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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Emotional · #1087512
Based off a poem I wrote
You’re sitting on the roof of an old abandoned warehouse with the love of your life. You’re leaning against him and his arm is around your shoulders. The sun is setting and you’re watching the approaching storm, your breathing in sync. He leans down and whispers, his breath tickling your ear.

“I love you.”

You think you imagined it, that he didn’t say it, that it’s not real. But his breathing stops and you know that it is. You slowly retract your hand from his, your leg from its place draped across his. You slowly stand up and look down at him, still slouched on the roof. The grin slowly fades and he speaks with a great reluctance.

“You have sad eyes…”

You nod slowly, and suddenly the sky opens up and it begins to pour. He’s staring up at you and his voice is a mixture of confusion, sadness, and anger.

“Don’t you love me?”

You watch him for another second. He looks desperate, frantic, on the edge of panic, and his voice displays the same.

“Don’t you?”

You look out over the empty parking lot and feel your throat tighten. You’re grateful that the rain is hiding your new tears. You look down at your feet and sniffle, then look back up at him.


There is nothing left in his voice but anger and for a moment you’re afraid. He grabs your hand and pulls you down into his arms.


He whispers again and the anger is replaced by loss. You slowly stand up and look down at him. You turn and climb down the pole that had allowed you onto the roof hours ago. Thunder rolls and you hear broken windows shake as you start walking home.

The rain begins to pour more heavily, offering solace. You slowly walk through the down pour, trying not to sob. And as the train’s whistle blows behind you, you step in between the rails.

“I love you, too…”

Your voice is hoarse because you haven’t said a word for hours. A second later, the trains whistle blows again, louder as it grows nearer. Just as you realize that you don’t actually love him anymore, the train greets you with a massive blow and a loud thud, which is drown out by a clap of thunder.
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