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One of my favorite pieces. Between big people and little ones.
tell me the legend of the white rabbit
the legend, the one and only
         can't do, it's a secret
         but a legend, my legend, sure can do
         it's sort of complicated, you really want to hear
yea, go on
         so, it starts once upon a time
all good stories begin like that
does yours have a witch in it
         can if you prefer
no matter, you're storytelling tonight
         really important to remember that he was the first
first what
         white rabbit, you listening
         before he came along there were no white rabbits
         just gray, brown, black, tabby
I thought that was just cats
         no, tabby rabbits exist too
         and his name was Sylvester
like the cat
         what's this thing you have about cats
yea, like the cat
         but mine came first cause it's a legend, ya know
         and he could talk to all of the other animals
this sounds like the cartoons
         stolen inspirations from my legend
         he was just and fair
         knew the difference between good and bad
I thought the lion was head honcho
         that's eons after the white rabbit and his legend
oh I see
         but one day it had to happen
         someone got jealous
the wicked witch
         she came to the jungle
         it has a sad ending you know
will I cry
         do big boys cry

no matter the conclusion
the importance is the telling
father and son
uncles with nieces and nephews
the winning combination is camaraderie between generations
sitting patiently in front of a blazing fire
sharing favorite pastimes
contenting the soul for generations
imagination has no limits when love encourages...
soon the story will be longer
the next generations will tell it still
that's how legends are born

the legend of the white rabbit
9 december, 2004

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