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by jv2222
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This is an exploration of a grumpy tech support Character named Sean Mullins
Character Exploration 1

Sean Mullins, built like a sumo-wrestler, was under someone’s desk fixing their computer, muttering angrily to himself. As he violently jigged and yanked with his screwdriver, a drop of sweat formed just beneath his ash-blond hairline, slid down his podgy forehead, into his unkempt eyebrows, and finally into his bad eye.

“Fuck it.”

He wiped his eye clean with a large callous hand, and was careful not to stick the screwdriver in. Again.

Once he had finished his work under-the-desk, he backward crawled out and heaved himself up.

“Fucking piece of crap. Anyway, it’s fixed.”

He wiped his hands on his way-too-small T-shirt that read “Tech Support, Screw you”, and impatiently held out a piece of pink paper.

“Sign here.”

Once the paper was signed he returned to his cubicle, whereupon he flopped his great mass into his new ergo-chair. The weight of him unsettled the floor, which unsettled the desk, which unsettled the mouse, which flicked his screen, on.

That’s it, no more calls today, they can all go and fuck themselves.

He had not always been called Mullins. His real surname name was Stahlin. But his parents (whom had moved to Milton Keynes in the early eighties) had changed it for the obvious reasons. He didn’t mind about being re-named, he was close to his parents, and he thought they’d made the right decision. He even had a photograph of them on his office-cubicle wall. Along with his parents photo there were many other pictures upon his wall, his favourite being the one of himself on his twenty-first birthday, dressed up as the “Star Wars Death Star”.
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