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by Shaara
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This is a poem about science that follows the ABCeDarius.
New Prompt: In Europe time has moved forward last night to Central European Daylight Savings time.

Pick a form out of the book between 70 and 80
Poetry Forms  (13+)
Poetry Forms Easily Explained - a work of Bianca with additions by kansaspoet
#945530 by Shaara
and write about light

I chose the ABCeDarius


A ntimatter may interest some,
B ut I prefer the reality of light.
C urious scientists may
D elve deeply into such puzzles,
E nthusing the world with possibilities
F rom energy sources to diets.
(“G reat,” I say to the latter,
H aving dreamed of such.)
I nterest sparks like solar flares
J umping ideas in
K angaroo volleys, for
L ight is life and heat.
M atters such as that
N eed no debate
O n whether they should
P rosper us into a better future.
Q uitting such research
R eally would be criminal,
S o the march of examination
T akes us ever onward --
U rgent as nightfall,
V aluable as light,
W hich is after all the vast
X ray of matter that
Y ou see bombarding
Z illions of life forms, thankfully.

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