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Life Calculus ! A little mathematics applied to life !

We live by limits
Many boast
That sky is their limit
Even they have a limit !

So what is this limit
What is it all about ?
It is there in every day life
One way or other

Why can't we eat more
The food that we love most
When we have all the money to buy ?
Cannot as appetite has a limit !

Why can't I spend
All my money
Who is going to ask me ?
Cannot as the source has a limit !

Why can't I have enough children ?
As much as I like
Too much is good to watch
But rearing them has a limit !

Why can't I marry
All nice gals
I am so charming
Because dating has a limit !

So to sum up
Human life is full of desires
That drive them
But desires are limited

What limit desires
Is money
And time
But who controls money and time ?

Oh again the spiral loop
Time is also limited
So also money
Hence ones desires !

Ok who put these limits
Employer puts limits in money
Then who limited time ?
Who limited one day as twenty four hours ?

Answer is here
We did it
They say it is attributed
To earth's rotation and revolution

Ok gotcha
That is not in our control
So let us tackle the next variable
That is money

Why can't we get a good job ?
That is also limited
By our skills
And our experince

So what limit our skills ?
We need good education
To get good skills
But it is limited again by money and time !

Oh my God
Let me forget these complex system
Let be me content with what I have
Ok that means you limit your desires !

Yes that is the way to be happy
But that is also limited !
But why so ?
Because how long you live is limited !

Is there any thing
In this universe without limits ?
I am fed up
Life, desire, time, money, friends all are limited !

Birth and death
Is like limits in calculus
where birth where it all starts is zero
And death and what happens afterwards
Is unknown and is infinity

Ok professor I got
What you are telling me
Birth and death are the limits
Like in calculus for human life

Yes that is it
Human life is an integral function
Which is limited by birth and death
So what is it we are trying to integrate ?

Oh well my dear student
Life is a complex function
Of activity
Both good and bad

Is it linear or polynomial ?
Oh well it is certainly not linear
But of course it is a complex
Polynomial to nth degree !

To be more philosophical
The integral represents
The greed which we show
To capture all we can get
In this life limited by birth and death
We all live as if we will never die
And will die as if we have never lived !

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