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Written for the "Seussify-Me" contest! Rhyme like Dr. Seuss
The Mysterious Creature

The Mysterious Creature of Sizeable Size,
Has woobly hair and weebly eyes.
His teeth have the sheen of an old used lamp wick,
He walks with a limp and a clickety click.

Is the Creature real old?
Is he possibly young?
And why does he sing
Every song to be sung?

What does he eat?
Is it Bungberry Roots?
Or peanuts?
Or filberts?
Or Bangle Tree Shoots?

The Mysterious Creature of Sizeable Size,
Lives under my cupboards, and sometimes he hides,
Under my sofa where Mother won’t see,
When she cleans the cupboards at quarter to three.

He uses my toothbrush, which I do not like,
He’s broken three wheels on my Quintiped Bike!
My cute pet Furrufla once lived in this cage,
But the Creature, he ate him, with Floofles and sage!

The Mysterious Creature, I wish he would go!
He does all the things that make Mother say No.
He uses Dad’s razor for trimming his nails,
He once filled our bath tub with Toomaroo Snails!

My wish that I wish, is a wish that some day,
The Mysterious Creature would move far away,
But until then I will sit in my room,
And watch while he chews on Mom’s Vroom-A-Zoom Broom!
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