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Calm, serene, swift, changing, angry, playful, vicious, cute, cuddly, etc.

Her shadow gently glides
in such a sweet caress,
barely leaving footprints
upon the earth's green dress.
Silent as a slinking cat
she creeps across the field,
waiting for the moment,
to strike and make you yield.

All too soon her whispered purr
becomes a fearsome roar,
with flashing eyes and swishing tail
the field is calm no more.
Her meowing song is echoing
in feline leaps and bounds,
bouncing off the heavens,
back down to solid ground.

Her toothy hissing heated breath
sends a warning on the win',
of destruction yet to follow
behind her Cheshire grin.
Her coat of calming colors
she wears upon her back,
change in quick succession,
from gray, to violent black.

Bolts of silver lightning
glint deep within then rise,
as tears fall without warning
coming from her flashing eyes.
Rain pounding on rooftops
tap out a haunting tune,
soothing unbridled fury
when she frees the cloud trapped moon.

As quickly as she's angered,
her ruffled fur lay down,
and calms the heat of passion,
she's leashed upon the ground.
Now softly and serenely
on silent cat like feet,
calmly gazing 'cross the meadow,
she looks cuddly, soft, and sweet.

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