why such a seductive smile
why did you choose to sit so close
did you sense my wandering desires
my instant appreciation of your beauty
never mind the temptation,
I'm traveling to another love, my real one, no need for imagination
no fantasy unless shared by two
and my heart flies higher than the wheels of the train
impatient for arrival, doors opening, you run along the platform to meet me
carrying me into the calmness of our existence shared in lifetimes apart
reality always different than the anticipation of gladness
will I dare to fall into your arms, my head on your shoulder
laughing openly with the joy of simply seeing you again
my timid smiles on arrival
already misinterpreted, my fault again
this distance between the inner and the outer
too quiet, I feel an unspeakable sorrow loving you thus
listening closely
wisdom begets caution
there is a confusion I do not always understand
a lifetime heeding these sentiments of watchfulness
though I won't tell you I'm glad to be here
your arms are the only ones making me feel safe
the only ones I long for daily
the landscape of my second home
a fire waiting on my arrival
cozy lights dimmed just right
two lovers on the same sofa, arms entwined
the intimate music of reassuring words of worship
a smile I know so well
my dreams will be sweet tonight

different landscapes
22 december, 2004

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