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by Lyra
Rated: 13+ · Outline · Death · #1083813
I had this idea for a story, but I don't know where to go with it right now
A girl and a boy (a teenage couple) have sat down to watch television, the boy being a little reluctant to watch it, would rather do something outside than sit still. The girl is in a more vegetative state, tired from the long trip they took by train.
She turns on the TV, which was last tuned to a news station. A clip is shown and replayed various times of a train exploding into pieces, with absolutely no possibility of survivors. The clips were from various angles all showing the same scene. In the strip underneath, names were being scrolled by, presumably the names of the people who'd been in the train when it exploded. The girl looked up at the boy who shrugged it off and turned to leave. She turned back to the screen and let herself be hypnotized by the scrolling names, names that didn't mean anything to her. Until two scrolled by that looked jarringly familiar. It was her own and the boys.
One name, she could have passed off as coincidence, but both one after the other? She looked at the TV screen, demanding an explanation, and she found it in the upper left corner. A little box that contained info about the disaster, the time it happened, what train it was, it's destination. Also jarringly familiar, it would mean that the train exploding on the screen was the very train she and the boy had been in, highly improbable, as they were still apparently alive and unscathed. She called the boy back inside and pointed at the screen, orange light flickering across her face. He looked uninterested at first, and then a look of consternation crossed his face as it all sank in.
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