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Includes Preview and Volumes 1-4. 13 short stories total. Part 5 pending, Template based.

Grizzly Bear vore:
         The grizzly bear slowly opened its mouth, showing it huge gleaming white canines. Suddenly the tongue come out mouth and licks you for about 5 minutes before it goes back in. The bear then grabs you with its paw and holds you far above its tilted up head and now opened mouth with its tongue sticking out. You stare in shock as suddenly the bear lets go of you and you fall into the back of the grizzly's maw. The giant maw then closes around you forming a cage of teeth. The tongue then starts to taste you. The tongue pushes you up against the roof of the maw then lowers a couple of times. Then the bear pushes you to the back of its mouth with its tongue and swallows but you grab it tongue and avoid fall down the grizzly's hungry gullet. The bear swallows again and again to get you off its tongue and in its belly. After several swallows you lose your grip and fall into the grizzly's throat. The throat muscles start to pull you down. After several minutes the throat drops you off in the grizzly stomach, which smells mostly of rotting salmon. Suddenly you hear loud thumps as the bear pat it belly in satisfaction. You start to beat the grizzly's stomach wall prying it will let you out, but all it does is burp loudly and fall asleep to start digesting it tasty morsel. After several more minutes you pass out from lack of oxygen and the digestive juices start to fill the belly and turn you into energy for the bear to use over its long winter hibernation.


Kangaroo vore:
         The roo bends over and starts to lick you. The roo licks you for about 5 minutes then stops. The roo stands back up and grabs you with it flexible tail. It then brings the tail up to its open mouth with gleaming teeth, red gums, and dark red tongue. You stare amazed as the roo's tail tosses you in the kangaroo's waiting mouth. The roo then close it mouth and starts to taste you with its tongue. After a few minute of tasting the roo starts to swallow. You grab onto the tongue as you are pulled towards the gullet of the hungry Kangaroo. After a few more swallows you lose your grip and start to descend down the throat and into the stomach. After 10 minutes you plop into the roo's belly. You hear the roo burp and feel it rub its satisfied gut. After 6 minutes the roo lies down to digest it meal. You start to beat the stomach walls trying to prolong your doom. But the roo just burps again and falls asleep. After 3 minutes you pass out due to lack of oxygen and digestive juices fill the stomach to digest you and turn you into energy for the joey the roo was nursing.

Raccoon vore:
         The raccoon opens it mouths and licks you gently for about 5 minutes. Then the raccoon grabs you with its large paw and lift you up to its mouth. You look at the coon’s maw with the sparkling white teeth, red healthy gums, and pinkish-red tongue. The coon sticks out its tongue and puts you on it. The raccoon then pulls you and its tongue back into its mouth. The coon then starts to taste you and after about 8 minutes of tasting it swallows. In a state of panic you quickly grab hold of the coon’s tongue. The raccoon swallows several times trying to get you into in waiting belly. After about 22 swallows you lose grip and fall down into the coon’s hungry gullet. After about 7 minutes the throat pushes you down into the stomach, which smells like the inside of a garbage can. You then feel the raccoon burp and pat its belly happy with its meal. You then hit the stomach’s wall as hard and rapidly as you can. But all the raccoon does is yawn and fall asleep. After 2 minutes you pass out from lack of oxygen and the digestive juices start to fill the belly to turn its contents into energy for the raccoon to use later.

Dalmatian vore:
         The Dalmatian licks you with its large tongue for several minutes. Then the dog tosses you in the air with its tongue and catches you in its mouth. The Dalmatian then starts tasting you like it would a piece of kibble. You look and see the dog’s teeth and gums look clean and healthy. After minutes of tasting the Dalmatian shallows. You quickly grab the dog’s large tongue to avoid falling down its gullet. After a few more swallows you lose your grip and fall into the dog’s throat. After 4 minutes you fall into the Dalmatian’s belly. You then beat the stomach’s wall only to feel the dog burp and lie down to sleep. After a short while you pass out from lack of oxygen as digestive juices fill the stomach and start to digest you.

Rat vore:
         The white lab rat licks you gently. The rat then stands up making it look even bigger then it was on all fours. The rat licks its lips and bends over to grab you. You try to run away but the rat has you in its paw. The rat left its paw till it is above its hungry maw. You look down and see the rat’s white teeth, red gums, and light pink tongue. After letting you stare at the inside of its mouth it drops you in so you can have a closer look and it can have its meal. The rat moves you around with its tongue enjoying your sweet taste. You on the other hand are not enjoying the experience of being tossed around by the huge tongue, get covered in rat saliva and knowing you are going to end up rat food. After several minutes of tasting the rat tilts its head back again and swallows. The swallow pulls you down to the back of the rat’s mouth, but you grab the tongue before you reach the rat’s hungry gullet. The rat feels you on its tongue and swallows harder. The combined power of the swallows and the slipperiness of the saliva cause you to lose you grip and fall into the rat’s throat. The throat mussels start pulling you towards the stomach. You struggle to get free but the throat mussels overpower you struggles. Several minutes later the throat drops you in the rat’s stomach. The rat pats its belly glad that it’s full, and lays down to digest you. You see the stomach acids starting to fill the belly, so you run over and start to beat the stomach walls as hard as you can hoping that the rat well let you out. After a long time of hitting the stomach walls you pass out and the acids start to cover your body.

Timon vore:
         Timon bends over and picks you up. Timon carefully bring you up to his noes and starts to sniff you. Timon then licks you to see what kind of bug you are. Timon licks his lips, enjoying your sweet taste. Timon’s stomach growls, has he has not had much luck bug hunting today. Then Timon looks at you and see that you are the right size for a snack. Timon tilt his head back and holds you above it. Timon says “bon appite” has he lets go, causing you to fall into the merkat’s open mouth. Timon moves you around with his tongue, enjoying how sweet you taste. You, on the other hand, are not enjoying it at all. After minutes of tasting timon’s stomach growls again, telling Timon it is time to swallow the tasty treat. You feel the merkat swallowing and grab timon’s tongue to avoid fall into the hungry gullet. Timon feels you on his tongue and swallows harder and harder to loosen your grip. After many swallows, you let go and fall into timon’s throat. After several minute the throat pushes you into the stomach. You get up, run over to the stomach walls, and beat them rapidly, but Timon just burps and lies down to digest you. Later you pass out and the acids fill the belly. Timon cannot wait to tell Pumba about the tasty bug he found.

Scooby-Doo vore:
         You see a large Great Dane coming towards you. You also spot a tag on its collar that reads “SD”. You now know it is Scooby-Doo. You hope Scooby will help you get back to your normal size. Scooby comes closer and sniffs you to see what you are. Then Scooby licks you. You laugh as you are covered in warm dog drool. Scooby licks his lips enjoying you taste. Suddenly Scooby’s stomach growls. Scooby remembers how good you tasted. So Scooby licks you again, but this time he brings you into his mouth. You are a little shocked when you are brought into Scooby’s mouth, but figure this is how Scooby is going to carry you to your lab so you can regain your normal size. Scooby starts to taste you again moving you all around his huge maw. You giggle enjoying the tasting.  Scooby’s stomach growls again but this time much louder. And with that Scooby push you to the back of his throat with his massive tongue. You know realize what Scooby is doing. You grab Scooby’s tongue and start to yell “Stop Scooby! Bad Dog, Bad.” Scooby ignores you and continues to swallow. With every swallow, your grip is lessened. Then after 15 swallows, you finally lose grip and fall into Scooby’s throat. Soon you land in Scooby’s stomach with smells strongly of Scooby snacks. You rush over and start beating on the stomach walls hoping Scooby will let you out. However, Scooby just burps. After a while you pass out and Scooby, feeling your struggles stop, says “Robby Robby roo” as he lies down to digest you.

Cat vore:
         The giant black cat licks you with its huge sandpaper-like tongue. The cat purrs as it enjoys your delicious taste. Suddenly you hear the loud growling of the cat’s stomach. The cat looks at you again and concludes you are just the right size to be its snack. The cat licks you again, but this time bring you into it’s mouth. You stare as you are brought into the cat’s mouth. The cat continues to taste you with it sandpaper-like tongue making the experience extremely unpleasant for you. After 3 minutes of tasting the cat decides it time for you to fill its belly. The cat huge tongue starts to push you to the cat’s waiting gullet. Has you realize what the feline is doing you quickly grab the tongue and avoid falling into the cat’s throat. The cat feels you grab its tongue and starts swallowing harder trying to get you into its belly. With every swallow your grip lessens. After about 20 you finally lose your grip and fall into the cat’s throat. The throat muscles keep pulling you closer and closer to the stomach. After about 2 minutes you plop into the cat’s stomach. The cat purrs glad its belly is now full and goes to lay down. After the purring you get on your feet and run to the stomach wall and start hitting it has hard as you can. In response the cat just burps and falls asleep. The fact you used up all your energy and where now out of oxygen cause you to pass out just before the acids start to fill the belly and make you into nutrients for the cat to use.

Meowth vore:
         The giant Meowth spots you. The meowth come over to you and picks you up, bring you to his mouth and licking you. Meowth then licks his lips enjoying you taste, suddenly his stomach growls. Meowth hasn’t eaten in days because of team rockets failure to catch pikachu and earn some money to buy food. Meowth then looks at you and decides you are just prefect to be his snack. Meowth says “in you go.” and then tosses you in his mouth, causing you hit the back of his mouth then fall onto his tongue. Meowth starts tasting you and enjoying you sweet flavor. You struggle as the huge tongue toss you all around the maw, covering you in saliva. After minutes of endless tasting meowth swallows, sending you closer to his gullet. You quickly grab the huge tongue, just in time to save you from falling into meowth throat. Feeling you on his tongue meowth starts to swallow harder, trying to get you into his empty stomach. After waves of strong swallows, you finally let go and fall into the meowth’s hungry gullet. The throat muscles push you closer and closer to the meowth’s belly, and then with a plop you land in the stomach. As soon as you gain enough energy to get back on your feet you race over to the stomach wall and start beating them. Unluckily for you all meowth does is burp and lie down. You start feeling dizzy then pass out from lack of oxygen, just minutes before the stomach acids fill the belly turning you into energy for meowth to use tomorrow to try and catch pikachu

Stitch vore:
         You see a giant blue koala coming towards you. As it comes near, you realize it is genetic experiment 626 or stitch. As the blue alien nears, you wonder how you got so small. As you ponder that thought stitch licks you. The warm saliva sends a shiver down your spine. Stitch then licks his lips enjoying your taste. Then stitch’s stomach growls, because he ate all the food lilo left for him and she will not be back till tomorrow. Stitch then looks and recognizes he does have some food left, you! Stitch grabs you and holds you above his mouth. You look down and see stitch’s open mouth. Suddenly stitch lets go causing you to fall into his gasping mouth. You scream as you fall into the alien’s humid maw. You land hard in the back of stitch’s mouth, feeling this stitch closes his mouth and bring his head back to its normal position. You fall onto stitch’s tongue, which start to taste you. The huge tongue tosses you all over the mouth, covering you in saliva. After minutes of endless tasting stitch starts swallowing sending you towards his hungry gullet. You grab stitch’s tongue just before you fall into the alien’s throat. Feeling you on his tongue stitch starts to swallow harder attempting to make you lose your grip, and unluckily you do. You struggle as you travel down the alien’s hungry gullet, but stitch just enjoys the feeling of your struggling. After a couple of minutes you land in stitch’s empty belly. As soon as you can you get up and run to the stomach walls, beating them in a fit of pure panic. But all your beating ends up doing is causing stitch to burp and lie down to rest. You suddenly get very dizzy and pass out from lack of oxygen. Stitch’s stomach acids start to fell his stomach just minutes after you passed out. The acids start there job and stitch goes to sleep, wait to see lilo again tomorrow.

Elephant vore:
    You see a large gray elephant nearing you. You stare and hope to avoid being step on. The  elephant stops just in front of you and looks down upon you. The elephants trunk dangles above you and then take a big whiff of you. The elephant looks a you confused because it doesn't recognize your scent. Suddenly you find your self being lifted up by the trunk of the giant pachyderm. The trunk brings you up to the elephant's mouth.  The elephant's large slimy tongue licks you, engulfing you in saliva. The elephant licks its lips, enjoying the way you tasted. Suddenly a low pitched growl comes from the elephant's stomach. You stare blankly has the trunk tosses you in the elephant's mouth into a pool of saliva on the tongue. The elephant's tongue starts to tosses you around the pachyderm's mouth has it tries to taste every bit of you. After a while the elephant's head tilts back causing you to slip backwards on his slippery tongue. As soon as you realize what is going on you wrap your arms around the large tongue in hopes the elephant will give up and spit you out. Unfortunately all the large pachyderm does is continues swallowing each one pull you toward the throat and weakening your already weak grip of its tongue. With a few more both your hope and grip are broken and you fall into the massive throat, the muscles pulling you downward to the stomach. Within minutes you land with a plop in the elephant's stomach which smells a bit of fruits and vegetables,  but mostly of peanuts. As soon as you can you get to your feet and run over to the stomach wall, hoping a good pounding will make it spit you out. However, all that comes out of the elephant is your precious air in the form a burp. You use the remaining air to continue you hopeless protest before you fall unconscious from oxygen deprivation. Within minutes the acids start to fill the stomach to do their jobs.

Rufus vore:
    You see a giant pink rodent heading right for you. As it draws closer you realize it is Rufus, Ron Stoppable's pet naked mole rat. You stare at Rufus who stares at you. Then Rufus bends over and picks you up. He brings you to his nose and sniffs you. Your scent bewilders him. Then the giant rodents paw moves in front of his mouth. Suddenly you feel Rufus's moist tongue covers you in mole rat saliva. Suddenly a low growl comes from Rufus's belly. The mole rat lick his lips as he sizes you up. Rufus then tosses you high into the air. You look down and see the mole rats huge gaping mouth. You kick and scream as Rufus let go of you, causing you to drop right into his warm wet mouth. As Rufus levels his head again you look behind you and see Rufus close his mouth, thus sealing you fate as rodent food. You are suddenly being tossed about the mouth by the mole rat's giant tongue as he tries to taste every last bit of you. After minute after minute of tasting Rufus's stomach growls again and he decides it time for you to fulfill you duty has his lunch.  You feel Rufus's head tilt up causing you to slide toward his throat. You slid toward the mole rat's waiting gullet, but just before you fall in you grab his tongue. Rufus feel the pressure of your hands holding on to his tongue, trying to prevent the inevitable, and begins to swallow harder. Rufus saliva acts as a lube cause you hands to slip apart and send you down his throat. No matter how much you struggle, Rufus's throat muscles don't stop pulling you closer and closer to his stomach. Within a  few seconds you are plopped into rufus's stomach, which as the overwhelming aroma of the food they serve at Bueno Nacho. As soon as you can get to your feet,  you rush over to the stomach wall and start to pound on it, trying to tell the large bald rodent it made a huge mistake, you're not food. But your efforts are all in vain as the only thing you manage to do is cause Rufus to let out a large burp, taking most of the air in his stomach with it. You gasp trying desperately to inhale any air left inside, realizing that you might not be able to survive for much longer without it. You begin to feel dizzy and light-headed. You continue pounding the stomach wall with your fist holding on to the faint hope that Rufus will let you out. However you just pass out and acids start to fill his stomach to digest you. Rufus lays pats his belly, glad he found a little snack to hold him over till Ron gets back for his mission with Kim.

Fu Dog vore:
    You see a gray sharpie coming towards you. As it nears you realize it is Fu Dog, Jake Long's canine partner. Fu dog bends over and gives you a good long sniff. He tries to recall what you smell like. Then with little warning he reaches out and grips you in his paw. He looks at you with a puzzled look, then decides to taste you.  Fu dog moves his paw in front of his mouth and licks you with his drool covered tongue engulfing you in warm dog saliva. All of the sudden a low pitch growl comes from Fu dog's stomach. Fu Dog looks at you then licks his lips. You stare in terror at Fu dog as you are pushed into the sharpie's humid cramped mouth. As you turn to escape you see Fu Dog's mouth close, his teeth from a barrier between your death and freedom. Fu Dog's tongue starts to toss you around as he tastes every bit of you. You struggle to get your footing back so you can try and find a way out, but every time you almost have it the tongue moves and knocks you back down. You suddenly realize that more than you want out of Fu's mouth you want to stay out of his stomach more, as you feel him tilt his head back and him swallow. You grab a hold of Fu's tongue and hold on for dear life. Fu becomes aware of you efforts to survive as soon as you grab his tongue and decides he needs to swallow harder. The combination of the strong swallows pulling you toward the throat and the slipperiness of the sharpie's saliva that coats your body cause your hands to slip and you are sent down into the throat. You wiggle and squirm, struggling to escape the throat which just continues to pull you downward and deeper into Fu Dog. After a while you plop into Fu Dog's barren stomach, which smell of the various scents of his past meals. As soon as you can get to your feet you run over to part of the stomach wall trying to tell Fu Dog that he has made a huge mistake in eating you. But all you efforts seem to do make Fu Dog let out a load burp. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, that burp took most the air in the stomach, and after a bit more beating on the stomach, you begin to feel very dizzy and collapse. As you lie in the stomach the acids start to fill it and Fu dog realizes that strange smell you had was which leaves him to wonder about shrinking a few more snacks to join you.
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