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Warning: do not read if u r shallow or do not understand deep thoughts!
Things happen, that's the way life is. Here this is like a public journal entry. I'm new and i know that it could be a long time before anyone reads this, that's okay, I don't come on very often.

Some people search for friends and that can last their whole life. I look and I search but they never seem to show up, maybe I should quit looking and just have fun.

I've been told that youth is wasted on the young, it's so right. My birthday is coming up, first day of spring, and I'm looking forward to it. I want to be older, yet how many people want to be younger? It's so odd, and then I realize that soon I will be out of school, I'll have to go to college and then get a job. So I've got a plan, but that isn't going to get me too far if I don't act on it. That takes time.

Time is too precious to be wasted, I know that and so do a lot of people, but they don't usually take it to heart. I do, my family is so important and my classmates and pretending "friends" can just kiss my butt. I'm not wasting the time God gave me by stabbing a bunch of people in the backs, there's no point.

That's a lot off my chest, seemingly those little things weigh a lot. People outside of my family don't understand a lot of what I say, it's too deep for them, but here I can say just about anything and no one will mind because they can choose not to read it.

Sorry if I bored anybody or annoyed you, but I hope if you do read this that you can relate to it and try to understand. I'm not only crazy you know. *Wink*
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