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by Ralo
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Gay/Lesbian · #1084898
The lingering attraction between two men.
Just Drive The Bus

Don't talk to me.
Just drive the bus.

I have nothing to say to you.
Just drive the bus.

Please, don't peep at me through
The the rearview mirror.
Why can't you just drive the bus!

Stop it!

I don't need your attention,
The women and young girls
Might get suspicious.
Here I sit virile,
strong and virtuous.

This day, the ladies prey,
I can't let them believe
I go that way.
Man, just drive the bus!

I know your kind.
I've seen you before
At football and
basketball games.
You're all the same.

The late night rendezvous
The gesture,
The blink,
The magical clues.
I would be a fool
to talk to you.

The head ache,
The heart ache,
The pain,
And the baby mama drama
That makes you insane.

Been there,
Done it,
Can't do it again.
I almost caught a case
The last time that
witch got in my face.
So, just go on and drive the bus!

Ok, I admit it!

Lord,You fine!
I bet you get down
like rich red wine.
The lingering silent type
That teases, never pleases,
keeps you up all night.

From the mouths of queens,
"Girl, I got to get my sleep.
You know what I mean!"

So Bruth,Don't talk to me.
Just drive the bus.

I have nothing to say to you.
Just drive the bus.

Thank you Jesus,
Only one stop left.
I'm ready to get off
And give my brain a rest.
When I walk,
I'm gonna try my best
Not to look back.
Now thats the test.

Child, just stop the bus!

"Hey man, how u doin?"
My lips parted to say.
How could I dare,
It came out of nowhere.

What the hell!

Here's my number,
call me real soon.
Maybe we can meet up
Today after your shift is through
From driving the bus.

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