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When a great debt is paid, and none can remember why it even exists.
She pays attention
With small change,
Pieces of her heart

She bleeds, but feels no pain
Her body aches, but her soul is blank
feeling no pain
just hope
in her heart

She pays attention
A great debt
Years old
Before she was born
But now they begin to collect

She pays
Her mouth makes no sound
but her soul screams
while she pays
while she bleeds

Slowly, piece by peace
She pays, without hesitation
But soon there will be no more
to pay from
her heart bleeds

She pays attention
with small change,
pieces of her heart

But the price keeps rising

Her heart aches
her soul is hollow
she no longer feels pain
just sadness

She pays attention
She must
But as her heart bleeds
the hope escapes
in little red dots
on her naked body

She feels
No more.
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